Savvy Review: Magical Personalised Kids Books

Personalised kids books

We tested out these lovely illustrated stories last year for Christmas presents and they were a great hit. They’re not the cheapest personalised kids books in the world, but then when we look at getting things for the best price we also have to consider the quality of the items or service we’re getting and these personalised kids books are amazingly good quality.
You’ll have the option of a few different stories. These, like most personalised kids books, can be personalised with a child’s name. In addition these can also have their friends’ names, your address and even include photos of your home from above via the geo-location using google maps; really great stuff.
Personalised items are never going to be the cheapest, particularly personalised kids books. We feel that they can sometimes be a cop-out gift too, I mean how many photo mugs can one person have? But these compare very well in terms of uniqueness and price to the many items on offer at places like notonthehighstreet and gettingpersonal

Back to the personalised kids books and the story choices. One option is the original launch title by the company entitled “The Little Boy/Girl Who Lost Their Name”, this magical narrative slowly introduces the letters from the child’s name in a playful and memorable way, making the book a joy and treasured keepsake. I cannot recommend the illustration quality enough, it’s simply stunning and the thoughtful layouts work to great effect.

The second option for stories is “The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home”. Now for Little Savvy, who’s nuts about anything space related this was a hit from the start. What’s not to like about an illustrated version of yourself flying through the cosmos, exploring worlds and encountering friendly aliens, before zooming down to earth and flying past imagery of your very own home in photo form?
Both options are genuinely well thought out and enthralling. The adults in the Savvy household have a background in primary teaching and we believe certain books jump out as magical classics such as “We’re going on a Bear Hunt” and “The Gruffalo“. Well, this these titles are just as engrossing and well planned, true gems to treasure and revisit.
Okay now the cost. The default price these come in at is £19.99 with free delivery. But with a little wangling signing in via our link should give you the option of an extra 15% off your first order.
Savvy Dad link : Order or view deal HERE
PLUS: It may or may not stack, but the code UPTO25 may give an additional 25% off at the checkout point
Once you’ve ordered you can also get extra free books by referring just 3 friends, currently a peronsalised alphabet book.
On a final note, we just wanted to say that the print quality and weight of paper in the illustrated masterpieces is really high. Well done to the whole of the lostmyname team who created this marvel.
Savvy Dad x

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