40 products or services that are worth the money

I’m often wary of RRP prices and whether items are worth the money. Who, for example, actually dictates what is a premium item or a budget item? Price tags are only justified around all budgets when you’re happy with your item on the day you buy it, and possibly even years later. This got me thinking… What are the most cherished items bought by some of the most clued up money bloggers in the UK? I’ve been finding out by asking them to let me know which two items they’ve purchased and found great value for money. One of the items must be a budget item that’s surpassed expectations and the other a premium price-tagged item that justified the cost.

I’ll kick off with a few examples myself of items I think are worth the money. I was always running out of tea spoons in the kitchen, and despite reviews being mixed a cheap set off Amazon has meant I’m no longer using serving spoons to serve my coffee. They wash fine in the dishwasher and make me smile at just £1.19 for 12. Also in the budget range was my PlusNet Unlimited Extra Fibre Broadband unlimited UK Mobile and Landline Calls, identical product to BT just packaged under the PlusNet name at a hugely discounted rate. When it comes to a premium price tag I greatly appreciate things that make my life easier, so despite being pricey the UppaBaby Cruz has been a great reliable buggy suiting our kid’s needs. The other premium spend has actually been our new home. The price was higher due to the area, but we saved for it because of the community feel and the fact we wanted the area and school for our little ones – well worth the money so far.

So what did the other UK Money Bloggers Say are worth the money they’ve paid?

Michelle from Time & Pence
Premium: Our caravan, although it wasn’t new and needed a bit of work has definitely been a luxury purchase that was worth every penny. It now actually saves us money on holidays and is like having a second home by the sea, we love it.

Budget: One of my best low-cost items is my face cream from Aldi. I used to spend a small fortune on moisturisers but now I use Aldi’s own and it does the same job as the expensive brands at a fraction of the cost.

Jodie from Tightwad Mama 
Premium: My partner has a Ralph Lauren 100% Oxford Cotton shirt. It cost £100 15 years ago. He wears it a lot and it’s still in almost exactly the same condition as when he bought it despite having various things spilt on it and going through the washing machine MANY times over the years. It’s a classic style that never goes out of fashion and much better value than a cheap £20 shirt that only lasts a few washes.

Budget: IKEA lolly moulds. They cost £2 and must have saved me £100s on buying the kids lollies over the years. 3 years on and they’re still going strong. Also, love that I can pick what’s going into them for the kids and even use them to sneak some fruit and veg into them when they’re feeling poorly.

What does Katy from KatyKicker.com think is worth the money?
Premium: My airfryer has been of great value. It has kept us away from the chip shop, saved us a fortune and it is healthy too.

Budget: Zoflora, usually selling for around £1, is my ultimate low-value item. I use it for just about everything and I make up my own solution in an old spray bottle!

Ken from The Humble Penny 
Premium: my Adidas running shoes, which after 3million steps is still going strong. Well worth the money.

Budget: My Electric car (Nissan Leaf Tekkna). Bought second hand.. top of the range etc. But the savings and joy have made it so worthwhile.

Cass from Frugal Family
Premium: item is a soup maker because we all know you can make soup easily enough without one but having it means that I make soup so much more often using up more leftover and reduced-price veg for cheap meals.

Budget: My cheap is my little mini car which I bought as a massive bargain and proves that a car doesn’t have to cost a fortune!

Pete from Household Money Saving,
Premium: My premium product is my Nest thermostat. I love being able to turn my heating and water on or off from my phone.
Budget: My cheap item is a little dehumidifier cushion I keep in my car. It sucks up all the moisture so I don’t have to spend ages demisting in the morning.

Emma AKA The Money Whisperer,
Premium: My premium product is my Shark vacuum. We have the cordless, flexible handle one. It changed my life. Every time I use it I thank a higher being that it came into my life. I now don’t hate cleaning, that’s how much I value it, whatever its price!
Budget: My low cost yet great item is my mini slow cooker. I use it more than my family sized one to make dishes for the kids – it makes plenty for 6 child-sized meals and takes up a tiny bit of space when I’m using it. Another thing I can’t be without but £ friendly!

Emily from A Thrifty Fox,
Premium: heated airer. It dries a whole load overnight and is way cheaper than a tumble drier. Sure, we could just hang stuff up around the house – but we don’t have space for that.

Budget: my wallet phone case. It cost £5 from Amazon, and means I don’t have to take a bag/wallet with me – just my phone and keys. And it’s super protective… I’ve dropped my phone more times than I can count.

Sam writes over at Money Nest,
Premium: I used to always purchase cheap shoes from ASOS which never lasted very long, so a couple of years ago I switched gears and started buying less but more expensive shoes. These have all saved me in the long term as I now replace heels when they wear down rather than replacing the entire shoe.

Budget: On the other hand, I purchased a cheapish smartphone (Lenovo P2) brand new for £199 and have been astounded by the quality of it – full five days of usage, fast browsing, a large memory and £801 cheaper than the latest iPhone!

Elle from Elle’s Feelgood Vintage says
Premium: My premium item worth the money would be our juicer. Use it every day and great way to get teenagers to eat fruit!

Budget: Cheap item would be our hand blender think I got it in Argos for £8 again use it several times a week for soups.

Jane AKA Lady Janey thinks,
Premium:  my Dyson hairdryer which I absolutely love!! Not exactly hush quiet as advertised but still much quieter than your standard hairdryer and it is SO much lighter and dries so much quicker!

Budget: My straighteners just £5 second hand but are just as good as GHD’s! Would be one thing that would take to a desert island- electricity permitting #hairheatfrizz

Joleisa from joleisa.com says,
Premium: My Air Ram cordless vacuum Although it cost a pretty penny at the outset, I love that I don’t have to be dragging it and the cord up the stairs. It’s lightweight too.

Budget: Mine would be my (no brand name) slow cooker. We bung whatever we want in it in the morning, and dinner is sorted without much attention to it.

Victoria from Lyliarose
Premium: Has to be my iPhone – costs a small fortune, but I couldn’t be without it! It’s my everything – my calendar, emails on the go, notebook, internet on the go, social media, I use it for work half the day. Definitely worth the money on the price tag.

Budget: Budget is my Nutri Ninja. I was considering a blender that was a few hundred but wanted one quickly so chose a Ninja. I’ve had it a few years and use it every single day. It’s still good as new and makes fruit and veg smoothies in an instant. It even chops nuts in one second flat!

Kara from Your Best Friend’s Guide to Cash says,
Premium: My biggest luxury is our cleaner who comes in every Friday. I know it sounds extravagant, but I did the sums: as a full-time freelancer, I can make more money in the two hours that the cleaner is at my house, than it costs me to pay her the £20. Plus, it frees up my weekends for family time, which is priceless really.

Budget: The best low-priced item has to be Poundland nail varnish. The brush is perfect (flat and wide), it dries really quickly, only requires two coats and lasts ages. Oh, and it’s only £1. Winner!

Lynn AKA Mrs Mummypenny says
Premium: ghd hair straighteners. They cost maybe £120..but 10 years later they are still going strong.

Budget: Cheap as chips my Aldi (Jo Malone dupe) candles. I love a candle. I light one most evenings and these last for ages and smell great. At just £3.99 way better value than all the other alternatives.

Martyna from MoneySavingGirl says,
Premium: Expensive but worth is my Apple Mac Book Pro as it lasts so much longer than any Windows laptop. ‘Budget: Cheap’ thing is my motorcycle as bought second hand and it saves me a tonne of money in a long run when going to work and anywhere else in London. Way cheaper and better than TFL or the trains.

Eileen from Your Money Sorted thinks,
Premium: Our Clearview wood burning stove was expensive, but has been well worth every penny! Our hearing goes off at 7pm every night, yet the stove keeps us all lovely and warm.

Budget: Since discovering that I can’t read the small print on anything now, my Poundland glasses have been amazing – great value for money.

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  1. I’m always happy to pay premium prices for quality products, but this shows that often there are some great, useful and CHEAP products out there. It’s about balance!

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