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Muscle Food – How to get cheap meat for frugal meal planning.

Muscle Food – How to get cheap meat for frugal meal planning

I’m a huge fan, as regular readers will know, of getting value for money. But, I’m even more pleased with myself when I get a product of service that is cheap AND incredibly high quality. For that reason I wanted to write an article about Muscle Food.

When it comes to meal planning, we usually work in the Savvy household on buying our meats monthly. We then to at buying general groceries weekly and fresh, perishable items as needed. Having been a vegetarian in my teens I know how much less expensive vegetables when bought correctly are than meats. However, now in my thirties, I have returned to carnivorous status and found the answer to truly good value meat-based mealtimes.

Muscle Food is the answer. They’re a mail order internet company specializing in protein supply, i.e meat. Their target audience varies from body builders looking to gain lean muscle, to health conscious individuals looking for top quality meat for a good price.

Musclefood Ltd

So what is Muscle Food and how will it save me money?

With Muscle Food you can buy restaurant quality meat with Taste Award accreditation for a fraction of supermarket prices. With the vast amount of meats supplied to supermarkets you’ll find a certain amount of things added. In some cases you’ll find unwanted fat not removed. Often the cuts in supermarkets contain large amounts of  water . This water means the weight of meat you’re buying isn’t truthful. The water will vanish in cooking and you’ll be left with a sorry excuse for fillet if cooking chicken.

Muscle Food is the answer. The meats they use is butcher cut quality with no excess fat (this is tested using proper lab tests). It contains NO added water. So unlike those supermarket cuts they drastically won’t shrink while cooking. I could really taste the difference in texture when I bought chicken fillets in bulk from them. Superb taste alone. But what really convinced me was the cost. The meats are far cheaper than the supermarkets and a treat with my savvy slow cooker recipes; especially the slow cook chilli con carne.

How does Muscle Food compare to supermarket prices?

Well, first of all Muscle Food often have special offers on for new customers which are really great value for money. But even without these offers the standard prices they have win hands down. Now, as I use them mainly for chicken fillets I’ll compare the prices for those in this comparison.

At the time of writing this article, Muscle Food have an offer for buying 2.5kg of chicken fillets for £19. This also included an extra 2.5kg of free chicken fillets, making a total of 5kg for just £19! The fillets are usually around 2 times the size of supermarket cuts. You do have to factor in that the minimum order value is £25, so you’ll need to buy something else, but the fresh prices stack up like this:

Muscle Food also have regular “New Customer Offers” which can be found here, some are better than others. But even the worse offers are still great value!

Muscle Food (on offer or with code) From £3.80 per KG!

Tesco £5.55 per KG

Aldi/Lidl £5.59 per KG

Asda, Morrisons, £6 per KG

Muscle Food (when not on offer) £7.60 per KG

Sainsbury’s £8 per KG

Waitrose, Ocado £11 per KG

All MuscleFood meat is freshly delivered in chilled boxing on your chosen date and can be divided and frozen, or used as you need. We use the mince and chicken fillet deals the most, but there’s a huge range to chose from. I really cannot recommend MuscleFood highly enough. It’s also a great way of getting healthy slimming meat for diets such as slimming world, or just for a healthy lifestyle.

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