How to Support Home Learning – Mega List of Online Resources.

Supporting children in learning at home is a hurdle both parents and teachers have had to learn to negotiate over the last few months and knowing where to find free and good value resources online can be tricky. With this in mind, I’ve included in the article below a mage list of online remote home learning support materials and websites. The hope is that anyone searching for resources in the areas of the curriculum featured below will stumble across this page.  This may make their home learning timetable (or planning for remote learning) just that little bit easier.

Links to aid planning for remote learning or home teaching.

I’ve split this list up into sections in order to allow you to more easily find the type of resources you’re after. Most of the resources and free but there may, on occasion, be some that require registration to access or the use of a free trial. I always advocate making sure you make a note of when free trials end in order to make sure you can cancel before being charged. I cannot claim credit entirely for this list as it is an amalgamation of lists and guides I’ve come across over the last week or so. These resources are ideal for support of a parent in home learning and can be built into a home learning timetable.

Mathematics – Remote learning resources supporting numeracy at home.

Corbett Maths  

5 a Day mathematics activities and challenges.

Dr Frost Maths
A huge array of maths focused resources.

Estimation 180
Estimation and problem-solving activities.

ICT Games
Games to support maths learning.

I See Maths
Lesson packs for mathematics home learning. Plus an array of other activities and strategies to support home learning.

Games and resources for supporting maths learning

Video maths lessons from the NCETM. Many of these activities support home learning like White Rose.

Problem solving and reasoning activities.

Number Fun Portal
Games to embed number fluency.

Activities and resources to support home learning of STEM.

Steve Wyborney’s Blog
Estimation and maths mysteries to try to solve.

Third Space Learning
Home learning packs from Third Space Learning.

Games and activities to support maths home learning.

Which One Doesn’t Belong?
Problem-solving and reasoning activities.

White Rose Maths
Home learning resources for White Rose planning scheme for mathematics in years 1,2,3,4,5 and 6.

parent support home learning

Science and STEM resources, strategies and activities to support pupils in learning online

Aaron’s World
A children’s podcast all about dinosaurs.

All About STEM
STEM resources and activities.

Brains On
Science focused podcast for children.

Edinburgh Zoo
Watch what the creatures are up to on the zoo’s live camera feed.

Learning toolbox full of activities, resources and strategies to support home learning.

Glasgow Science Centre
A wide range of activities. More coming soon.

Hubble telescope virtual tour
A virtual tour of the Hubble telescope.

Institute of Physics
Activities focused on the adventures of Marvin and Milo through the world of Physics.

James Dyson Foundation Challenges
Engineering challenges for KS2+.

Let’s Go Live with Maddie & Greg
Regularly updating Science videos with a great back catalogue of content.

Visit animals across the world on Mangolink’s webcams.

Monterey Bay Aquarium
Watch the sea creatures of the Monterey Bay Aquarium on their live cameras.

NASA Kids Club
Resources, games and activities inspired by NASA.

National Marine Sanctuaries
Venture out into the ocean on a virtual dive.

Natural History Museum
Learning resources linked to the Natural History Museum’s collections.

New England Aquarium
Watch the sea creatures of the New England Aquarium on their live stream.

Oxford University
Museum of Natural History Learning zone full of interesting facts and activities related to natural history.

Ogden Trust
Science talk activity cards.

Primary Science Teaching Trust
Fun at home Science challenges.

Lesson plans and supporting resources linked to the work of the RSPB.

Science Museum Group
Resources and activities from the Science Museum Group.

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
Go on a virtual tour of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

Home learning challenges focused on STEM.

The Association for Science Education
Resources and activities to support Science learning.

The Royal Institution
Home experiments for the whole family.

Wildlife videos with Steve Backshall
Recorded sessions exploring nature and wildlife with Deadly 60 presenter Steve Backshall.

WOW Science
Investigations and activities to try at home.

free home learning resources for remote reading

Art and DT resources available online for remote planning and homeschooling

Access Art
Resources and projects to do at home. Plus many other activities and strategies to support home learning.

Design Bundles

You can find a range of SVG files free here to use in art and design projects.

Art Ninja
Clips and resources from the BBC show.

Arty Factory
Resources and projects to do at home.

Bob Ross Joy of Painting Resources
Enjoy the relaxing, confidence-building sessions in setting a scene

Crafts Council
Explore the Crafts Council’s collections online.

Resources and projects from Crayola.

Draw with Rob!
Live illustration sessions with Rob Biddulph every Saturday at 10 am. Previous recordings are also available.

Google Arts and Culture
Travel and visit over 2500 museums throughout the world, including exhibitions past and present.

Mo Willams Lunchtime Doodles
Video archive of lunchtime doodles by the illustrator Mo Willams

National Gallery
Resources from the National Gallery linked to famous paintings owned by the National Gallery.

Paul Carney
Projects and resources by Paul Carney.

Learning resources and virtual tours of the Tate galleries.

The Arty Teacher
Art projects to do at home.

The Courtauld Institute of Art
Computing Learning resources from The Courtauld Institute of Art.

Barefoot Computing
Games, mini-missions and home learning activities focused on computing.

Code: Break
Coding projects to try at home.

Computing at School
Resources for computing at home.

Activities and resources for computing at home.

Raspberry Pi Foundation
Projects and activities to try at home alongside a weekly live stream. There are also Raspberry Pi courses available on Future Learn for adults:

Activities and projects to support the teaching of Computing.

Teach Computing
Lessons, activities and resources focused on Computing.

UK Safer Internet Centre
Resources to support online safety.

History and Geography links to support parent and teacher home and remote learning.

3D Geography
Resources exploring a wide range of geographical topics.

Boston Children’s Museum
Go on a virtual tour of the Boston Children’s Museum.

British Museum Histories of the World
Go to the British Museum and use their ‘Histories of the World’ app to learn about different objects and artefacts, all in chronological order.

Geographical Association
Resources to support the learning of Geography from the Geographical Association.

Google Arts and Culture
Travel and visit over 2500 museums and landmarks (including National Parks) throughout the world, including exhibitions past and present.

Historical Association
Resources and activities to support primary and secondary History.

The Louvre
Go on a virtual tour around the Louvre.

Manchester Museum from Home
Projects and resources bringing the Manchester Museum into your home.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Go on a virtual tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. The kids’ site also includes games, activities and resources inspired by the museum’s collections.

Museum of London
History focused resources from the Museum of London.

Resources for supporting Geography and Science learning by NatGeoKids.

Royal Geographical Society
Teaching and learning resources focused on Geography.

The Past and the Curious
History focused podcast for children.

Vatican Museums
Go on a virtual tour of the Vatican Museums.

Modern Foreign Languages Association for Language Learning
Helpful blog posts and articles for supporting learning languages at home.

Digital Dialects
Games for practising language skills.

Learn a huge array of languages online.

Goethe Institut
Resources and lesson plans for teaching German.

Institut Français
Resources and lesson plans for teaching French.

Lightbulb Languages
A vast number of free resources for learning a range of languages.

Panda Tree
Resources to support the teaching and learning of Spanish.

Spanish Embassy
Resources and lesson plans for teaching Spanish.

Music resources for remote learning and teacher/parent support.

BBC Teach Bring the Noise

Clips and resources from the BBC Teach series Bring the Noise.

Beat Goes On! with Ollie

Recorded sessions focused on body percussion by Ollie Tumner Tumner.


Resources for singing at home from SingUp!

Nature and outdoor learning resources based online.

Arete Outdoor Centre
A range of engaging outdoor activities to try at home.

BirdAware Solent
Activities and learning resources focused on the protection of birds. The charity is focused on the Solent, but the activities are applicable nationwide.

Forestry England: Forests at Home
A wonderful resource that brings England’s forests to you.

Learning Through Landscapes
An array of resources for learning using the outdoors.

Muddy Faces
Great outdoor activities to do at home.

Fun activities and educational games focused on the work of the RSPB.

The Wildlife Trust
Tips and activities for looking after yourself and nature during the pandemic.

Woodland Trust
Visit this website for ideas on how to engage with nature when self-isolating.


PE, Dance and OAA home learning resoruces.

Association for Physical Education
Physical Education lessons and home learning resources.

Cosmic Kids Yoga
Recorded yoga sessions specifically for children.

Dance Lessons with Oti Mabuse
Recorded dance lessons for children and adults.

Go Noodle
Videos to support children to get active and encourage wellbeing.

Videos to support children to get active.

Joe Wicks
Live P.E. sessions every morning at 9am from the 11th January.

National Improvement Hub Scotland
Physical Education home learning challenges.

The NHS has partnered with Disney to create a range of ’10 Minute Shake Up’ activities.

School Games
Recorded lessons and play sessions to support children to get active.

Sport is for Everyone, Progress is Paramount
Daily P.E. and sports focused sessions during lockdown.

Resources, games and activities to support children to get active whilst learning.

Tumbletots at home
Recorded dance and movement sessions for infants and younger children.

Yoga with Adriene
Recorded yoga sessions for adults and children. Childfocused playlists include ‘Yoga for Kids’, ‘Yoga for P.E.’ and ‘Yoga for the Classroom’.

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