Node.js programmer salary worldwide and other attractive reasons to choose this position


Node.js was released in 2009 and has become a widely used open-source and cross-platform runtime environment for executing JavaScript code outside a web browser. Its primary function is to develop APIs for usage by client applications, such as mobile and online software. Node.js is great for developing instantaneous network apps that process large amounts of data. This, along with many advantages, is the reason why many potential employers and employees are interested in Node.js engineer salary scales.

Although it can be challenging to locate and recruit a qualified Node JS developer, it is possible with the appropriate approach and some planning. In this article, we will discuss what a Node.js developer is, tips for hiring a perfect developer, and the expected Node.js programmer salary.

Node.js- Why is it popular among developers and programmers?

As a result of its success in executing JavaScript code outside of a web browser, Node JS has attracted much attention. This open-source, cross-platform, high-performance, back-end runtime environment is used daily by software engineers worldwide in various projects. Hackerank’s CEO Vivek Ravishankar claims that, as of 2019, JavaScript has become the most used programming language. Similarly, Node JS developers have risen to prominence due to the growing number of businesses adopting the language to support JavaScript code. Node JS creates the core functionality of popular websites and services, including eBay, LinkedIn, Trello, and Netflix, making it a lucrative tool.

Benefits of Node.js

Simple and easy hosting

Consistent updates to the platform’s features and functionality help those that offer PaaS (platform-as-a-service) offerings keep their customers waiting periods to a minimum. This is one of the main draws of Node JS for web development among open-source software development companies.

Effortless sharing

One of the main reasons why so many web development firms prefer this Node JS framework over others is the bundled Node Package Manager (NPM). Node JS makes it easy to distribute data, accelerating the development process swiftly. For instance, many Node JS programmers use NPM to collaborate on projects by sharing code and other assets. Additionally, NPM enables simple code management and deployment.


Thanks to Node JS, businesses can save on the resources needed to host their web applications. Furthermore, the speed of this framework surpasses that of its competitors.

Real-time applications capability

Thanks to this framework, developers can make efficient, powerful programs in a short amount of time. The multitasking capabilities of Node JS-based programs are well-documented. Thanks to its single-threaded, event-driven architecture, it can handle multiple queries without demanding RAM.

Easy deployment of web apps

Since the Node JS framework facilitates rapid development and testing of all web application features, Node JS-based apps are simple to roll out. The framework is helpful for many PWA development companies because it expedites the release of completed web applications.


In web app development, SEO is essential because of the increased visibility that comes from using Node JS for the back-end rendering of websites. This takes place for search engine optimization for React projects. Node JS is often regarded as the best framework for boosting SEO due to its exceptional speed and performance.

Market overview of Node.js demand

Node.js’s popularity skyrocketed in 2022. Professionals with knowledge of Node.js are in high demand because of the platform’s popularity among developers. Node.js is used by many popular websites and services such as Netflix, NASA, Uber, Trello, PayPal, Twitter, and many more. According to StackOverflow’s 2022 Developer Survey, Node.js is the most widely used web framework among developers. Almost half of the sample opted for this option.

Node.js will remain popular among programmers in 2023 due to its many advantages and expanding popularity. Next year, Node.js technology utilization is predicted to grow by 4-7%, bringing it up to speed with other prominent JavaScript frameworks. Consequently, the salary of Node.js engineers has also increased.

Types of Node JS programmers

Choosing the right employment arrangement for your company and the position you’re trying to fill is crucial when hiring a Node.js developer.


Freelancers are perfect for short-term tasks and cost-conscious startups. Without following local labour restrictions, Node.js freelancers can help your business with platform migrations, product updates, and feature integration.

The open talent marketplace gives your firm access to an immense pool of global talent that you may not be able to hire full-time. Working with a Node.js freelancer allows you to cover business gaps on demand at a lower cost.

In-house developers

Long-term projects and post-launch support require an in-house Node.js engineer. As a full-time team member, you have a skilled Node.js developer on staff, saving your company time and money in hiring a technical expert for issues. In-house knowledge ensures that you have an IT specialist fully committed to the project and invested in your organization’s goals and vision rather than a short-term contractor. It is also the best employment model for entering new markets and building long-term business goals.


Another option is to hire a Node.js developer globally or locally through a third-party talent recruiter. Such services will outsource and handle all your staffing and compliance needs. It saves your firm time and money by eliminating the need to recruit, train, and pay talent.

Outsourcing lets organizations tap into a broad pool of qualified, experienced talent. While Hiring a Node.js developer, always choose a project-appropriate employment model.

Node.js engineer salary comparison also summarizes the annual Node.js developer average salary. Average developers in this field have between three and nine years of programming experience. However, full-stack Node.js developer salary is relatively high, significantly more due to their extensive expertise (that is why a full-stack Node.js developer’s salary is so high). Rate increases are warranted for this additional reason:

US-based- Experience Level Salary
Junior Developer $76,278 / £55,166
Full-Stack Developer $112,189 / £81,014
Senior Software Engineer $132,364 / £95,454
Junior Software Engineer $78,859 / £56,692
Frontend Developer $109,684 / £78,758
Back-end Developer $116,254 / £83,783

Hiring in low-cost countries cuts costs by half. Node.js developers are in high demand and strong competition. Understanding the Node.js engineer salary analytics will help you identify competent people and the ideal team for your project.

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