US Money Apps to Save you Money

Saving money is something everyone would like to master, but it isn’t always possible, especially if we’re tied down to an overpriced contract or haven’t got the best Sky deal you can get. It’s also easy to lose track of any outgoings before it’s too late, leading to potential stress further down the line and the familiar worry of whether or not you can make ends meet that month.

Thankfully, though, modern technology and the subsequent advancements with our smartphones has led to an array of money-saving mobile apps capable of helping us out. The technology we now have access to is remarkable. Gone are the days of playing Snake on our mobile devices which resembled a brick, now we can access a range of games like those on one of the best blackjack sites, alongside having the ability to download a load of apps from a variety of different genres, be it health and fitness, sport, gaming, or – in this instance – finance. The choice on offer is extensive, especially when you look at how far things have progressed in the last ten years or so.

When it comes to money-saving apps, there’s plenty to choose from. Some are helpful, others less so. To save you the hassle of trying out some of the more useless creations out there, we thought we’d go through some the best apps for your phone that will help you save money in 2020.


Hugely popular this year like so many mobile budget tools are, Mint enables you to keep track of all your financial activity. The slickly designed, easy to use app allows you to keep on top of activity on all of your accounts, be it savings or retirement. All the transactions you make are automatically recorded and put into a category, with the app also offering budget recommendations after assessing your spending patterns. You can even access graphs on your net worth and cash flow, although that is only accessible via an iPad. The app is also password protected, with the option of deactivating access to your mobile device through Mint’s website. All this, and more, is for free too. If you’re keen to keep tabs on your spending but also find out ways you can reduce it, then give Mint a try.


Bills can pile up or be easily forgotten about which is why there’s a necessity for apps like BillTracker. The app allows you to keep up to date with all your bills and when they’re due for payment, alongside keeping all the amount totals in one place. You’ll be notified if you have any impending payments, plus having access to a helpful calendar to give you an insight into your billing schedule. The app is also passcode-protected.     


Who doesn’t love a bargain?! With SnipSnap, you’ll be able to take pictures of printed coupons from most retailers and then turn them into digital, mobile-ready version. You can also browse the app and see the coupons your friends have been using. A great way of making sure you get the best deals, SnipSnap is a good option for the keen shoppers among us.

You Need a Budget

You Need a Budget, or YNAB, is hugely popular at the moment. Based on the zero-based budgeting system, the app makes sure its users make a plan for every penny they earn. Initially free for 34 days, the app has an array of useful features, including the ability to connect bank accounts, set goals, contribute to savings, seek budgeting advice, and even attend free workshops.

NOTE: This article is aimed at US readers (UK readers will likely be unable to use some of these apps).