Norwich Parking and Car Parks: Affordable & Convenient Options

When planning your visit to Norwich, understanding the Norwich parking landscape is key to a stress-free experience. This article provides information on individual car parks in Norwich, while considering affordability and convenience, including free parking in Norwich options. Whether you’re in the fine city for shopping, leisure, or business, knowing where to park in Norwich can significantly save you time and money.

Chantry Place

Chantry Place is a central hub for parking in Norwich centre, offering over 1,000 car park spaces. This multi-storey car park is ideal for those looking to shop at nearby stores or visit attractions like Norwich Cathedral. With live parking Norwich updates signposted on most illuminated signs as you enter the city, you can easily check space availability. The Chantry Place car park is also a great option for cheap parking in Norwich, with rates starting at £1.65 for up to an hour. It also has a flat £3 evening rate from 3pm onwards.

The Chantry Place parking systems were recently upgraded to ANPR technology meaning there’s no need to mess around with tickets, just visit the pay machines on your exit to pay with your car reg. Alternatively, we’ve noticed that when the machines are heavily queued up by people trying to remember their car registration numbers, you can still drive to the barriers without visiting the pay machines and simply use a contactless card to transact at the barrier.

Castle Quarter

The Castle Quarter car parks are a stone’s throw away from the city’s shopping district, providing parking in what used to be known as The Castle Mall. It’s a convenient choice for those seeking Norwich city centre parking and is literally underneath the historic Norwich Castle, making it one of the most strategic spots for parking spaces Norwich has to offer.

Open 7 am to midnight, evening visitors can benefit from the Castle Quarter evening rate of £2 after 6pm. There is, however, no overnight parking Norwich rate in this car park. It’s also important to note that Castle Quarter is split into two different car parks, and both entrances are within around 150m of each other. There’s exclusive 24 hours parking access for members of Pure Gym located in the facilities. For £15.99 per month, members get not only gym membership but also 2 hours free parking making this a potentially savvy investment if you’re in the city regularly.

St Andrew’s

St Andrew’s car park is another excellent option for parking in Norwich, especially for those attending events at the nearby Halls, the cobbled streets of Elm Hill, or exploring the Tombland area. It’s one of the car parks in Norwich city centre that offers a substantial number of spaces and is perfect for all day parking in Norwich. The car park also provides a competitive rate for seekers of the cheapest car park Norwich has to offer for longer stays. For example, after appearing more expensive for short stays than other car parks in the city, St Andrew’s suddenly drops in rate for those staying longer than 6 hours. As the evening rate from 6:30pm is just £3.20, this can be stacked with the max day rate of £10.80 to give 24 hour parking, in the city centre, at just £14.


Riverside car park, conveniently located adjacent to the Riverside Entertainment Complex and Norwich train station, is an excellent choice for commuters and train users seeking car parking in Norwich city centre. For those using Norwich railway station, the car park offers a special rate for rail users: up to 24 hours of parking for £12.00, with a validated rate of £11.00 if the ticket is obtained between 04:30 and 18:00. This makes Riverside an attractive option for long stay parking Norwich, especially for those who require parking for multiple days, with subsequent 24-hour periods charged at £20.00 each.

While it is not a free parking facility, Riverside car park provides a cost-effective and convenient solution for those using the Riverside Entertainment Complex. This is because visitors can benefit from reduced parking fees when they validate their parking at participating amenities such as the Odeon cinema, Gravity Trampoline Park, Hollywood Bowl and PureGym. This added perk makes it an even more appealing option for those planning to enjoy the entertainment offerings and restaurants located along the riverside and looking for cheap parking Norwich options.

Norwich Train Station

For those traveling by train, Norwich Train Station parking is essential. For those looking to park directly at Norwich City Train Station, the forecourt offers 95 parking spaces with various tariffs to accommodate different times and needs. The off-peak rate, starting from 10 am, is priced at £12.00, while the peak rate, which begins early at 4 am, is £13.00. For weekend and bank holiday travelers, a reduced rate of £7.00 is available on Saturdays, Sundays, and bank holidays. Those planning to park overnight can take advantage of the night rate from 16:00 to 04:00 at £7.50. For regular commuters or visitors planning an extended stay, a 1-week pass is offered at £55.00, providing a convenient option for long-term parking at Norwich City Train Station – just beware the limited number of spaces means availability varies.

The Forum

The Forum, a cultural and events venue, is easily accessible from other carparks in our Norwich map of locations such as St Andrew’s or Chantry Place. However,  The Forum also provides its’ own convenient parking for anyone visiting Norwich Marketplace, The Millenium Library, Norwich Theatre Royal and the Chapelfield Gardens area. for its array of events and exhibitions.

The Forum car park in Norwich operates from 7 am to midnight, with a flat rate of £2.20 per hour and then £3 for entry after 5:30 pm until closing. It’s worth noting that overnight parking is not available, and there is a £30 penalty charge for cars left after the car park is locked at midnight. For electric vehicle drivers, The Forum offers 4 EV charging points on Level -2, with a charging rate of 45p/kWh.

John Lewis Norwich Car Park

The John Lewis Norwich car park is a prime choice for those seeking convenient parking spaces Norwich right in the heart of the city’s bustling shopping district. With 650 spaces available, it’s directly connected to the John Lewis store, offering a ‘shopper tariff’ for those who make in-store purchases, which can lead to reduced parking fees. Additionally, visitors can enjoy complimentary parking if they enter the car park after 5 pm on Thursdays, making it an attractive option for late-night shoppers. 

We intend that this guide to Norwich car parks allows visitors to confidently navigate the fine city’s parking facilities. By reading about and comparing the options, we hope they’ll find the most suitable and cost-effective parking options for their needs. The following additional Q&A frequently asked questions will hopefully help to add more context for those seeking more specifics related to parking in Norwich.
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Where can I find affordable and convenient parking options in Norwich?

Norwich offers several key carparks catering to different needs. Locations like Chantry Place, Castle Quarter, and St Andrew’s provide secure parking in the city center, while Riverside and St. Stephens offer proximity to leisure facilities and shopping areas. Here’s a brief summary of them:

Chantry Place Car Park
– Location: Norwich city centre
– Features: Over 1,000 spaces, ideal for shopping and visiting attractions like Norwich Cathedral
– Rates: Starting at £1.65 for up to an hour, with a flat £3 evening rate from 3 pm onwards.

Castle Quarter Car Parks
– Location: Near the shopping district and underneath Norwich Castle
– Features: Split into two car parks, offering an evening rate of £2 after 6 pm
– Exclusive Benefit: Pure Gym members enjoy 24-hour parking access for £15.99 per month.

St Andrew’s Car Park
– Location: Ideal for events at The Halls and exploring Elm Hill
– Features: Competitive rates for longer stays, with an evening rate of just £3.20 from 6:30 pm.

Riverside Car Park
– Location: Adjacent to Riverside Entertainment Complex and Norwich train station
– Features: Special rate for rail users at £12.00 for up to 24 hours, with reduced fees when validating parking at select amenities.

Norwich Train Station Forecourt
– Location: Directly at Norwich City Train Station
– Rates: Off-peak rate of £12.00, peak rate of £13.00, weekend rate of £7.00, and night rate of £7.50 from 16:00 to 04:00.

The Forum Car Park
– Location: Adjacent to The Forum cultural venue
– Features: Flat rate of £2.20 per hour, with a special evening entry rate of £3 after 5:30 pm until closing; offers EV charging points on Level -2.

John Lewis Norwich Car Park
– Location: Connected to John Lewis store in the shopping district
– Features: ‘Shopper tariff’ for in-store purchases, complimentary parking after 5 pm on Thursdays.

Are there any free parking options in Norwich?

While free parking options are limited within the city center, visitors can explore validated parking opportunities at leisure facilities like cinemas and gyms. Additionally, park and ride services offer cost-effective alternatives for those looking to save on parking fees. For entirely FREE parking options in Norwich, there are plenty of options for free parking within the Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) that offer 2 hours of free parking on the road – just be aware of the time limits and not parking in permit bays or Car Club bays. Sundays are usually outside of restriction times, whereas weekdays and Saturdays are controlled.

For those who are extra savvy and willing to walk about 10 minutes, there are roads on the outskirts of the CPZ where parking is completely free. One such location is the roads around Britannia Rd, which offers free parking and a downhill saunter into the city past the cathedral.

For those looking to park outside the CPZ and walk in for free parking, the City Council provides a downloadable PDF map that allows visitors to work out the best roads to try. Once you’ve located your favourite spot, you can use the saved funds towards something else and get some healthy exercise.

There’s also YourParkingSpace and JustPark, services that offer various parking options in Norwich starting from £0.70/hr and £3.94/day respectively.

PHOTO: The above image will take readers to a search page for bookable cheap alternatives to the main carparks in Norwich.

Q: Where can I find information for Norwich Parking that is live?

There are a number of websites that suggest they offer live parking updates such as Parking Canary, Scenic Norfolk and HowManySpaces.com – It’s important to realise that not all these websites reliably pass on accurate live parking data as they pull through public data that doesn’t always refresh correctly. As a result, the most reliable way to know the live parking is to check the numerous digital parking signs as you enter the city that show parking availability.

Which carparks are close to popular attractions in Norwich?

Chantry Place is near Norwich Castle and Norwich Market, Castle Quarter provides easy access to Chapelfield Shopping Centre, and St Andrew’s is ideal for exploring St Andrew’s Hall and Tombland. Riverside offers proximity to the Riverside Entertainment Complex, while John Lewis car park is conveniently located near John Lewis department store and Norwich Market.

What are the parking rates at these car parks?

Rates vary depending on the car park and duration of stay. For example, Chantry Place offers rates starting at £1.65 for up to an hour, while St Andrew’s provides daytime charges starting at £2 .20for up to an hour. For the full rates (at the time of writing), please see the table below. Hopefully, this will help you to work out the cheapest parking option for you in Norwich that guarantees a space.

0-1 hour 1-2 hours 2-3 hours 3-4 hours 4-6 hours 6-8 hours Over 8 hours Evening Tariff
Chantry Place £1.65 £3.30 £4.95 £6.60 £9.90 £17.50 £24 £3.40 from 3pm
Castle Quarter £1.65 £3.30 £4.95 £6.60 £9.90 £17.50 £24 £2 from 6pm
St. Andrews £2.20 £4.30 £6.50 £8.60 £9.70 £10.80 £14 inclusive of overnight. £3.20 from 6:30pm
Riverside £2 £2 £3 £4 £5 £20 £20 £20
John Lewis £2 £3.50 £4.80 £6.30 £12.50 £20 £24 Reduced shoppers tariff from 5pm Thursdays


Which Norwich Parking areas have EV Charging points for Electric Cars?

In Norwich, savvy electric vehicle (EV) drivers can find public EV charging points at several locations. Norwich City Council, along with other providers have installed public EV charge points at:

  • The Forum Car Park (4 x EVCP) at £0.45khr
  • Chantry Place Electric EV Charging: This location partnered with Zest to allow £0.50kwh charging at car park level -2.
  • Rose Lane multi-storey car park: This location offers 6 charge points with a 7kW fast charge. Parking fees apply, and users should check the website for the current tariff.
  • UEA Enterprise Centre car park: There are 2 charge points available here, offering a 50kW rapid charge. There is a maximum stay of 2 hours, and no parking fee is required.

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For those looking for additional EV charging options, the following streets will soon have on-street EV charging points installed:

  • Grove Road (4 x EVCP)
  • Telegraph Lane East (4 x EVCP)
  • Onley Street (1 x EVCP)
  • Hobart Square (1 x EVCP)
  • St Leonards Road (1 x EVCP)
  • Hall Road (1 x EVCP)
  • Gridserve (On the outskirts of Norwich)

To find out more about the location and technical specifications of all EV charge points in the Norwich area, drivers are encouraged to refer to online resources such as Zap-Map, CarWow, or other EV ChargePoint directories.

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