The Selfie Lottery – Make money for FREE with your face!

I’ll be honest, despite my daily man routine to enhance my handsome, I’m never going to pick up the “you’ve won first prize in a beauty competition” card in the real-life Monopoly world. However, it doesn’t stop me chancing that my mug might be worthy of a tenner at least! This is where the potential free £10 from The Selfie Lottery comes into play as a little extra money earner.

The Selfie Lottery game is a simple to use game that allows users to upload a selfie in return for a chance to win £10 or more. The draw takes place each day and so long as you’re over the age of 18 it’s FREE to play within the United Kingdom.

What is The Selfie Lottery?

Effectively it’s a fun little way of running a completely free lottery and it is funded by advertising revenue, just like many blog and websites such as mine. By users either viewing the ads or clicking on them, The Selfie Lottery website generates revenue, passing on a certain amount as the prizes for its’ free lottery service.

It’s 100% FREE to register and only asks for minimal personal details to register. Winnings are paid via PayPal.

You’ll need to manually check The Selfie Lottery website every day from 1pm to see if you’re the winner as you’re not notified directly and have to “claim it”. The being said, I believe there’s an option to accept mailing list promotions when you sign up that will allows them to notify you – just depends if you want your inbox full of potential spam.

the selfie lottery
PHOTO: It doesn’t need to be a gem of a photo. As you can see from my efforts!

How much can you win with The Selfie Lottery?

£10 is the base amount. But there are some ways to boost your earnings. The easiest way for you to boost your earnings is via the refer a friend option. You’ll net yourself an additional £5 bonus for each and every friend you refer to try The Selfie Lottery.

You can also gain additional bonuses for signing up for services and offers via their website. Obviously, most of these offers are available elsewhere via cashback sites like Quidco and Topcashback, but you may find that The Selfie Lottery on occasional offers you more earnings that the other cashback sites.

At the time of writing this article, some common offers for generating bonus earnings were £7 for a free 7 day NOWtv account, £10 for signing up to 30 days FREE Amazon Prime or £15 for signing up to a £3 Simply Cook trial pack.

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