Cambridge Mask for Coronavirus – Early access to Tech that can save lives in UK cities

FACT: 7 Million people die worldwide each year due to air pollution!

Hopefully that headline fact has got you attention. It did mine. Especially as I’m planning a trip to London soon. What’s so bad about London you ask? Well, the air quality index can reach as high as 200. Add in to the mix travelling and commuting in the busy streets, and already you’re putting yourself and your family at additional risk. That’s where the Cambridge Mask comes in.

Now, I’m not suggesting there’s any quick fix to the pollution issues and causes. But there is something you can do today that could make a difference to your immediate family – possibly others later too!

I want to introduce to you, the unique Cambridge Mask.

cambridge mask

What is the Cambridge mask?

The Cambridge Mask Company are a recent startup project who are leading the way to produce wearable tech that can reduce pollutants entering our airways. They already have a mask, made in Britain, with military level filtration to stop and kill bacteria. Now they’re crowdfunding via a KickStarter campaign to launch a smart tech version – The Cambridge Smart Mask. A version which will not only filter the air your family breathes, but also monitor it’s quality via an app.

That app will predict when you’re filter needs replacing, alert you of high pollution levels and much more… it even interprets your breathing to understand when you should wear it!

Cambridge Mask – Affordable tech that is also fashionable.

I’m penning this article as I think it’s important to get the word out to not only support this product’s development, but also promote to our children the importance of considering the air they breathe and the places they go. It’s also financially sensible to invest in the tech now as buying via the KickStarter campaign will net you the products at a discount to when they launch officially.

Check out the campaign and product now on the Cambridge Mask KickStarter page.

They’re crowdfunding until June 29th


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  1. My friend is a courier, he’s going to go for one of these bundles. Thanks for the headsup xoxo

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