Orla Kiely Clearance Bags – Where to find Orla Kiely sale items.

Over the last few months, there have been more and more people turning to their internet search engines to seek out a bargain on Orla Kiely clearance bags, Orla Kiely curtains, and general OrlaKiely materials. But why the sudden upturn in searches and why are people suddenly interested in nabbing Orla Kiely products online?

This article sets out some of the best places to seek out Orla Kiely clearance bargains and save money if purchasing the famous designer’s wares.

Who is Orla Kiely?

Orla Kiely is a fashion designer of Irish origin based in London. Orla Kiely has become famous for designing lines of hats, prints and most recently Orla Kiely Bags. She studied at the Royal College of Art and eventually set up her own design business. She then moved into prints and installations and ranges for brands like Barker & Stonehouse

Her designs have been featured on everything from her famous Brita Water Bottles to Passenger Bus Decals. Whilst she developed her range of stores turning over millions, the profits were never strong. This meant the company actively looked to build sales partnerships; John Lewis, for example, is a key Orla Kiely partner.

Where to source the designer brand online.

Low profits have meant that Orla Kiely has chosen to pull their trading and sell only through partners and online resellers. This explains why savvy shoppers have started to turn to their favourite search engine to seek out Orla Kiely sale bargains.

The best places to start looking for Orla Kiely clearance bags and sale bargains are the resellers.

Temptation Gifts often list up to 50% off Orla Kiely in their clearance lines.

House of Fraser and BrandAlley, also have frequent line sales. House of Fraser, in particular, has a good selection of Orla Kiely bed linen.

In the East of England, Jarrolds has a concession of Orla Kiely bedding and Oral Kiely cushions. They also stock the homeware and accessories lines at the time of writing.

While searching online, why not look into grabbing cashback via sites like MyMoneyPocket, Boom25, or the other Cashback sites.

OrlaKiely Luggage, Bags and More…

Amazon has a strong lineup up over around 2000 Orla Kiely items including bags and Orla Kiely luggage, homeware and accessories. You can see a few examples in the items below…

Of all the items that Orla Kiely has in their portfolio to carry their prints, the bags seem the most popular. Orla Kiely bags not only carry the designer’s famous prints but are also reviewed well on sites like Amazon for durability. This is a useful piece of information if you’re considering buying Orla Kiely Luggage. There’s nothing worse than a beautiful product that falls apart when you use it. Thankfully, reviews suggest these and sturdy and worth the cost.

orla kiely luggage

NOTE: OrlaKiely ceased trading as an independent entity in September 2019. However OrlaKiely items are still available via resellers.



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