How to Start Affiliate Marketing on Youtube to Make Money

Video content has become extremely popular in recent times. Since humans are visual creatures, they are drawn to anything visual. Videos provide the perfect opportunity to reach out to people. YouTube has emerged as the most promising for affiliate marketers, so there are many considering how to start affiliate marketing on Youtube videos to make money.

The reason why YouTube is the perfect platform is that it is the king of video. The fact that more than a billion hours of content is watched every day by over 2 billion viewers from across the globe sums up its significance. 

This guide to making money with YouTube affiliate marketing will help you get started in no time. Let’s get started.

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How to Start Affiliate Marketing on Youtube and Understand What It Is?

Now, you must be wondering how people spending so much time watching videos can translate into profits for those handling the camera. It is important that you understand the difference between the YouTube Partnership Program and YouTube affiliate marketing. 

To join the partnership program, you require a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 valid public watch hours during the last 12 months. Since it can take a long time to reach such a level of popularity, it is a good idea to start out with YouTube affiliate marketing. 

Even the small guys get to make money with the business model. There is no denying that YouTube is the most profitable platform for affiliate marketers. For instance, James Charles earns about $20 million a year from the channel. 

On the other hand, Lawrence Systems is a great example. The channel covers computers, open-source, IT business, and other topics. Starting out in 2014, it has garnered a subscribership of almost 200,000. The channel easily makes $2,500 a month

Although the difference in earnings might seem considerable, it all comes down to effort and consistency. Setting an attainable goal is crucial. You might find the YouTuber lifestyle to be rather daunting. However, it can be exciting once you get the hang of it.

How Do You Make Money with YouTube?

Just like this website uses Amazon Affiliate links, Having a YouTube channel can either act as a supplement for your affiliate marketing blog, or it can even act as the main selling platform. Here is how you can become a YouTube affiliate marketer. Knowing how to start affiliate marketing on Youtube to make money is an easy thing to learn.

  1. Create a Google Account: The first thing that you need to do is create a YouTube account. It is essential for starting your channel.
  2. Create YouTube Channel: Next, you have to create your channel by heading over to settings and clicking “create a custom channel.”
  3. Customize Your YouTube Channel: To entice viewers to hit “Subscribe,” you need to customize your YouTube channel. Upload a relevant profile picture, add a cover photo, and craft the perfect bio.
  • Find Your Niche

Once you know your basics, you need to dive deeper. If you already have a blog, you might be focused on your niche. However, if you do not have a niche, it is about time that you found it to include relevant affiliate links.

Pick a lucrative vertical to stay relevant and ensure that money flows. For example, loads of streamers are developing followers during the recent uptrend for content involving investment in meme stocks and home fitness and yoga during lockdowns and isolation. It is important that you register for an affiliate program if you are not already registered with one or two. You can look up the best YouTube affiliate marketing programs for 2021 to get started right. 

When finding your niche and selecting an affiliate marketing program, you need to think about your passions. It will enable you to create attractive content. 

Otherwise, your disinterest would show in the videos, or you would simply be unable to come up with something interesting.

Whether you are into tech or fashion, take advantage of your interests to register for the right affiliate marketing programs. It will help ensure that you do not pursue something you regret later on and end up having to start again.

  • Make Quality YouTube Videos

Once you have gone over the above, you need to know that quality YouTube videos count. It is the only way to keep followers around and new viewers coming. Eventually, they would be convinced to make a purchase from your recommendations. 

Only when you show viewers what they want to see would you get to make the right impression. Amateur YouTubers have a bit of a learning curve that they need to overcome. 

  • Watch Others to Learn

To put things into perspective, you must watch others with an objective to learn. You also need to know which type of YouTube affiliate marketing video to create to start promoting products or services.

Some of the most popular video types include list videos, unboxing videos, reviews, best of videos, and how-to videos. There are plenty of videos in similar formats that you can watch to get inspired. 

If you feel overwhelmed, you can go through the top YouTube affiliate marketers and learn from them. Watch their videos, take notes, and find out what works for you. You can also subscribe to your best picks to stay in the know.

Even if you do not have anything new in mind just yet, you can always give the videos a twist to start earning. 

  • Make a Plan when learning How to Start Affiliate Marketing on Youtube to Make Money

After you have an idea about which type of video interests you, it would be time to make a plan. The secret to an amazing YouTube video that allows you to make money lies in planning. A proper plan will help ensure that everything single detail is covered in the video.

The plan should be written and reviewed so that nothing is missed. Moreover, when you craft a plan for your next YouTube video, it allows you to brainstorm and come up with new ideas. Grab a cup of coffee and get to work. It is bound to be fruitful.

To avoid sounding like a robot, you require a script. It will enable you to be enthusiastic about the video as you would get to plan out every bit of it. There is no need to ramble on. It will only bore viewers and decrease conversions.

Being natural and concise is the name of the game. The structure will help you make money as people will be more likely to turn to you whenever in need of advice. 

However, you might be able to make videos without an outline when talking about things that you are passionate about. 

  • Get the Right Equipment

New YouTube affiliate marketers need to keep in mind that videos should not be like an ad. You will require professional equipment for filming the videos. 

When filming yourself reviewing products, you require a professional camera or the latest smartphone and good lighting. Besides this, you also need editing software to create the perfect video for making money.  

There might be a camera lying around at home. It is not necessary to purchase the latest video gear to get started. People do watch poor-quality videos. However, video quality influences how viewers perceive what you have to say.

A well-lit area will help improve the quality of the video. You should always record in the highest resolution to ensure that incredible videos are captured. 

How to Start Affiliate Marketing on Youtube to Make Money

  • Capture Steady Image

A stable picture is important for YouTube affiliate marketers as it ensures that viewers pay attention. 

Only certain YouTubers do not care about video stability while recording. However, you will need to focus on capturing a steady image if you want viewers to take the desired action.

A tripod will come in handy. It will allow you to record a steady video on the go. You must make sure that the camera is securely attached so that it does not fall off while you make videos.

 A selfie stick might also be a great option if you are making videos using your smartphone. 

If you do not want to purchase a tripod, you can still record videos as long as you place the camera in a secure place. However, a tripod allows you to record in more places.   

  • Allocate a Small Studio Space

Finally, it is important to find a small studio space for filming your videos. It will allow you to get creative. Set up your technical equipment and maintain consistency by filming videos in the allocated space. 

If you are running a software development company, you can also use the same space as a studio.  To determine the best sport for your filming, you should take your camera and review different spots. 

Make sure that the background is tidy and fun to look at. You do have the option to blur out the boring background. However, it is best to have an interesting background.

Where To Put the Affiliate Links in YouTube?

After you know how to get started, you will need to know where to put the affiliate links. Place the affiliate links in a clickable and easy-to-find spot. 

The links should be included in the video description and be visible. You can also share a link to your blog where viewers can access all the links. 

Start Your YouTube Affiliate Marketing Channel 

YouTube is a lucrative platform for affiliate marketers. Our guide will help you make money with affiliate marketing in no time. You should bookmark it so that you can use it whenever you feel lost. 

The time to start a YouTube affiliate marketing channel is now. Therefore, it is vital that you put in the effort to make money. It will allow you to supplement your blog and take your work to the next level.   

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