Xiaomi MI AirDots Review, Instructions and Deals.

I’m a big fan what’s the great value tech that comes out of China. Products such as the Xiaomi MI AirDots and the Xiaomi Redmi AirDots are great examples of why I love doing reviews.. The Xiaomi company the fourth largest tech company in the world. this is mainly due to the fact that developed such great value pieces of modern technology. Let’s be clear, it doesn’t mean that these are poor quality. Not at all. But why?

Well, these amazing quality electronic goods are simply better value. Better value because of the marketing model that Xiaomi has. As a tech company they believe in only making the slightest of profit margins. They do this in order to show off the quality of their products and increase their market share.

Using this model allows Xiaomi to release products in numerous countries around the world such as the Xiaomi MI AirDots with confidence. The products frequently review well.

Are the Xiaomi MI AirDots good value?

The Xiaomi MI AirDots are excellent as bluetooth 5.0 earphones. They boast a 7.2mm dynamic driver unit, built-in touch controls and up to 12 hours of usage time. They are the original and best Xiaomi Mi AirDots earphones released and only equalled by the Xiaomi Redmi AirDots. It’s worth noting but I much prefer the MI AirDots in terms of feel due to their touch controls. However, despite the Xiaomi Redmi airdots controls despite being physical in nature and less pleasing to use, these manual buttons meme the cost of them is nearly half that of the Xiaomi MI AirDots.

Redmi AirDots vs. Xiaomi Mi AirDots – How to choose.

Well, in terms of dimensions the two sets are almost identical with the Redmi airdots being slightly larger. The smaller dimensions of the Xiaomi MI AirDots again reinforces that smooth aesthetic and pleasing form.

in terms of weight both units are around the same, weighing in at 4.1 grams. both are in-ear wireless connectivity devices with 40mAh battery capacity and 5.0 Bluetooth. the main difference as mentioned earlier is the Xiaomi MI AirDots pleasing touchcontrol in comparison to the Redmi physical buttons.

The reason the two devices come out on a par is the price. despite me having a preference for the design of the Xiaomi MI AirDots over the Redmi, the price is almost double. Retailing in the UK at around £18-£25 for the Redmi AirDots makes them a winner on price alone. But the extra touch controls for the Xiaomi MI AirDots (even at around £30+) make them worth it for me. Plus, despite me not being an apple fan, I do like the white Apple “ipod” colour that the MI AirDots comes in. The Redmi’s are black.

Both of the options are charged in the same way. You simply place them into the Xiaomi charging case that they come bundled with. The charging cases themselves are 300mah in terms of charging capability. 4 hours is the play time for both sets of earbuds. However, if you take a fully charged case with you, you’ll see 12 hours on the go easily.

As I’ve bleated on about, I love the touch controls of the Xiaomi MI AirDots. They simply require the lightest of taps to function. The cheaper Redmi require a more substantial pressure in the ear which can mean the about sit and come to be at times.

Xiaomi Redmi earbuds

What’s the verdict? Redmi or Mi AirDots?

In summary, if you want the best-value, cheapest earbuds go for the Xiaomi Redmi Airdots. but if you want a more premium feeling set, with stellar controls and an Apple-like quality. Go for the Xiaomi MI AirDots…

…or save for some Xiaomi MI AirDots Pro.

Hot to connect the Xiaomi AirDots earbuds

  1. Place the earbuds into pairing mode. You can enable this by Simply removing them from their case and touching their outsides.
  2. Wait for the white LED on the outside of the ear buds to illuminate. When this happens you’re ready to start pairing your device.
  3. On your handset or device go into the Bluetooth settings. Once you found your Bluetooth settings click on “update list of available devices”. This should then allow you to see your devices nearby – hopefully including the Airdots.
  4. With most Airdots you will see “MI AIRDOTS” listed, or something very similar. Click on this and wait for the pairing to begin via bluetooth.

How to switch track, control playback and handle calls.

In order to do most basic functions you simply need to use a gesture or tap. When you’ve finished, simply place them back into the charger case to stop the music. Here’s the basics…

  • Single Touch this will cause music to start or stop. It will also allow an incoming call.
  • Double Tap this gives access to your voice assistant native to your device. At the time of writing this article they supported both Siri and Alexa on Android and Apple.
  • Held Touch holding your finger on the airdots’ outside or cancel a call if you maintain this for several seconds.

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