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Unleash Affordable Adventure at ROARR! with an Annual Pass (Win Prizes)

Growing up in Norfolk my parents always tried their best to allow my brother and I to experience as many attraction and tourism options that our lovely part of the country had to offer. And now, as a father of two energetic boys, ages 8 and 10, I’m constantly seeking affordable family activities to allow my children to be able to experience the same. That’s why we were thrilled when a break in the very British rain gave way to glorious sunshine and the chance to venture out to see what the ROARR!, the UK’s largest dinosaur-themed adventure park, had in store.

Exploring ROARR! in Any Weather

From the moment we arrived, it was clear that ROARR! had something for everyone in the family. The park is beautifully landscaped. Well-established and thoughtful planting of the site also means there’s suitable screening and canopy cover for protection from most “average” UK weather.

PHOTO: Plenty of the activities in the park had clear labelling and rules to help work out what the kids could do based on their heights.

With a range of activities and attractions that cater to all ages and interests, my boys were immediately drawn to Dippy’s Splash Zone where kids were already braving the elements and having a whale of a time. My youngest then spotted the Predator High Ropes course, where he challenged himself to conquer his fears and soar through the air. A great, supportive, well-thought-out system of staff was in place to help nurture those less confident and keep the attraction safe and moving along. Meanwhile, I was impressed by the thoughtful design of the park, with ample covered areas and weather-resistant activities that made our visit enjoyable despite the earlier downpour.

The site, based near Lenwade in Norfolk, is reasonably exposed, so you’ll most likely want to visit on a day with decent weather. That being said, as mentioned earlier, there’s a huge range of covered areas too with indoor live shows from Dippy and Friends (aimed at pre-school/nursery/KS1), the Dinomite indoor play area and an array of covered activities such as the Secret Animal Garden.

We went along for our visit after a morning of heavy rain and the park drained and dried out quickly except the Jurassic Putt which was rather water-logged – but this made it even more fun and hilarious as we fished golf balls out of puddles and holes!

One of the standout features of ROARR! is the Dinomite indoor play area, which on rainier days would provide a welcome respite from the elements. The kids had a blast exploring the massive soft play structure, while I enjoyed the opportunity to relax and recharge with a reasonably priced coffee (£3.50 for a large Americano) and snack from the on-site cafe. The menu offered a range of affordable options, including a delightful kids’ 5-piece lunch box plus drink for just £5.75, with a 10% discount for annual pass holders (which I’ll explain the perks of more in a moment).

General food costs weren’t too bad! The cost of a coffee was a reasonable £2.95 for a regular and £3.50 for a large Americano and most hot food options did not exceed £4.95. Even with these options, there is ample picnic space, both covered and open for those families choosing to pack a frugal homemade picnic or lunch for the day. Re-entry to the park is free if your hand is stamped, so leaving food in the car until needed saves carrying it around too.

The Kids’ selection mix (mentioned earlier) in the cafe located in Dinomite, allows kids to make up a little 6-item lunch box (including a drink) and includes a range of sandwiches, jellies/yoghurts, fruits, crisps and sweet treats alongside water, squash or milk for only £5.75. Annual pass holders get an additional 10% off these costs. In fact, the most expensive food item we spotted in the park was 9 pieces of Scampi for £6.25 from the Nautilus Fish & Chip outlet – so decent prices really for 2024, and that’s before you even apply discounts.

Discovering Dinosaur Treasures

As we continued our adventure, we stumbled upon the new Top Trumps trail. Now ROARR! has always had some kind of collectible trail where children can collect stamps hidden throughout the park in order to collect a medal when they exit the park, but the Top Trumps addition is new. The boys eagerly went off in search of the hidden dinosaur facts in the hopes of collecting a unique Top Trump card as a reward.

The Top Trumps trail is part of a new endeavour where ROARR! have teamed up with Winning Moves, a games company we’re a great fan of. Children have to collect the Top Trump stats that are located around the park and can then get an exclusive card that is only available from the gift shop once the facts are found. You can buy the full deck of ROARR! Top Trumps in the gift shop too – and get 10% off the £7.99 cost as a perk of being an annual pass holder. This interactive activity not only kept my two boys engaged, but also provided another element to our day and its value. And, as you’ll know, we’re all about value for money here at Savvy Dad HQ, which is why we want to mention the ROARR! Annual Pass option…

The Cost-Effective ROARR! Annual Pass & Discounts

As we explored ROARR! more fully, I couldn’t help but start to calculate the savings and discounts on offer to those who have an Annual Pass. With unlimited entry for 12 months, the pass quickly pays for itself, especially for a family like ours that loves something active and cost-effective. The pass also provides a range of additional benefits, including discounts on food, drinks, and merchandise, as well as access to special events and promotions throughout the year.

To work out If you would benefit from getting an Annual Pass when visiting ROARR! Dinosaur Adventure Park, we can compare the cost of admission without the pass to the cost of the annual pass (this is based on a generic 2 adult, 2 child family).

Admission Costs without Annual Pass:
– 2 Adults: £23.95 x 2 = £47.90
– 2 Children (over 90cm): £23.95 x 2 = £47.90
Total: £95.80

Annual Pass Costs:
– 2 Adults: £79.95 x 2 = £159.90
– 2 Children (over 90cm): £79.95 x 2 = £159.90
– Total: £319.80

The annual pass very quickly becomes cost-effective if the example family above visits the park more than 3 times per year.

For example, if the family visits 5 times per year, the total cost without the annual pass would be £95.80 x 5 = £479.00, which is significantly more than the £319.80 cost of the ROARR! Annual Pass for the family. Over £150 cheaper!

> Readers looking to buy a ROARR! Annual Pass can do so via this link <<

Unlocking Endless Possibilities

But wait! The savings get better still with an Annual Pass from ROARR! The Park’s Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Grandparents Day offers allow visitors to bring an extra adult for free, effectively cutting the cost of visits in half. The great news is Annual Pass holders qualify for this offer too and even though these events are aimed at celebrations like Mother’s Day, they’re not restricted and simply state the extra entry is free – so it can be a friend, child over 90cm, or partner. It’s another cost-effective way for a husband, wife, or partner to attend 3 times a year for free alongside their loved one. This is perfect for some families who might only need one adult annual pass, for example, if one parent works away or can’t attend as regularly, or if they’re visiting mainly as lone adults with children. This is ideal for me as a single parent, enabling me to bring a friend or partner on at least three occasions for free alongside.

There’s a huge host of other discounts and reasons why a ROARR! Annual Pass might be a great investment to consider if you’re living nearby or likely to visit ROARR! more than 3 times in a year:

  • Unlimited park entry for 12 months
  • No advance booking is required (except busy periods and special events)
  • 10% discounts on gifts, food, and drink
  • Access to special events and promotions (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparents Day)
  • Discounts on partner attractions (Dinos at Night, PrimEvil, Applewood Countryside Park, Watatunga Wildlife Reserve, Bug Parc, Jimmy’s Farm, Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre)
  • Quarterly newsletter and exclusive offers

But the real value of the ROARR! annual pass lies in the sheer variety of activities and experiences it unlocks. From the adrenaline-fuelled Predator High Ropes to watching the serene animals in the Secret Animal Garden, there’s always something new to discover. And with the park’s commitment to sustainability that we noticed while there, including a 0% landfill policy, I can feel good about the environmental impact of our visits.

A Winning Adventure with ROARR! Top Trumps

The ROARR! Dinosaur Adventure Park is a true Norfolk gem, offering a world of excitement and exploration for families of all ages. With its diverse range of activities, weather-considered design, and exceptional value through the annual pass program, it’s no wonder that ROARR! has become a must-visit destination for families like mine. So why not unleash your own unlimited adventure and discover the magic of a ROARR! Annual Pass when planning your family adventures in 2024?

As we made our way back to the car, the kids were already planning our next trip to ROARR!, and were eager to find out more about the Top Trumps packs and uncover more dinosaur secrets.

To celebrate these fabulous card packs (again 10% off for Annual Pass holders in the gift shop!), ROARR! are kindly offering our readers the opportunity to have a ROARR-some day and win 1 of 3 packs of ROARR! Top Trumps. All readers have to do is engage with the competition widget below in order to stand a chance of winning. Winners will be randomly selected and contacted after the closing date of April 30th 2024 and their details passed on to ROARR! for their prizes to be dispatched.


ROARR! Top Trumps Giveaway (Win 1 of 3 sets of ROARR! Dinosaur Top Trumps)

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  1. Jed Harper says:

    I am definitely going to look into the family pass as it seems to be good value!

  2. JANET EMPSON says:

    think this is too far to take grandson but looks good

  3. Tracey Hopkins says:

    My Children are all grown up and flown the nest but it looks like a really great day out for a young family. I had never heard of ROARR but would definitely recommend to young families to look into.

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