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Matched Betting Blog: How to get started with tax free money making

My Matched Betting Blog: How to get started earning tax-free cash swiftly.

You’ve seen my Matched Betting Blog or other side-hustle sites showing how it’s possible to make hundreds, even thousands of pounds. Maybe you want to dive into this easy money-making activity as quickly as you can. Well here’s what you’ll need to consider…

My Matched Betting Blog: Start the right way.

The first things you’ll need are pretty simple, but you need to get them right, as the process of matched betting is simpler if you have everything in place ready to go; less chance of getting lost. With these things in place though, it really is an easy way to access extra revenue, tax-free, alongside other jobs and side hustles.

My Matched Betting Blog: How to get started earning tax-free cash quickly.

To get into the Matched Betting business you’ll need:

  • To be at least 18 (minimum UK online age for bookmaker and exchange accounts).
  • To be A UK resident – whilst it is possible to access betting if you’re not native, it’s very complicated.
  • A Bank Account with an associated debit card – whilst PayPal is an option a bank account “just” for Matched Betting is a great idea. The main reason is you can keep track more clearly in a visual way of what you’re making, whereas using your normal standard account is more muddled. The main reason however to have a separate account is to aid credit files as when making applications for things like mortgages, for example, nobody likes to see lots of bookmaker transactions.
  • Proof of identity and address – think utility bills, passport, driver’s license. A great idea is to can them (securely) so you have them to use whenever you need them. Traditionally they’re asked for some bigger wins and payouts.
  • Around £100-300 to get started. Whilst Around £50 will get you started, you can do multiple offers or better odds with a larger budget to “lay” or “match” any given offer bet.


My Matched Betting Blog: Useful resources for speed of profit.

There are plenty of free resources and forums out there. Money Saving Expert (MSE) and HotUKDeals (HUKD) have good forums but they’re quite busy for newbies to the concept. The Money Shed is a great forum for Matched Betting too. However, to really understand it from the beginning and be supported in working at your own pace you’ll be best suited to trying out the dedicated Matched Betting sites that exist.

I have two particular favourites both with their own tools, tips and offers. Profit Accumulator and MatchedBets.com

Both offer the chance to dip your toes into the water and see if it’s for you. It honestly is simple as a concept. The barrier to making money in larger amounts is the time you have to plan and place the bets, if you have the time, or are very organised then the sky’s the limit.


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