How to get clothes and shoes for just £1.99 via Everything 5 Pounds

Everything 5 Pounds – In some cases £1.99

The rise of stores on the high street like Poundland has meant that an array of startups have looked to cash in on moving a budget model online. Everything 5 Pounds is the perfect example of a budget online retailer offering discounted branded stock. Everything 5 pounds not only offer (as the name suggests) everything 5 pounds, but in some cases offer them for as low as £1.99!!!

You’ll obviously need to browse the bargains, but of late I’ve seen more and more people cashing in on the great deals. In particular they’ve offered up a huge range of £1.99 shoes, and currently have a £1.99 summer sale with over 600 £1.99 items including dresses, footwear and jeans!


Everything 5 Pounds – Thoughts and Offers

The reviews overall have been really positive on what buyers have received. Certainly well worth a look if planning a cheap summer wardrobe or looking to kit out the family with shoes on a shoestring! Everything5Pounds seem to rotate their £1.99 offers, sometimes they last a while, other times they appear as flash sale for a day or two. So if you miss an offer there’s a chance it may come back round.

everything 5 pounds

Is Everything5Pounds for you?

Everything 5 Pounds is underneath it all a budget discount store so some items will be better than others but for the price they can be hard to beat! I’d be really interested to hear reviews of items that readers have obtained from here to better gage the value for money, so get in touch if you’ve used them before.

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