How to choose lottery odds that work for you.

How to choose lottery odds that are right for you using LottoLand.

I can remember clearly the National Lottery’s first airing on UK tv. Chris Tarrant, now the face of Lottoland, was hosting and almost everybody in the UK must have bought a ticket. Over the years, it’s TV popularity might have waned, but millions still flock to buy tickets. For some they’re a regular expense. For others, an occasional hopeful fling at special times of the year.


My family tend to buy tickets at Christmas, and for birthdays – kind of as lucky gestures. Oddly enough from the ten or so lottery tickets I’ve bought, three have won a tenner! Now the UK lottery has adapted to offer a number of different lotteries to bet on, each with their own winning odds and terms. This is great in the sense you can start to shape and adapt your winning odds.


Now, there’s a huge range of lotteries around the globe. All with different  odds, different pot sizes and different features. Imagine i you could access these lotteries in your own country? You’d then be able to pick the game type and odds best for you; as well as cherry-picking rollovers when they’re available.

Well, LottoLand is an online site that makes this virtually a reality! It allow access to lottery betting.

How to cherry pick at best rollovers and odds.

Users on the Lottoland site can bet on the “outcome” of many of the lotteries around the world. This means you can access those offers, like the US mega lottery “Powerball” from the UK – something you usually couldn’t do. Incidentally, the US Powerball had a 1 billion jackpot earlier this year!


This works because you’re not actually buying a physical lottery ticket for those lotteries. You’re “virtually” betting on the outcome of them. Lottoland matches the style and approach, along with the values of these draws exactly. In fact, in some cases their prize pots are better!


Add in the fact you can actively get notifications of rollovers, it makes the world of lotteries more interesting again. It also means, if you chose to have an occasional punt at certain times of the year, that you could chose the system with the ticket price, odds and prize pot that suited your needs most.

Use Lottoland responsibly to your additional income to your advantage.

I’m a big fan of “speculate to accumulate” as a life motto, but within a budget. Lottoland is gambling, but I budget in a high risk, high potential activity into my finances every month – whether this is a lottery ticket, savings investment, or an investment in myself for self-betterment. 10% of whatever I get from “additional” income, matched betting  profits and frugal money hacks goes into potential life-changing opportunities – like a lottery draw. Set a budget, choose your odds, and consider Lottoland as a more savvy and flexible alternative to the main ticketed UK draws.

By teaming up with Lottoland, I was able to browse the many lotteries and draws open for betting including the Irish Lottery, Euromillions and the Amazon US mega draw – Powerball. 

Their website was easy to register with, easy to browse, and had well thought out navigation making it easy to pick out what I was after. I also liked the fact the hosted scratchcard and mini games in a separate section to the main draws.

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