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Buy Sell Trade App – Paperclip Marketplace with MoneyMagpie.

Buy Sell Trade App – What is Paperclip Marketplace and why is it worth a look?

First I’d like to set the context for what Paperclip Marketplace is and why it’s worth considering when buying, selling, swapping or recycling. To do this you need to know the purpose of a Buy Sell Trade App. I’ve been a recent convert to the use of Facebook Groups for all manner of things, rather than Facebook pages. Why? Because the interaction and engagement are better for both the group and therefore it’s members. The community is self-improving and ideas bounce of other ideas to make things better or clearer. Now apply this concept to the idea of buying, selling and recycling and you’ll have something like Paperclip Marketplace.

You’ve likely used a variety of auction sites like eBay, eBid or Madbid – each with their own pros and cons to the buying and selling process. Next, you’ve likely experienced social media sale or trade groups or newsgroups like FreeCycle. All valid options, but bringing together the processes of buying, selling and trading or recycling into one website or buy sell trade app gives you the best of all these at the touch of a button.

So why is Paperclip Marketplace worth a look?

Paperclip themselves offer a buy sell trade app platform that can be shaped, or built, around a community. This means that Paperclip provides a platform that any community can take and use to promote sales amongst their members. In this example, I was looking at the MoneyMagpie Paperclip Marketplace, where the sites’ members have listed items for sale or trade. Any company, community, school or brand could set up their own version using the platform and it’s completely free to use with just a Facebook login required to access.

The hybrid sale/trade model works well as I strongly believe in the bartering of products, materials, skills and ideas as a good way of understanding the true value of any given commodity. Just look at the value of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin; essentially worthless but with an increasing (or decreasing) value because of the bartering process. Paperclip Marketplace does the same thing for physical items. So you can trade, without currency, or use standard currency.

Why this is really worth a try…

There are other similar apps and websites out there, however, the options to customize a website, or brands own userbase, like in the case of MoneyMagpie’s readership is a great custom feature.  This can narrow down searching, just like filters on eBay and means MoneyMagpie website visitors instantly engage and access a marketplace of trade relevant to their likes, hobbies, interests or niche. For example, if you’re part of an athletic club, your club could set one up for sale and trade amongst their members.

There are still filter option also that allow more custom searches like distance and the trading is supported through a Facebook-like chat integration which is secure. Obviously still arrange to collect, trade and sell items in a public community space, ideally with a friend. One of the main flaws if the integration of payment options and PayPal, as far as we can see, is not an option sadly.

However, as a small startup offering the Paperclip Marketplace, as illustrated in the MoneyMagpie version, offers a unique spin on the buy sell trade app niche and will likely go from strength to strength. As it does, the items available will also increase so that rural users see more offerings when they apply filters. A great app and resource to try today on your phone or desktop computer.

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