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How to properly insure your home contents with BuzzVault.

With the convenience of the internet we can quickly click and purchase financial products with very little hassle. This can be true of Home Contents Insurance,  car insurance, mortgages and even pensions via products like SIPPs. But with speed of application comes human error and more often than not, the products we buy are not actually fit for purpose. One financial product in particular that we often set up incorrectly is our home contents insurance products. That’s why products like BuzzVault (and their unique digital home insurance app) come in remarkably handy.

What is the BuzzVault home insurance App?

BuzzVault is the brainchild of CEO founder Becky Downing. Becky herself once arrived home to a house that had been ransacked and assumed that she was covered under her current insurance policy. However,  just like 70% of the population, she was underinsured and the insurers refused to pay out.

Becky had not kept the receipts of the items she had insured and had little or no physical record of what the items looked like, including model numbers to help ascertain value. This could happened to most people in rented and owned accommodation which is why having accurate student insurance, flat insurance and general home contents insurance is so important.

How to accurately value home contents using BuzzVault and limit your risk?

To understand how BuzzVault works we must first realise that with most insurers customers either have to answer over-complicated questions or simply guess at the value of items. Customers estimating the value of their possessions when considering their home contents insurance will likely assume a value due to missing receipts or personal opinion on the value of an item.

Because the insurers don’t realistically know upfront exactly what they’re covering, there’s no way of knowing if the true value is covered until you need to make a claim. At this point it is usually too late. All too often policies are completely mismatched with the needs of the customer who believes they are insured against all eventualities. This represents poor value for money in a financial product, a horrible customer experience and ultimately lots of wasted time.

This is where BuzzVault comes in. It is one of the only home insurance products that lets you use modern video technology to quickly and easily document and assign value to the things you want covered. This can be particularly helpful in the case of jewellery insurance, artwork insurance and cover for items to be carried outside of the home.

BuzzVault offers truly bespoke and tailored insurance policies. Offering award-winning InsurTech and fully regulated by the FCA, those wanting to look for accurate home insurance cover should read on and then visit BuzzVault’s website today for the free home insurance quote.

buzzvault home contents insurance

How does BuzzVault use video technology to ensure valid cover of valuable home contents items?

They use short video interviews via their BuzzVault app to ensure that any cover is fit for purpose. This is a simple, cheap and efficient way of reducing risk for them and also reducing the price for you. As part of the quote and setup procedure you can choose to pay in either monthly or annual payments for the home insurance products. There are also no administration fees to make changes and no cancellation fees should you leave.

It’s remarkably quick. A quote via the service can take as little as 60 seconds. By carefully matching your cover to your needs, you end up with a cheaper insurance based on what you actually own. No longer will your jewellery insurance or furniture insurance be based on a guessed value. This in turn lends itself to a quick and easy claims process. A stark contrast to the overpriced, generic cover from other insurance products and their long, uncertain claims processes.

Once you’re up and running with a BuzzVault insurance product, any potential claims are dealt with smoothly. This is because you will not need to provide evidence of what you’re claiming for unless it is valued over £5,000. The short 15 minute video survey you do (with an accredited surveyor) is treated as proof of ownership. Hence smoother, faster claims via their 24/7 UK-based claims service.

What is covered in a BuzzVault Buildings and Contents insurance product?

For Buildings Insurance Cover (up to £750,000):

  • Theft and vandalism
  • Fire and explosion
  • Falling objects
  • Burst pipes and water leaks
  • Weather events and naturally occurring disasters
  • Subsidence

For Contents Insurance Cover (based on what’s owned):

  • Theft and vandalism
  • Fire and explosion
  • Burst pipes and water leaks
  • Weather events and naturally occurring disasters
  • Can also include bicycle insurance, jewellery insurance, and gadget cover for items away from home.

How to get a quick, cheap home insurance comparison quote for free today?

  1. Get your FREE 60 second quote here.
  2. Arrange your video survey for your items via the app within 28 days of your policy start. The survey takes 15 minutes only.
  3. BuzzVault will then provide you with specific list items insurance cover in the form of a personalised digital inventory. This inventory is flexible and can adapt on an ongoing basis.
  4. Sit back and relax, knowing that your home insurance product is perfectly matched to your needs and is not likely to have a claim turned down if the worst should happen. Safe and secure!

BuzzVault is an excellent concept, ideal for people with flexible insurance needs. Those looking for student insurance while away at university will find it essential because in a world where personal belongings and tech are moving back and forth between homes regularly, you can update your digital inventory with ease.

How do I contact BuzzVault?

For complaints, claims and information:

Tel: 020 3318 4408

Email: hello@gobuzzvault.com

Write: buzzvault Limited, 10-11 Archer Street, London W1D 7AZ

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