How to make free money from your receipts


Try Shopprize: Have a load of receipts from recent glitches and savvy shopping hanging around? Turn them into free Amazon gift credit (ANY receipt, from ANY store works). Although they can’t be from years ago, this tip will help sort and clear out those old receipts that are left in drawers, pockets and car doors.

1. Install the ShopPrize App (Android only), we’ve set up a link for 200 bonus coins to start: http://goo.gl/rd4VdS Use the code mfi7a if prompted.
2. Snap every receipt (worth 100 coins each)
3. Use coins to enter prize draws OR snap 75 to auto cash out in paypal or Amazon giftcards (our recommendation)
4. Most users cashout earnings within a week if they snap all receipts.
5. This is VERY low effort and actually helps you keep on top of destroying and filing your receipts as you go…

Even better when shopping at Asda and using the APG Asda Price Guarantee.

TIP: This is great for womblers, pick up those littering receipts and cash in 😉 It also works really well in combination with APG shopping using the Asda Price Guarantee, you really should check out how to use this system to make the most of your money. Note, that another worthy app is receipthog, but Shopprize seems quicker and more reliable from our tests. I’ll be updating this app in the early months of 2017 with a full list of savvy money saving apps or posting them as tips to my facebook followers.

The other thing to mention about the app is you’ll get free bonuses just for checking in daily with the app. Even if you don’t upload a receipt on a given day, just launch the app to get your bonus. This bonus maxes out at 125 points, or coins, for free each day. The maximum amount of free coins remains as a bonus every day unless you miss a day; in which case it will reset to 5 coins and you’ll need to build the bonus up again.

Works out £5 free every couple of weeks.

If you want to save more on supermarket costs, read our tips on almost halving the cost of fresh meat. Or to make money, rather than just save it try my matched betting blog article and see how I easily made a guaranteed profit.

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