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Zeek App Review: How to get discounts on new releases

After iTunes or John Lewis vouchers? Why you might want to consider Zeek

In our household we were in dire need of an upgraded camera, not only capturing images for this blog, but also capturing our general family moments with more clarity and character. Our mobiles were fine and convenient, but we we really eyeing up a the newly released Olympus Pen EPL-8. Being a new release there were very few “offers” available for the camera body and kit. So, we decided to go for the John Lewis offering at £499.

It wasn’t any cheaper at John Lewis than elsewhere at first glance, but it did come with a John Lewis 2 year guarantee. So now our savvy brains were pondering how to get a John Lewis discount. Bear in mind again the item we were after was brand new and “not on offer” or discounted anywhere due to being so new.

Well, this is where I’ll introduce you to Zeek, and say why I think you really should be considering it as a service for buying giftcards and utilising itunes voucher offers.

itunes voucher codes
Zeek offers discounts on popular high street brands and online services.

What is Zeek?

Zeek is an excellent mobile orientated application that allows users to buy, at a discount, various high street and online gift cards. You can also sell you own unwanted gift cards.  Although there’s a small £3 cost for selling, you’ll get funds nearly instantly! Note: This can be great if a store is looking like it’s financial  standing is “iffy” and you need to turn the gift-card card quickly into cash before losing the use of it.

Zeek is of most use though, when buying. I was looking for a John Lewis discount, so take my example above… I knew I would be buying the £499 Olympus Pen EPL-8 at John Lewis, so I looked on Zeek to see if I could get a significant John Lewis discount by buying their gift-cards via the Zeek platform.

Depositor: payday express

Boom! John Lewis discount options were available. Right there in the listings on the app, and website, was the information I was hoping for. Zeek had the eGiftcard listed with increasing amounts of John Lewis discount as the value of transaction increased. Buying a £500 John Lewis eGiftCard balance would give us an 8% discount on the face value. I.e – it would only cost us £460 to buy the £500 worth of cards we needed for the £499 Olympus Pen EPL-8.
A selection of the options for buying John Lewis vouchers with Zeek.


In general the gift cards can be used on top of discounts and special offers; the itunes voucher offers stack and have long dates usually. If you use cashback apps like topcashback they’ll likely stack too, making the saving even bigger. Giftcards are near instant from Zeek, whereas high street ones take up to 7 days to arrive. If buying the high street versions you’ll need to plan ahead for their use, but we’ve had friends use the service and their orders arrived within 5 days.


john lewis codes
The giftcards in my account and ready to use; just click on the card and use the serial number and PIN to use at the retailer. Simple.

My overall view on Zeek as a savvy money saving service.

Overall, I highly recommend Zeek for the above features alone, however it actually gets even better when you consider Zeek also offer a “refer your friends” style of membership. You can gift your friends £5 discount to start them off, while netting yourself another £5 credit yourself. Again, a winning way to make savings even more savvy. Zeek also have a huge range of retailers and services stocked. From takeaways like JustEat, to high end retailers like John Lewis. Discount amounts will always very though so if you know you’ll need a certain giftcard it pays to check the site regularly for new ones popping up. It’s particularly useful for itunes and brands were discounts are sometimes hard to “naturally” find.

As we’re a friendly bunch anyway here at Savvy Dad HQ, here’s my own link to get you started and give you a £5 discount to begin with. Use the code 2XVRMG Click HERE to use the code below automatically and get started

Let us know if you have success with getting discounts yourself.
Disclosure: Zeek provided me with promotional credit to try out their service and see how it worked. All views and opinions are my own unbiased viewpoints on the service.

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