What is a Salary Sacrifice Car Scheme?

Over the past few years, the UK has seen a significant shift towards more environmentally friendly transportation options. Electric vehicles (EVs) are important for reducing carbon emissions and fighting climate change. They are a promising solution in this effort.

However, the adoption of EVs faces several challenges, including their initial high cost compared to traditional vehicles. Salary sacrifice car schemes allow employees and employers to easily adopt electric vehicles, providing a savvy option for both parties.

We’ll aim in this article to look at the mechanics of salary sacrifice car schemes. This will include their benefits and how they are driving EV adoption in the UK. We’ll also focus (as I’m a fan) on the role of Octopus Energy products in this ecosystem.

How Do Salary Sacrifice Car Schemes Work?

Salary sacrifice car schemes are an innovative approach to vehicle leasing. They allow employees of a company to give up a portion of their “pre-tax” salary in exchange for a new car. This arrangement provides employees with a cost-effective way to access new vehicles (including EVs).

A salary sacrifice car scheme also offers significant tax savings, as the amount sacrificed is deducted from the gross salary before tax and National Insurance contributions are calculated. For employers, these schemes can enhance their benefits package, aiding in employee retention and attraction.

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What are the benefits of a salary sacrifice car lease?

We’ve always been a fan of ownership over leasing in Savvy Dad HQ, but brand-new EV and hybrid costs are out of reach for most and the second-hand EV market isn’t the most reliable as yet. One of the main draws of salary sacrifice schemes is the financial advantages for both parties.

Employees can access better vehicles than they might afford on their own, including electric and hybrid models. Sacrifice lease schemes can also potentially lead to savings on income tax and National Insurance contributions. This is especially the case when choosing low-emission vehicles.

Employers, on the other hand, can use these schemes to boost their employer brand and support their environmental goals.

It is, however, important to carefully consider whether eligibility criteria apply. This could include employment terms and the financial implications of the salary reduction. It’s also important to understand the potential disadvantages, such as the inflexibility of the lease agreement or monthly payment.

Are there electric vehicle salary sacrifice schemes?

In short, Yes! There’s a whole bunch of EV startups and providers getting involved. For example, we often discuss, here at Savvy Dad, the perks of being an Octopus Energy customer. Well, now their EV tariff gives effectively FREE charging and they’ve even launched the OctopusEV site for full package options on cars, charging and tariffs.

The UK’s push towards net-zero emissions has spotlighted how electric vehicles can be made more accessible as an option via salary sacrifice schemes. Offering EVs as part of these schemes boosts environmental ideals, provides tax advantages and lowers running costs for employees. Electric vehicles, known for their efficiency and lower CO2 emissions, are becoming increasingly popular in these schemes, with models like the BMW iX3, Nissan Leaf, and Kia EV6 among the favourites for many fleets.

What are the benefits of a salary sacrifice electric car or hybrid?

Choosing an EV through a salary sacrifice electric car scheme not only reduces an individual’s carbon footprint but also offers financial savings on fuel and maintenance. It’s a huge generalisation, but electric vehicles typically have fewer moving parts than their combustion-based counterparts. This can result in lower servicing maintenance costs, upkeep and peace of mind.

The UK government also has favourable taxation policies for low-emission vehicles to further push the sale appeal of EVs in these schemes. Some energy suppliers also offer incentives to those moving to an electric vehicle scheme.

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How Octopus Energy products support electric vehicle adoption

Octopus Energy, a champion of renewable energy, offers specialised tariffs and products designed to complement electric vehicle ownership (like the Octopus Energy EV Power Pack Tariff). Their 100% renewable energy plans and innovative tariffs, such as those offering cheaper rates during off-peak hours, are perfect for EV owners looking to charge their vehicles cost-effectively and sustainably. But it doesn’t stop there, Octopus has a whole host of benefits for those choosing their electric car lease scheme via a company or employer:

Octopus Energy’s packages include:

  • Brand New EV: Employees can access a wide selection of the most popular electric vehicles. This ensures they can find a model that suits their needs and preferences.
  • At-Home Charging Package: Recognising that convenient charging is crucial for EV owners, a free home charger with standard installation is included. For those who take an eligible Octopus Energy tariff, up to 4,000 miles worth of EV charge is also included.
  • On-the-Road Charging Package: For employees who cannot charge at home, Octopus Energy offers an alternative. They provide up to 4,000 miles worth of EV charge in public charging credit through the Electroverse network.
  • Inclusive Insurance, Servicing, and Maintenance: The monthly payment also covers fully comprehensive insurance, routine servicing, and maintenance repairs. This means that employees can enjoy the benefits of driving an electric vehicle without worrying about unexpected costs or the hassle of arranging these services themselves.
  • Inclusive AA Breakdown Cover: Finally, in the unlikely event of a breakdown, employees are covered via AA membership.

Advantages of combining salary sacrifice schemes with electric vehicles and renewable energy

The positive link between salary sacrifice schemes, electric vehicles, and renewable energy is undeniable. This combination not only supports a greener future (battery production impact aside), but also offers a practical, savvy solution for reducing costs and emissions. Employers that adopt these schemes can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, potentially attracting environmentally conscious employees and customers. After all, these days a fair and transparent employer is more important than ever!

So, is an electric car lease salary sacrifice a good option for many?

Well, the journey towards a more sustainable one is helped by innovative solutions like salary sacrifice car schemes. These schemes are not just a win-win for employees and employers alike, but they also represent a significant stride towards making electric vehicles (EVs) more accessible and affordable for families. As always, it’s worth weighing up the differences between traditional car ownership, the secondhand markets and general changes in running costs, but for many the peace of mind and “control” over outlay is attractive.

By leveraging such savvy options, we can all contribute to reducing carbon emissions and combatting climate change, one electric vehicle at a time. Whether you’re an employer looking to enhance your benefits package and support your environmental goals, or an employee dreaming of driving a brand-new EV, salary sacrifice schemes offer a golden opportunity to do so in a cost-effective manner.

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