Savvy Review – Sharp Dishwasher QW-GT43F393I 2016

Thinking of buying a Sharp dishwasher? Get the Savvy Dad review of the latest Sharp QW-GT43F393I We review the features, setup and usage plus video review.

The dishwasher is a standard size fit meaning it should slide easily under most kitchen units. The item itself was well packaged and the unpacking was reasonably simple with pop-out parts of polystyrene protectors. The unit is heavy, but can be moved by one adult without to much effort and there are no sharp edges to catch.  Plumbing in was extremely simple with cold fill a standard hose attachment with sturdy seals at both ends of the hosing.

The standard UK plug lead is long enough to reach most power sources and all leads and hoses sit flush with the unit meaning when the unit was pushed back into it’s final position nothing was caught or squeezed leading to leakage issues.

Initial Start

Upon plugging in and powering on the appliance, we consulted the instructions to see what setup was needed before the first fill and wash. It suggested working through the menu system to set the water hardness level, this was fine in theory, but our unit seemed to power up in a programme mode that “locked” out the menu. We had to used the until on a wash cycle once before the programme finished allow us to enter the menu system. You are meant to be able to hold down the option/delay buttons together to get to the advanced menu, but this stated “Not Valid!” until after the first wash. From then on all menus have been accessible.

The menus themselves give a good range of options to set water hardiness, display settings, language and volumes, while the standard menu gives access to half-loads, hygiene washes, fast wash and extra dry mode.

The unit itself has more wash programmes than you’ll probably ever use but in our home we were interested in particular in a setting for a quick wash that does the job during the day, and a slower wash overnight to save money.

Testing the wash

The Express 50, Daily 60 were the best options for use if you needed things in a hurry and the Eco was the best overnight. The only downside to the eco was that the drying cycle did not always completely evaporate the residual water, meaning some items were transferred to the draining rack when emptying the dishwasher in order to dry completely.

All settings used took cutlery and crockery to a full shine with no food debris remaining other than on a particularly tricky food slicer we placed in. We used premium brand salt and rinse aid for the test, both of which were very easy to fill and set.

I should add that we did have to adjust the height of the top shelf into the raised position to allow sprinkler arms to rotate without hitting the plates. We also removed the right hand cutlery tray as the setup seemed to lean towards wine glasses and tumblers, rather than tall glasses. We use tall glasses so the removal of the tray was essential but there was still plenty of room for use in the left section.

In terms of energy and water use, without an accurate measurement tool, the unit seemed broadly in line with the guidance in the handbook. The decibel level advertised was also up to scratch with a smooth wash noise barely audible. The tablet dispenser when it popped open was also reasonably quiet and, as mentioned, the volume can be adjusted for beeps and notifications. The internal light was a nice touch for those late night additions.


The dishwasher did exactly what it said on most settings after the initial setup. The “eco” wash could do with a better drying cycle and the front panel seems likely to bend if knocked. Great performance though and cost effective to use. I would highly recommend anyone considering this model.


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