HKUD – Hot UK Deals: Freebie & Vouchers Site Review

HKUD is a deals forum and website that states in its blurb that it will help support a community of deal hunters to post competitions, freebies, and vouchers. I want to tell you how it works, if it is any good, and if should you use the website?

What is HKUD / HUKD?

HKUD / Hot UK Deals is a website that’s easy and free to register with. Unlike deals sites, like MSE, they’re really a large affiliate scheme. Whilst they employ their own deal hunters, as far as I can tell, they primarily trade-off their large number of users for finding and adding deals to their system. Deals and offers can get voted up or down and give the users a sense of status for those who are competitive in nature.

Whilst I’ve used the service a lot over the years it can be limited. I’ve added numerous deals in the past which were removed, even though the deals were great, the reasons for this have always been sketchy and the attitude of the messages via their private message system can be poor in my experience.

The SiteJabber review site, and other similar web review sites are full of reviews that relate to the poor service for those submitting small deals. Mind you, sites like MSE can be just as tricky to navigate when it comes to moderators with more status than sense. LatestDealsUK is the best site I’ve come across for genuine user validation and appreciation.

Pros and Cons of HKUD / Hot UK Deals

  • Moderators seem to instantly ban you for little reason.
  • Posts and deals deleted and user accounts banned regularly.
  • Slow, or no, customer service response.
  • Largest deals site in the UK (now international)
  • The site only seems to list deals that make money (i.e – the site is affiliated with the merchants)
  • Vulgar chat and comments in threads regularly (not a site for your gran/kids to access)
  • Regularly best for value tech deals like the best UK console deals.

Where else should I look for deals?

My recommendation is the fab newer site, LatestDealsUK. However, to read more about the pros and cons of HKUD and MSE check out my article HKUD vs. MSE.



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