Top Christmas Toys 2019 in the UK and Where to Find Them.

Where to find the top Christmas Toys 2019 in the UK

Whether you’re looking for Pictionary Air, an Excitable Edgar, a LOL Doll House, LOL Bigger Surprise, Owleez, a Disney Frozen 2 Elsa Singing Doll or other popular toys, it’s the time of year when stock levels drop and prices go up for the top Christmas toys 2019. You can never necessarily be sure whether you’re getting good value for an item at the best of times. However, this article seeks to list some of the most popular Christmas toys in 2019. It will detail their “usual” prices and the places you should be able to find them in stock without too much inflation.

Excitable Edgar Dragon Plush Soft Toy (John Lewis) – Top Christmas Toys 2019

Launched at £15 in-store and online via Waitrose and John Lewis. This cute little toy was produced to coincide with John Lewis and Waitrose 2019 Christmas TV advert. Historically, toys linked to Christmas ads have always done well; such as Colin the carrot from Aldi. Excitable Edgar Dragon Plush Soft Toys

Excitable Edgar eBay – Frequent stock, expect to pay £40+ at time of writing article.

Excitable Edgar eBay

John Lewis – Excitable Edgar Toy £15 (when in stock)

Waitrose – Excitable Edgar Toy £15 (when in stock)

If you’re seeking alternative Excitable Edgar gifts John Lewis have a reasonable stock of the following:

Excitable Edgar children’s 3D Wellington boots £16.99

Excitable Edgar Christmas book £9.99

Excitable Edgar Book

Pictionary Air Game – Top Christmas Toys 2019

Pictionary Air updated version of the classic Pictionary game. This modern remake bids to be one of the top Christmas 2019 toys and invites you to use a special pen that you can draw in the with it showing on a nearby screen. The game involves a free app that can be used on a phone tablet camera and cost me images for nearby television. There are different versions of this game with kids and adults separately listed.

Pictionary Air game uk stock

Pictionary Air eBay – Frequent stock, Buy It Now listings are currently £44-£50 at time of writing article. Pictionary Air Argos stock via their eBay store is often available in small lots for £15.99 plus P&P

Pictionary Air Amazon – Various prices (when in stock)

Pictionary Air John Lewis – £15 (when in stock)

Pictionary Air Asda – £15 (when in stock)

Pictionary Air NEXT– £20 (when in stock)

LOL Bigger Surprise and LOL Doll House

LOL are bidding for their spot in the top Christmas 2019 toys list with two items, in particular, this year. Based around the delight of the unboxing experience, there exclusive limited edition products from LOL continue in the popular fashion. There are over 60 LOL surprises and LOL dolls amongst other glittery items to add to your collections.

LOL Surprise Winter Disco LOL Bigger Surprise eBay – Frequent stock, Buy It Now listings are currently around £70 to £80 at time of writing article.

LOL bigger surprise

LOL Surprise Winter Disco LOL Bigger Surprise Amazon – £59 (when in stock)

LOL bubble

LOL Bubbly Surprise Amazon – £29 (various colours)

LOL Doll LOL omg

LOL Surprise OMG Dolls eBay and Amazon – Around £60

LOL Surprise OMG Argos – Check you local “reserve and collect” as some Argos stores list store stock once you put in your postcode (£35)


Other popular items and current best prices at the time of writing:

owleez amazon

Owleez Amazon – Assorted colours and types in stock at around £38-£40 for most.

disney frozen 2 esla singing doll

Disney Frozen 2 Singing Elsa Doll – Elsa Doll Amazon £32 and Elsa Doll Asda £40. Argos have a different version for £20

While browsing for Christmas items, consider planning ahead to keep the costs down by buying your gifts for next year’s Christmas in the sales. Find out when the Next sale is, along with other sales like Orla Kiely sale now they’ve ceased trading, in my earlier articles.

Note: Ths post may contain affiliate links.

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