Top 5 Tips for Travel on a Budget

Travelling can be one of the most rewarding and eye-opening things anyone can undertake. Whether as a solo traveller or with friends and family, visiting new and exciting places is a joy. However, it can be an expensive pastime. Airfares can be astronomical, and accommodation is often far from cheap. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to travel on a budget though, as we’ll explore in this post.


Plan Ahead

When you’re planning ahead, make sure that you avoid the most popular times of travel. Of course, many people get the same time off, particularly if you’re planning around school holidays. However, these are always the most expensive times. Have a look at destinations that are enjoyable at off-peak times. For example, in the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons are the opposite of those in the Northern Hemisphere. This makes it the perfect destination if you need some sunshine in the midst of your winter.

Travel Off-Peak

Although spontaneous trips can be some of the best times, they’re rarely the cheapest ones. The number one thing you can do to save money when you travel is to plan properly. The further in advance you try and book, the more likely you are to find a good deal. Plane tickets, hotel bookings, and package deals are usually much cheaper the further in advance you plan. The further ahead you book, the cheaper your trip will be.

Plan Your Finances

Banking fees can often be ridiculous when you’re travelling. Most high-street banks will charge you for making cash withdrawals abroad, transactions in foreign currencies, and any other fee they can think of. Thankfully, there are now plenty of challenger banks that provide fee-free banking while you’re overseas. They’re a great way of planning and managing your finances, as they usually use mobile apps that allow you to set aside money, track your expenses, and stay financially safe while abroad. You can find a good comparison of the best bank accounts for travelling at Compare Banks.

Travel Light

Many airlines now offer ‘super economy’ fares. These are usually the cheapest seats on a plane and can sometimes involve layovers. If you can put up with that, then they’re generally pretty cheap. There is one catch; they usually don’t include any checked baggage. So, if you can fit your travel essentials into your carry-on and cabin baggage, you’ll be able to save quite a bit.

Choose Free Activities

Whenever you’re exploring a new location, there’ll be plenty that you want to do. However, hitting all the main tourist attractions can be a little pricey, particularly when you have to pay for admission.

When you’re at the planning stages, check out the free things that you can do when you’re in your travel destination. Parks, museums, and other public spaces will often be free, meaning you can keep your expenditure at a minimum.

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