How to get Unlimited Data, Texts and Calls for just £10 per month.

Fonehouse is mainly useful for used handsets. However, they have at the present time a fantastic offer. An unlimited data, unlimited text and unlimited minutes sim for only £10!

The deal works because they offer a staggering £192 cashback on the contract of the sim. The contract is just 12 months. Be careful to check which sim you’re choosing and use the photos below to aid you if needed.

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The great thing about this sim is not only the price but also the fact it allows tethering and 5G. Tethering means you can enable your sim and device as a hotspot and connect usually non-cellular devices to use on the go – such as a Chromebook.

This sim allows data at 10MBPS, some of the others don’t. This is why picking the right one is important as 10MBPS should be enough for usage for all the family via tethering.


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