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sherwill drake forbes reviews for wayleave

Making Wayleave & Easement Claims: Sherwill Drake Forbes vs Thomson Broadbent

I’ve written frequent articles about wayleave and easement claims. In fact, I have many emails and messages from my readers in regards to wayleave claims. I thought it might be worth putting together a very short article outlining claims. An article looking at a few of the wayleave compensation claim companies. Those available when pursuing wayleave and easement payments. The main two that I will be discussing today are Sherwill Drake Forbes reviews and Thompson Broadbent.

This article isn’t going to be a complete review of my experiences with them. I’ve simply not needed to use their services myself in that area. Instead, the article will seek to highlight some of the features and fees of the two claims companies. It will also look to give insight into customers experiences with excerpts or links to quotes from my readers who have used them. By laying out some of this below, it will give readers an idea of whether they want to use a wayleave and easement claims company. It may also lead to customers sharing their Sherwill Drake Forbes reviews and Thompson Broadbent reviews in the comments.

Sherwill Drake Forbes Reviews for Wayleave and Easement Claims

You may, as a homeowner, have received letters from claims companies such as Sherwill Drake Forbes or Thomson Broadbent. The letters will come in many forms. In general, they tend to be reasonably non-intrusive enquiries. They ask whether you have previously claimed for wayleave and easement. They will seek to set out the wayleave claim process and whether you would like to use their services to claim now.

Whatever you do, make sure you look into the details of the claims companies first. There are many different claims companies. Sherwill Drake Forbes and Thompson Broadbent are two of the biggest in the UK. In general, this means they have a long-standing record with customer reviews and testimonials. It also alludes to the fact that Sherwill Drake Forbes has great experience dealing with utilities providers.

The more experience and success a claims company has with wayleaves and easements, the more likely they are to be able to command a larger wayleave payment or lump sum payout for you. It’s chiefly this reason alone why I would suggest that if you’re using a claims company you use Sherwill Drake Forbes or Thomson Broadbent. Before you fire off a letter to either of these companies asking them to act on your behalf, check their current fees and rates.

Thompson Broadbent Reviews for Wayleave and Easement Payments

If you’re considering using Thompson Broadbent for your wayleave and easement compensation claims. Make sure you check out the reviews and comments of my readers who have previously used companies such as this. The reviews and queries can be found in the comment section of my article on wayleave compensation claims.

There are a number of reasons straight away that you might consider using Thomson Broadbent. First of all, Thomson Broadbent are an entirely independent chartered surveyor based service. They have no relationship or affiliateship with the network and utility providers. They also has over 23 years experience under their belts and are one of the leading consultancies having represented over 70000 homeowners in the UK.

Thompson Broadbent stated that due to their experience they are able to easily handle the negotiations needed to successfully process a compensation claim. They state that they will liaise with the network provider’s surveyors, taking into account legal and valuation precedents in order to get best outcome for their clients. Whilst a client using Thomson Broadbent will pay them a fee they will do all the legwork for you, making the process far less confusing.

If you’re considering using Thomson Broadbent then visit their website and use their eligibility checker. If you’re then convinced that you need to use a claims company (and can’t do this easily yourself) you can sign an authority to act. Note that Thomson Broadbent suggest claims take anywhere up to 2 years to complete.

Sherwill Drake Forbes Reviews and the Wayleave and Easement Claims Process

Just like Thomson Broadbent, Sherwill Drake Forbes is a UK based surveying firm. They are of roughly the same size as Thomson Broadbent and are regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors in the same way. I have seen less Sherwill Drake Forbes reviews online and from my readers. It’s still worth checking out the comment section in my other wayleave articles to see if more are popping up. The other articles will also answer lots of your common questions about wayleave claims.

Before using any of these companies it’s worth going direct to the provider to enquire as to what they would offer. You can then compare this to the quotes given by companies like Sherwill Drake Forbes to see if you’ll be better off with or without them. This comparison is key considering a claims company’s fees can be anything up to 20%!

Final thoughts on claiming wayleave and easements

Alongside the two companies mentioned above, it’s also worth looking to The Powerline Advisory Group. Whilst they are not strictly regulated in the same way, they may offer an “in-between option”. They generally have cheaper fees, but will not necessarily command the experience or clout of the other two. Remember, claiming wayleave and easement payments is something you can do yourself. Even though it can be less than straightforward at times, the difference between using efficient claims company and yourself may be negligible; simply depends on the complexity of your claim case. Always consult a regulated indenpendent financial advisor if you are making big decisions about financial issues such as this.

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