How to Glamourise Your Home on a Budget

When moving into a new home or upgrading your place, decorating may happen in phases. It takes some time and often serious investment to design your home to the greatest extent of your desires. Most people want to make a long-term investment so the place feels like home. As a result you may want to invite your friends and family over to your home more often and feel pride when they comment on your taste of home decor. 

There are so many things to think about – colour themes, fabric/materials, functionalities, shapes and more. They all have to blend well together to create that ultimate awe you are going for. But isn’t this just a dream unless you have an unlimited, bottomless bank account? 

The answer is no. All you need is the knowhow of where to find look for ideas and then the ingenuity to hunt out deals and discounts. Below are some areas to consider and some places to start…

1. Find the right bed

22% of people in the UK suffer from insomnia and many more report various issues related to sleep. The NHS reported a 148% jump in melatonin prescriptions (the chemical that helps you sleep) from 2014 to 2019. This indicates that lots of us aren’t getting the sleep environment and routine right.

Sleep is where we rest for at least 4 hours (hopefully) each night. That’s about 60 days total in a year. If we’re spending a minimum of 60 days our beds they have to be fit for purpose. It deserves careful consideration. Maybe you should go get yourself a memory foam mattress for better support (based on your body type and sleeping habits) and a better air circulation system to stabilise your sleep temperature. Perhaps you want a velvet or real leather bed frame with some extra storage. You can seek out cheap beds and mattresses without having to sacrifice quality or style. 

Making sure that the mattress and bedding are high-quality reduces the risk of dust mites, overheating in your sleep, and allergies. Good quality beds have a lifespan of over 10 years. It is a worthy investment.

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2. Couch and Sofa

Couches, sofas, love seats, and even an ottoman often come in a set and can be extremely expensive. To find a set that fits the size, length, quality, and style requirements is no easy feat. Especially, if you are not really the ‘sit on the couch and watch Netflix all day’ type of person. In this instance, it might feel like a waste of your money. 

But it is the crux of your decor as it often is one of the first things your guests would notice. Wayfair has a wide range of couches and sofas that offer great discounts from various brands and designers. It also offers a great financing option with a very reasonable monthly payment and a low interest rate. Obviously it’s worth using o% options where available and never borrowing unless you can pay off in full.

3. TV 

With 4K, 3D, and Smart TVs around, the cost of owning an impressive TV could be jaw-dropping. If you enjoy Netflix and Amazon Prime, it might be more savvy to get a smart TV instead of buying the necessary devices separately to keep up with the trends. If you do choose to opt for separate streaming devices then it’s worth finding out what streaming device is best for your needs.

Try Electronic World, Appliances Direct, or Currys PC World. Watch out for delivery fees and warranty! It’s also worth checking out John Lewis as they have a price match promise and also a 2 year warranty on electrical goods. It is wise to check these sites multiple times at different dates to see if there are one-time deals and price drops happening anywhere. Depending on promotions or marketing campaigns, brands will allow a limited-time offer on certain retail sites to drive sales. It never hurts to be a proactive shopper! 

4. Better Water Pressure

The shower is often the place where we have the best ideas and unwind. So consider upgrading to a better electric shower head to dramatically improve your water pressure. Nothing says glamour like a fancy rain shower.

This surprisingly isn’t such a costly task; you can do it yourself if you are somewhat handy. Check out this guide and get the best shower heads and other materials on Amazon! 

5. Rugs, Throws, and Cushions

Glamourising your living space requires having artistic rugs and colour-matched throws and cushions. These also make you feel cozy and snug in the winter. So check out the cushy and fluffy rugs and throws with incredibly unique prints or even try you local B&M Bargains store where you can use the B&M barcode scanner to find cheap homeware

Consider having some consistently-themed throws and cushions placed across all the rooms in your home – bedroom, living room, family room, hallways, kitchen, patio, etc. It helps bring out your intended “feel” no matter where you are and has a soothing effect. Inconsistent patterns and a big contrast in colours psychologically result in negative emotions.

6. Candles 

What says glamour more than intoxicating scents and aromas in your home? Candlelights are also great ways to glamourise and romanticise the space. Having a fancy candle holder will make your place look like a palace!

Unfortunately, candles are extremely expensive. You want to get the scent you like as it will permeate your whole house. Don’t despair. Like all good things, you can always find great bargains

7. Projector 

Large screen smart TVs are great but something about a projector makes your movie experience a lot more special. If you have a garden or patio, having an outdoor movie night on a projector might just be the perfect summer night you will remember. 

Check out all the latest deals on amazing yet inexpensive projectors across various eCommerce sites so you know you are locking down the best available price!

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