What can a player do in World of Warcraft

WoW is one of the projects that always has something to offer players in terms of activity and replacement of traditional pumping and quests. Some of the activities are aimed at extracting resources, but the process of collecting and receiving is often liked by players more than even the result itself, so there is always a group of players who are exclusively engaged in auxiliary activities and main content.

Gathering resources

This is a series of activities and activities that are aimed at ensuring that the player receives a large number of various resources that will be useful in mastering professions, or help earn additional gold.

You can always move away from the concept of mining resources and move on to fully purchasing them to complete your key tasks.

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Among these activities are:

  • Collection of herbs
  • Hunting
  • Skinning
  • Fishing
  • Mining

Collection of herbs

You can go to any location with active vegetation and associated soil to find herbs and plants there, which will have a special colour, which means they are available for collection.

All materials obtained will be useful for learning alchemy and first aid, or for sale to related artisans.


Hunting should be understood as the attack and extermination of all kinds of animals and monsters that can bring you a profitable reward with a certain chance.

As a drop, you can get meat for cooking, potential skins that can be skinned with the appropriate profession, get gold, and random materials. Periodically, even items of equipment and weapons will fall to you – if you are lucky.


Skinning is a type of activity that is preparatory for working with leather and a starting profession for the production of leather armor for representatives of the dexterity attribute – archers, daggers, and so on.

You will need a special carving knife, which is purchased in any major city for representatives of both factions.

You will be skinning and converting them into leather for future leatherworking jobs, or simply selling all the accumulated resources to merchants and artisans.


Fishing is a great source of leisure, short trips, and extraction of resources and reagents in World of Warcraft.

Firstly, this is an excellent source for exploring new locations, or rather lakes for fishing, since each individual lake has its own type of fish, which you will have to recognize and understand its value.

Secondly, it is a source of resource generation. Fish is a consumable and one of the cooking options, and special fish that are not edible can be used to grind into reagents and used, or sold to inscribers and alchemists.

Thirdly, it is leisure. Just take a break from the bustle of the game and sit with a fishing rod with the potential to sell resources and earn gold just for doing what you love.

It is worth remembering that the relaxation from fishing works only for you, and your hero is still vulnerable to attacks from aggressive monsters and representatives of the enemy faction.


Mining closes the list of gathering professions and types of activities aimed at collecting resources for the subsequent implementation of crafting professions.

You will need a pickaxe, which, like a carving knife, is purchased from the appropriate NPC in any major city for representatives of both factions.

Explore the map and find special pickaxe marks that indicate the location of ore deposits that can be mined and converted into steel to implement the blacksmith profession and produce tools, or sell them to the appropriate artisans for crafting.

Periodically, you will also come across gems that are cut by jewelers to give them additional characteristics for each class.

For example, through gems, warriors can increase their armor penetration parameter and significantly increase their attacks in PVP. Therefore, these are extremely valuable resources that you can keep for yourself for the development of jewelry, or sell to jewelry and precious stone craftsmen.


You can secure a stable supply of resources by mastering a related profession and purposefully engage in crafting, leaving other pursuits in the background.

This approach will help you get a stable gold income, which will grow in accordance with the improvement of skills and investment in game characteristics, which affect the chance of success and the production of a better item than previously planned.

  • Blacksmith craft
  • Jewelry
  • Leatherworking
  • Tailoring
  • Inscription

Blacksmith craft

One of the most fundamental professions, which fully provides all characters with heavy armor, steel weapons – sword, dagger, mace, and so on.

The blacksmith mounts sockets in weapons and armor and allows the master jewelers to insert gems with amplifying characteristics into them, depending on the class and choice.

Blacksmiths create tools for themselves and other trades that increase efficiency when working with materials.


Jewelcrafting is a complex profession for working with jewelry, precious stones, cages for taming elementals.

Jewelry is the most important type of item that protects players from the effects of magic and negative effects. The higher the skills of the jeweler, the more additional characteristics in addition to magical protection you will receive.

Gems allow the Jeweler to be useful to any class that wants to buff their most promising skill with a specific stat.

The last argument in choosing a profession will be the prospect of creating special cages that will allow you to catch and release a captured elemental at the right time to fight on the side of the summoner for a certain period.

Elementals are powerful magical creatures that deal high magic damage depending on the element they belong to.


Working with leather allows craftsmen to create high-quality equipment for archers, daggers, and other representatives of the attributes of dexterity.

You will process leather and create light equipment, leather helmets.

The profession is often chosen by those players who themselves wear such equipment, or understand that there will always be a lot of dodgers on the server, as well as magicians.


Sewing magical armor by processing various fabrics and materials into thread is the task of the tailor. This profession does not require any skills and all resources are obtained in battle from various monsters.

In addition to magic armor for mages and healers, you will also produce rag bags that significantly expand the character’s inventory and give him more potential for farming and grinding due to increased carrying capacity.


Working with reagents and creating special scrolls – recipes for the production of various valuable equipment.

Scribe Masters can design and create various staves – magical offensive weapons with increased attack parameters for pro casts of varying degrees of difficulty. This type of weapon can be used by combat mages and representatives of the support classes – priests.

Reagents for the profession can be obtained, including by catching fish.

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