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What is the best washing machine to buy in 2020?

The nation has seen a huge upturn in the amount of washing, cleaning and drying that our home appliances are being subjected to. Now, more than ever, it’s even more important to make sure the washing machine you have in your home is the best for your needs. It’s important that it is efficient and economical to run. It must be a great value for money and a washing machine the has good reviews. The washing machine must be available at the best price possible using deals, sales and coupons codes to make it affordable. It must be built to last and not break down; guarantees and warranties are important.

It can also be tricky to move away from established household names in the UK washing machine market.

It’s also vitally important to see a washing machine as an investment. With this in mind going straight to the budget option is not always the best plan for the long term. In fact, I’ve frequently written about the importance of considering if a premium value item is worth its price tag.

So, with all those factors in mind. What is the best washing machine to buy in 2020?

What is the best washing machine to buy in 2020?

Let’s get started by laying out the two best deals on washing machines that I can find in a mid-budget range. With each of these washing machine reviews and recommendations I’ll try to address the following:

  • Cost overall.
  • Best place to buy (inc. warranties/guarantees where possible).
  • Efficiency and ratings.
  • Main features, pros and cons.
  • Overall opinion and value.

Samsung AddWash WW80K5410WW/EU Washing Machine (Mid Budget)

£369 from John Lewis with a 2-year warranty and 3 years extended option for free.

The Samsung AddWash support an 8kg load and boasts an incredibly impressive A+++ energy rating. Combine this with a 1400rpm spin cycle and the “AddWash” door feature and you have a fab machine. The AddWash door allows you to place additional washing into the machine during the wash. This, in turn, means you’ll save on additional washes for forgotten and missed items of clothing. The additional door also allows you to place in extra detergent or fabric softener during a cycle.

The real bonus of this door, however, is the ability to make your wash-type flexible. The AddWash door on the Samsung means you can pop in handwash items during the rinse cycle. No need for a separate wash! Rest assured that the Addwash door features a child lock too for safety. Ratings for the Samsung AddWash WW80K5410WW/EU Washing Machine a favourable across most review sites and often a firm 5 out of 5.

The Samsung Addwash is one of the best washing machines around today and also boasts the following features:

  • Samsung ecobubble technology for energy saving.
  • An LED Display to keep things clear and easy to manage.
  • Eco Drum Clean for self-cleaning
  • 15 Minute Quick Wash functionSamsung Addwash best washing machine

Haier Hatrium HW100 B14636 10Kg A+++

£349 from Amazon (usually around £399) with a lifetime guarantee for some parts.

This machine has been on the market properly since early 2018 but remains one of the best. Haier is an unfamiliar brand to most in the UK but is actually one of the biggest companies in the world. Available from Amazon for £349, this 10kg Haier Hatrium washing machine is ideally suited to a large family home. It’s also unfeasibly quiet when it comes to both the wash cycles and the spin cycle.

The HW100 B14636 has a variety of settings and washes that can be adjusted. The “Daily wash” setting is the best and lasts around an hour depending on the speed and temperature settings you choose. The Hatrium also features an express 15-minute wash.

Key features:

  • 10kg drum capacity.
  • A+++ energy rating.
  • 1400rpm spin cycle.
  • 16 wash programmes.
  • Very quiet spin cycle and quiet beeps on completion.
  • Looks modern, sleek and clean.

Check out the Which best washing machine reviews for a washing machine to buy in 2020?

Another great place to seek out the best washing machine reviews in the UK is Which. The Which website has a huge selection of over 300 of the best washing machine reviews to peruse. The only downside of Which is their reviews are “members only” meaning you’ll need to sign up for their website for a trial membership at £1 per month (£9.75 per month thereafter).

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