Xiaomi M365 Pro Review – Save Money using the Best UK Electric Scooters

The lockdown in countries across the world have seen people taking daily exercise not only on foot at also on bicycle. They I have also been meaning to commute and travel small distances for essentials. electric bikes would have been ideal in the UK for the situation. Thankfully, due to some common sense legislation in the UK, it looks like electric scooters and bikes will soon be commonplace on UK streets. The Xiaomi m365 Pro electric scooter is a private sample of one of the best e-scooters in the UK. This article will speak to you out you know why it is one of the best UK electric scooters and answer some questions about the use of electric scooters in the UK.

If you look online for the Xiaomi m365 Amazon or Halfords often come top in the search results. But there are a whole host of websites that sell them in the UK including Pure Scooters, Gearbest, AliExpress, TomTop and Xiaomi themselves. So, with a range of stockists available it’s worth knowing a little more about that Xiaomi m365 Pro and using an electric scooter legally in the UK.

Is it legal to save money using the Best UK Electric Scooters like Xiaomi Mi M365 ?

As things down at the time of writing (May 2020) electric scooters are not legal on the road only on private land. That being said, I’ve seen a large amount of people using them on the roads. Often the police themselves are unclear on what constitutes legal use.
This is soon to change in the UK. Electric scooters will be allowed on public roads for the first time, starting in some major cities. The Department for Transport is to consult on the rules with government, hopefully leading to a revolution in the use of electric scooters and electric bikes on UK roads.
This review and roll out both the use of electric scooters will help the UK to catch up with other countries where they have been Commonplace for years. The Xiaomi Mi electric scooter, for example, is the most popular model in Europe. It is also the model used by rental companies such as Lime, Bird and Uber Jump.
With popular bike rental schemes such as the Beryll in Norfolk. The introduction of Lime m365 Xiaomi rentals would be the start of something special. So, what’s the best electric scooter in the UK?

What is the best electric scooter in the UK options?

As mentioned big rental companies in the electric scooter arena like Lime and Bird use Xiaomi Mi e scooters themselves. They are simply rebadged for rental. In places like Paris, you’ll be struggling to find anything but a m365 waiting at the curbside ready to be rented. This is very good reason, It’s simply the most reliable e scooter with a good record of durability and well reviewed use. The best place to physically check out an electric scooter in the UK before purchase is possibly Halfords. The other useful thing about Halfords is they a price match other UK stockists of e-scooters. When you can find this with their occasional money-off days, deals and trade-ins, you can occasionally net a good deal on a Halfords Xiaomi m365.

How does the Xiaomi m365 Amazon sell compare to other electric scooters?

The Mi electric scooter is both an intuitive and easy to learn. With a 30 km long-range battery life, double braking system and portable folding design, this really is the ideal UK electric scooter. It has been awarded numerous prestigious Awards including the iF Design Award in 2017 and the Red Dot award for “Best of the Best”. Xiaomi has always been at the forefront of innovation and consistently outdoes other mainstream Chinese manufacturers such as Samsung in value for money.

Chassis and Brakes

The m365 double braking system it’s amazing. The M365 uses an intuitive acceleration and braking feature meaning as soon as you remove your finger from the accelerator the natural breaking process kicks in. This natural “auto” brake also charges the device on the go. The manual brake is also applied from the rear wheel, as is the case of most electric scooters in the UK.

The m365 chassis design is both simple and efficient. All of the cabling is neatly hidden away inside the device making it appear to look like a standard scooter. It has a uniquely designed curved pedal board delivering a comfortable ride. The default tyres are also of good quality. Some people recommend experimenting with the tyre pressures to get the desired range for the terrain on your commute.

Electric Scooter Battery, Mi Durability and m365 App.

The battery on this electric scooter will do approximately 18.6 miles per charge. That’s perfect for most commuting purposes in the UK and really is one of the best e-scooters in the UK for this. It has an innovative 3-second folding design, allowing the Mi m365 to be quickly stored away in a car. This easy-to-use folding design is ideal for those wanting to park outside the city (by car) to avoid parking charges and commute in via E scooter.

Folding the m365 Pro is easy. To fold it down, simply flip down the folding lever and the scooter bell then cleverly doubles as a latch for the back wheel to clip onto. Takes mere seconds.

The body of the m365 pro is made from Aerospace grade aluminium. This material material has a low density and high structural strength. The result is a light yet durable e scooter for UK roads.

Xiaomi m365

Is the Xiaomi Mi m365 the best UK electric scooter?

I’ll be the first to admit, I love the m365. I fell in love with them when using them on the streets of Paris. The design is flexible and the control is intuitive. Even the acceleration method is designed with user comfort in mind. A gentle downward push with different amounts of pressure will allow you to easily control the speed with which you move away. The result is a very comfortable ride which feels remarkably safe and smooth.

It’s easy to tell how things are going using the Xiaomi m365 app. The app will give you all sorts of tech specs and functions. However, most of the time, the only thing you need to know is when the battery is getting low. This can be easily seen without the app. Simply look at the 4 LEDs on the dashboard where you’ll see an indication of remaining battery life. There’s also the addition of a power saving mode which can be accessed through a “double press” of the power control buttons. Similarly, the strong 1.1w ultrabright headlight can be switched off and on using a short single press.

To best illustrate how atterley amazing the m365 is, I’ve embedded a video of somebody using it. The user is not from the UK, but it shows exactly how easy it is to control and use for commute into a city.

Where can I get the best deal on a Xiaomi m365 Pro or other electric scooters in the UK?

As electric scooters are still increasing in popularity in the UK. There’s not a whole host of retailers shipping them. Often the best deals on a Xiaomi Mi m365 will be imports due to the increased amount of stock abroad. If you’re looking to import one then AliExpress or TomTop may be you best bet. At the time of writing there were some great TomTop Xiaomi m365 Pro offers
Within the UK, look to sites like Halfords, PureElectric and Amazon UK. Halfords will price match, but only on UK based sales.
Here’s a selection of current Xiaomi m365 Amazon deals:

What specialist electric scooters are available in the UK?

If you’re looking for alternative electric scooters such as electric mobility scooters look to other UK brands. The brands in the UK I would recommend looking into are the efoldi scooter, efoldi mobility scooter, efoldi electric mobility scooter, and middletons scooters.

Is the Xiaomi m365 electric scooter good for kids?

For kids, the m365 pro may be a little overpowered. If you’re looking to source a the best kids e scooters in the uk, look to the viro vega scooter, vega electric scooter, or viro electric scooters.

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