Asda Saving Card – How to get 4.2% interest overnight while planning your big Christmas shop

Asda Saving Card – Get 4.2% interest overnight!

I’m a huge fan of the Asda Price Guarantee system here at Savvy Dad HQ, mainly because it actually supports well thought out and planning grocery shops. But this weekend things have just become even better. Asda, via their Christmas Asda saving card are effectively giving customers who load a card this weekend the chance to get 4.2% interest added effectively overnight!

With Christmas looming, this comes at a perfect time for most families who may already be considering the funds they have now and in the coming festive months. Planning our your Christmas finances is essential as it’s the most expensive time of year for many.

If you’re already putting aside a pot of money for the big festive food shop that December will bring, now’s the time to look into the deal below.

Asda Saving Card –  What is the card and how does it work?

All year long Asda allow their shoppers to save money using its Christmas Savings Card. They then pay decent bonus interest once a year. The beauty is, you don’t need to do it all year! You can effectively load a card today and benefit from the bonus payments made on to cards by Asda on Monday November 13th.

On a fully loaded card that’s a £6 (4.2% bonus). You don’t have to load the full amount, but that nets you the biggest percentage bonus. Also whilst you are limited to a maximum on the card of £150 (hence the £144 loading suggestion), you can have as many cards as you like. Useful for small businesses and such. You can register for an Asda Saving Card via the Asda Card section of their website.

Asda Saving Card – How it works…

Here’s how the options stack up:

  • Save £144 and you’ll get a £6 bonus – 4.2% return
  • Save £97 and you’ll get a £3 bonus – 3.1% return
  • Save £49 and you’ll get a £1 bonus – 2% return

5pm on Sunday 12 November is the cut off point suggested by Asda to get the bonus payment the following day. You can load funds onto the card via a customer service desk or the manned checkouts – Get a receipt.

Remember to make sure you’re planning any shopping carefully using my tips on APG comparing and also learning how to make the Asda Price Guarantee system work best for you.

You can find out more about the Asda saving card on their Christmas Saving page.

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