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Free Postcode Lottery – Why it pays to try this daily free lottery.

Why use the Free Postcode Lottery? Well, in the late nineties, I was winning competitions weekly. Whether it was competitions from The Sun’s website, from TV channels, or from brand websites; I entered such a huge number of comps, I was near enough guaranteed wins. In fact, I was banned by some companies and labelled a “professional comper”. For no other reason than because of how many wins I was getting. I even kept monthly wins spreadsheets to track prizes and values.

I still comp regularly, but the explosion of the net and social media means low entry odds are trickier to get, so I moved to be savvier with my time to win and make extra money. This is where the Free Postcode Lottery is a good option…

What is the Free Postcode Lottery?

Everyone likes a decent “side-hustle”, a way to make extra income. Some do this by entering comps in high volumes, mystery shopping, doing surveys or even attempting matched betting. But for the ease of one-click per day, the Free Postcode Lottery site represents good value for your time.

Like many postcode lotteries, you register our postcode and then check to see if you’re code wins. You can check daily, and you do this for FREE. Absolutely no fees or charges. Register to try the Free Postcode Lottery today.

What can I win?

The main draw is daily and today at the time of writing is up to £1200. Plus, there are bonus draws and options for boosting a prize pot should your postcode come up trumps. Including bonuses for logging in daily and completing surveys. There are extra smaller draws too.

free postcode lottery

If it is free to enter, how is the prize funded?

The site is funded in much the same way my blog is. I use adverts and links which generate revenue to upkeep the site, domain and hosting accounts. The ad below this paragraph is an example of this. When readers click my ads it generates revenue. Free Postcode Lottery website is the same, using ads, surveys and offers to generate the prize funds.

How do I claim if I win the free postcode lottery?

Simple, when logging in click claim and then go through the process of withdrawing winning to PayPal. Note that it’s best to set up an account using your PayPal email address if possible to make life easier should you win.

Will they use my postcode for anything?

When signing up you can click their terms and conditions. But, no sharing of details is used, although you will get daily emails reminding you to check if you’ve won.

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