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Asda Price Guarantee – How can I save money at Asda?

UPDATE August 2022: Whilst ASDA price guarantee no longer exists, this article still has some useful tips on how to save money at ASDA and we hope to bring updated information on saving money at Asda with the Asda Rewards app.

Asda Price Guarantee – How can I save money at Asda?

When it comes to great-sounding money-saving offers from the supermarkets, like the Asda Price Guarantee, nothing bugs me more than a shopper expecting it to save them money without effort. I’ve spoken to shoppers in stores who believe they’re saving big money, but their trolley contents are doing the complete opposite of what they expect. Here’s how to properly use the Asda Price Guarantee, something the store is hoping you won’t do. So, how can I save money at Asda, other than the Asda Saving Card?

To save money, and I mean £10-£20 on a large £80 shop, you need to first look at how to use my Asda price guarantee trick. For reference, the Asda Price Guarantee says that you’ll never pay more for a branded product, even on offer, than a competing supermarket. If the item would be cheaper elsewhere, or even the same price, Asda guarantee to give you a voucher for 10% extra off.

Simple so far right? Well, the nature of most of our shopping habits means that we still like bargains. So even if we’ve added some items we know are cheaper at say Tesco, we’ll likely still add some “special offers” that seem cheap in Asda too while there. This is where it all falls down. The money you’re saving on the products “cheaper” in Asda, take away from the Asda Price Guarantee voucher value you’d get for the items “cheaper elsewhere”. It works over the value of your WHOLE branded shop.

This in reality means that you can literally be giving the supermarkets money you don’t need to. But don’t worry here’s how to do a comparison shop properly and some savvy tricks and tips to get more for your money on ingredients for the best family recipes.

How can I save money at Asda

It’s also worth looking into some of my other supermarket money saving offers such as Waitrose Pick Your Own Offers, using Tesco Food Love Stories, Supermarket wine deals, Saving on items in the John Lewis sale and where to find coupons to save on your supermarket shop.

Use MySuperMarket to assist a Asda Price Guarantee plan and save money at Asda

MySuperMarket is an excellent online tool for researching prices (make sure to use a reliable VPN like VeePN when shopping online, particularly while not on your home wifi). It’s not always correct, in fact price comparisons on there are only ever as good as the price collection methods used. But, as a rule of thumb, it’s a good place to start. Basically, all supermarkets collect their prices at set periods and these are fed into the MySuperMarket system. All supermarkets work differently, for example Morrisons collect their prices by hand still, which means there’s potential human errors on price recording for the asda price check. Sometimes the person recording the prices might not even pick up on a price change too.

The collected prices give you a tool for “comparing” what an item costs and displays them as a compared chart.

In one browser window with Asda, and another with MySuperMarket. Have your shopping list of items needed and use the MySuperMarket site to find the supermarket where items are cheaper; this is the store your “targeting against”.

Now, the store you’re targeting isn’t going to be cheapest for everything on your shopping list, so you need to do multiple shops. This is not as annoying as it sounds, in the supermarket it just means dividing your trolley in half and popped items cheaper at Tesco in one half and those cheaper at Sainsbury’s in the other. If you don’t do this you’ll nullify the savings made in the Asda price check.

This is the important part, you’re now going to add those items from your cheapest store into your Asda basket at FULL PRICE. This is because you now know that you’ve planned your shop and the Asda Price Guarantee will kick in to give you not only the cheap price you targeted at the other store, but 10% extra because of the Asda Price Guarantee.

How can I save money at Asda? How the supermarkets try to avoid paying out

Retailers and manufacturers have a little bit of a hustle going here. If you look at some weights of items, or quantities in multipacks, you’ll start o notice something a little off. Yes, supermarkets specifically ask manufacturers to supply them with unique pack quantities; almost as is they don’t want to payout on an Asda price check. So in one supermarket you’ll find a branded 8-pack of fizzy drink, in the another it will be a 6-pack, another one a 10-pack, and so on. This means as is by magic the supermarkets don’t need to pay out as you cannot compare different quantities and weights. It is a conspiracy? I wonder, but it is certainly something to look out for when doing a comparison shop and using the Asda price guarantee trick.

Consumer Power: Play the system yourself with the Asda Price Guarantee Trick

To max your savings you need to get crafty yourself. Now the Asda Price Guarantee only compares up to 10 of one type of item. This can work in the shoppers favour as you can save big on glitching the system. This works because the Asda Price Guarantee cannot cope with offers elsewhere that have more than 10 items. Most commonly I’ve used this on mix and match offers like baby food jars or Muller yogurts – Which, by the way, can all be frozen using reusable freezer bags to make them last longer. Here’s a photo example from last year…

Say Waitrose have an offer for 10 Hipp Baby food jars for x amount of money. Well if Asda stock them in a “12 for x amount” type offer you can get 11 of one “flavour” + one other with with Asda (and pay the offer price). But the Asda Price Guarantee will only see 10 jars of “one flavour” at full price and NOT a multibuy offer. Therefore it can’t match the Waitrose price and pays out. This means you get the Asda offer price AND an Asda Price Guarantee voucher. The computer can’t cope and it works in our favour to the extent where you can almost eat for free.

Side Note: Why not play the supermarkets at their own game? You can often use reward schemes from supermarkets (like the New Nectar rewards scheme and Tesco Clubcard Plus ) in combination with supermarket sales dates and 25 off wine deals to net some great savings.

Asda Price Guarantee Trick and Wombling

While in the Asda car park keep your eye out for dropped receipts as you can input the Asda Price Guarantee code and possible cash in on other people’s dropped rubbish. This technique is called wombling. It basically means extracting any value from unwanted receipts and it can be used with apps like Shoprize, Shopmium App and other cashback apps too which get you free money from receipts. You can also combine it with the top wine deals. Check out my How to get 25% off supermarket wine deals

Careful of offer “end dates”

Multi-buys and offers can end at strange times. So, if you’re planning a targeting APG shop, don’t let your planned list sit around too long. Offers and prices will change and mess up your discounts. Also remember to qualify for comparisons, you need at least 8 comparable items in your trolley… single loose veg are the way to go 😉

Also if you don’t have an Asda nearby, check out my guide on making the most of the Waitrose PYO prices with my clever tips. You can also look more into the differences and similarities of the top price comparison schemes in my Tesco Brand Guarantee versus Asda Price Guarantee article.



  1. Thanks for this. I completetly messed this up when I tried it the first time. But once I actually read it properly it worked. I’m amazed.

  2. Jane Hill says:

    Just been asda fosse park Leicester over charges twice !! pk 4 wispa price £1 charged £1.50 – wine gums pk of 4 price £1 charged£ 1.55 how many other goods are not priced checked !!!!

    1. Believe it or not this can be a good thing. Asda’s policy is a refund for overcharged amounts “plus” a giftcard for each item overcharged. Often SELs (Shelf Edge Labels) are slow in some stores to be updated.

  3. It can work out very well at times – even more if you do your shopping online.
    With online shopping ASDA compare the items ordered, not what is delivered.
    Recently, I ordered goods to the value of £96 at ASDA.
    With the comparable goods at Tesco, I received a voucher for £26.
    When delivered there were a few items missing and I actually paid ASDA £52.
    The items delivered would have been £45* at Tesco^.
    I still received vouchers for £26.

    As savvydad says, beware of different pack sizes etc. – but also do’t be afraid to argue/complain or point out errors.
    Please be respectful (the people you are dealing with are not the ones who made the original error) and you will get quicker/proper answers.
    On the above shop ASDA did not compare two bottles of Washing Up liquid.
    On their website it showed the size as 615ml. Tesco showed it at 625ml.
    I sent an e-mail pointing out the error and received a further £1 (it may only have been £1, but better in my pocket than theirs).

    *In this value, I have used the ASDA price of goods not compared or, if the pack sizes were different, the relative price. Tesco were the cheapest of the supermarkets compared.

    1. Some great points, HD (home deliveries) and CC (Click n collect) can be great for eeking out extra pounds and pence. Be aware that some Asda stores operate on different price schemes – some charge price at time of ordering, others and time of “picking”. Means you can no longer cherry pick items on clearance to get better discounts at stores on the newer system.

  4. Hi Again – more info on APG – this time not good.
    After advising ASDA of a couple of incorrectly compared/non-compared items, I have now been told it is mysupermarkets fault (where they get the info from) and I need to take it up with them!

    I was thinking of contacting trading standards rather than mysupermarket, but I don’t want to mess it up for other people. Looks my first success in my previous post may be my last. I (and you) will have to be very careful in future.

    1. Who’s at fault is a debatable point, but you’d hope that as it was misleading the customer they’d refund any difference or apologise.

      1. I would highly recommend doing research – but be prepared for the unexplained, incompetence and the ignorance of basic maths. (i.e. don’t rely on it 100%)
        If you continue reading, following are 3 of many examples in my 4 months of home shopping:

        In a previous post I said about a description of washing up liquid, but ASDA (and mysupermarket) have still not changed the titles on their website, still showing 615ml (and therefore not comparing with Tesco).
        Morrisons title the product as being 625ml, but mysupermarket compare it, and so do ASDA. Proctor and Gambol stopped producing 615ml bottles in February (this info is ‘from the horses mouth’).

        ASDA snax are not compared to Tesco chipz on mysupermarket. Asda did on my purchase yesterday. Fair enough they should be, but many other items that should be aren’t and vice versa.

        A 60g pack of ASDA wild rocket was compared to a 70g pack of Morrisons. When I was at school 70 was not within 10% of 60 or vice versa. I did point this out to ASDA and was pleased they seemed to have worked this out – not comparing it on my following order. They have on the next 3.

        I have emailed asking if they employed proof readers and/or people to check things and if so could I have a job – the reply thanked me for my interest and I should look on their website for any opportunities. It would appear they don’t even seem to know what sarcasm is. In an earlier post I asked people to be respectful when complaining, but I don’t think they know what that means either – vouchers from July/early August for £40 have still to added to my account despite numerous calls and emails, including some to the CEO.

        Good luck everyone.

  5. Smartgirl says:

    Instead of spending your vouchers on your next shop, use them to top up an asda Christmas savings card, then in Nov you get an extra 4%interest in top of your vouchers. All free money. What’s not to like ?

    1. Interesting… Can you use APG vouchers for this purpose? Great if you can.

      1. Smartgirl says:

        Not exactly. But use them for the shop and put the savings on the card. Almost the Same really.

  6. I have found that when buying SPIRITS ON OFFER to pay for them separately to the main shop, this greatly increases your chance of a voucher.

    1. You’re exactly right. Sometimes it feels like you’re retraining yourself to ignore special offers as you know they’ll damage your APG shop. Common way around this is to use the basket section at the front of a trolley for those offers, spirits, unplanned items that may impact your profit 😉

  7. John Davies says:

    it can work provided the till printer is ok ,otherwise it is impossible to read the numbers

  8. Sue Smith says:

    With regards to online shopping, beware of getting items that are not available in the store as Asda then accuse you of abusing the system. How do you know the item is unavailable when the picker is picking your order I do not know.

    1. It’s interesting because I’ve been to stores where there’s actually stock on the shelves but the pickers couldn’t find them. Either way, as a customer you have no real way of knowing when stock is to be replenished – If staff spoke to me in that tone I’d be straight onto Customer Services (bypass the management), if you need to ask to use the Customer Service desk to phone customer services there and then to complain.

  9. I’ve noticed that reduced items are now included in the price guarantee.

    1. ooh, interesting! What kinds of results have you had and is it particular items?

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