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Latest cheap Tastecard offers and Gourmet Society Offers: 90 days for £1 or £29 for 1 year.

Latest cheap Tastecard offers and Gourmet Society Offers: 90 days for £1 or £29 for 1 year. Dine out on 2-for-1 offers and discounted meals across the nation

TasteCard offers and Gourmet Society Offers. Two similar schemes have been going for a while now in the UK offering discounted and 2-for-1 meal deals at restaurants across the UK. I’ve looked into the options available to get membership cards for these schemes and have listed below the cheapest, and most cost-effective, ways to access their exclusive savings.

What does a Gourmet Card Offer?

2-for-1 meals, 50% off food or 25% of your total bill (including drinks!)

Full price the membership is around £70. I’m dubious about it being worth that hefty price tag, but with offers regularly around for 3 months Gourmet Society trial for £1 – Use the code AWINPOUND –  it’s certainly worth trialling one in your area to see how much use you’ll get out of it and how much you could save on meals. You’ll get 40% off adult cinema tickets to at 300 cinemas nationwide. There are extra benefits too, but nothing you can’t get elsewhere.

Get a Gourmet Society card for just £3.99 with our NUS Extra Savvy Tip.

There are occasionally offers for £29 memberships on their site. Indeed sometimes, to get them, just browsing around their site will prompt a popup offering you a discount. However, the most cost effective way of accessing a Gourmet Society card is via m NUS Extra tip. You may have seen this in my other posts, but essentially ANYONE can become a student again cheaply and legitimately get an NUS student card. This NUS student card will give you the chance to buy a whole years Gourmet Society membership for just £3.99! Read our NUS Card tips and tricks at the bottom of our cheap Odeon cinema article for more details.

Latest cheap Tastecard offer: 90 days for £1 or £29 for 1 year.

If not already applied HERE the code HELLOPOUND should give you access to 90 days of Tastecard membership to try out the scheme in your area. Whether they save you money, depends on if your local dining spots are included. It also depends on how often you actually dine out. TasteCard is effectively the same as Gourmet Society, so which you go with is somewhat down to preference. It also depends on which has an offer on at the time you’re signing up.

Sign up to a 90 day £1 trial HERE for TasteCard

Check restaurants covered in your area using the checkers below. Also, the checker will show any restrictions on when you can use the cards.

Gourmet Card Restaurant Checker

TasteCard Restaurant Checker

Ultimately, these schemes are only useful if you dine out regularly, and they can be trickier to use for families, so are often aimed at couples. That being said, for a standard family of four, regular 2-for-1 on adult meals and then paying for the cheaper kids’ meals isn’t bad. Try the Tastecard offers for yourself and see, the £1 trial is certainly worth trying. Just remember to cancel if you decide not to use it further as it will auto renew.

On the subject of cancelling, make sure you do this at least a week in advance (4 days min) you can try on the phone, but it’s best via their online form now on their website.

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