Savvy Review: Braun Series 9 9291cc

We were lucky enough to be given the latest premium Braun 9291cc shaver to review here at Savvy Dad HQ, and with a price tag in the £100’s it had to be worth it to make it into my daily frugal routine.

Firstly, I was looking to be convinced with moving to an electric shaver. I’ve tried them in the past and never found the closeness of shave or comfort a match for manual blades. I’ve tried a few Philips electrics and an old Remington but hated them, even though they boasted “wet” shave options.


This Series 9 9291cc is a revelation though, although it will never completely replace my trusty Gillette Pro Fusion blades for closeness and smoothness there are a number of reasons why I’ll keep it charged and in use.

Firstly, the grip of the 9291cc, feels natural and secure. The weighting of the handset is also extremely well balanced, meaning your not constantly worried about dropping your new expensive purchase on to the tiled bathroom floor. The build quality is extremely high with handle material for the palm feeling good for gripping and well-formed. The casing also has a good shiny chromed appeal and cleans easily.

First use and setup for the unit is easy, with the standard two-pin shaver plug charging the handset individually, or the handset “via” the cleaning base unit. The base unit is supposedly not meant to be transported or moved once the cleaning liquid is installed as it will spill, this makes taking the unit on long holidays or moving it two different rooms precarious. You might be inclined to wonder why the manufacturers would put such high quality design into the handset, but make the replacement of the cleaning liquid seem so ill thought out.

The 9291cc‘s cleaning unit does it’s job well, giving a fast charge in line with the manual’s suggested time and a good clean. The liquid is also not offensively odoured. The downside to the base unit is there seems to be a background hum when in use that is louder than I’d expect; this could be particularly annoying if you’re using the station in an en suite or upstairs bathroom near bedrooms.


In use the 9291cc’s shave is 1-2mm if using quickly, particularly under the chin, the build in trimmer on the rear of the set deals with longer neater shaves to almost approach manual wet shave closeness. It glides smoothly, and importantly does not irritate or leave redness.

There is a wet and dry setting which seems to work fine and without issue and the indicator on the handset clear points out the charge level and need to clean via clear illuminated display markers. Charge lasts a long time meaning there is no worry of half shaves if taking the unit out.

Overall, I highly recommend this unit and it would be perfect if it wasn’t for a few design considerations to make the end users’ life more pleasant and simple.

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  1. Re the cleaning cartridge. I always save the cap so I can re seal the cartridge to transport it.

    Also for best shaving results it’s best to stick to one mode wet blade or electric. After wet blade shaving it can take some weeks for your skin to adapt to electric again. Hope this helps.

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