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meerkat movies code

How to use a Meerkat Movies Code to see films for just £2.48

Remember the days of accessing films on the cheap with a friend via “Orange Wednesdays”? Well, despite the mobile operator, Orange, pulling the offer shortly after a merger with T-Mobile to become EE, offers still exist. These offers exist in two forms. Either obtaining a Meerkat Movies code or accessing free preview screenings via companies like showfilmfirst. For a few years, I’d use free screening codes to access films, but these became trickier to get reliably and were not always for films I would usually want to see. In Norwich, where I am based, a standard cinema ticket for an adult can cost up to £15 for a 2d viewing. Using a meerkat movies code, you can slice this in two by sharing the cost of 2-4-1 tickets with a friend. Plus, you can use it in combination with Odeon student discounts too.

NOTE: It’s untested, but occasionally you can get 2 for £10 and 5 for £20 Odeon Cinema Tickets from Groupon.

I’ll explain how the Meerkat Movies code works, how to get it, and show you a couple of deal stacking tips for Odeon and Vue cinemas.

NOTE: Groupon also have a regular Odeon Discount Offers page.

How Meerkat Movies works at present

Meerkat movies is a reward app that’s accessible to those that buy products or services from the Compare the Market brand site. With the app, you can access weekly codes to get you “buy-one-get-one-free” tickets at most UK cinemas all year. These codes, can, in turn, be used on either Tuesdays or Wednesdays for the 2-4-1 cinema offers. Note that not all cinemas will treat these the same. For example, some will levy an additional charge for 3d or exclusive seating. Most cinemas will let you use the codes online when booking which can occasionally allow extra discounts for booking via cinema chains own website. There’s no real clarity on how many tickets can you buy with meerkat movies if teaming up with friends etc.

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Getting a Meerkat Movies code

The process is pretty simple. To get the codes you need to have bought a valid insurance product from the Compare the Market comparison website. The beauty of this is that the insurance product you buy doesn’t need to cost much at all. In fact, you’ll most likely only need to spend a few pounds! If possible you’ll want to tie this into a run of the mill insurance such as your car or home products. However, I’ve don’t this just to cover a simple day out in the car with the kids via a travel insurance policy.

Now prices will vary but the cheapest policies, for day or single-trip cover, start around £1 to £2. To access the Meerkat Movies cinema codes you’ll need a policy number after getting a quote. If you don’t need a proper cover for a trip, use the following options to get a throw-away cover that allows you to access a valid policy number for the purposes of getting Meerkat Movies codes.

How to get your code.

  1. Get a quote for travel insurance
  2. Select UK > Single Trip > 1 Night/Person > No additional covers/conditions
  3. Remember this is, for most, a throw-away policy (we’re not interested in if being to claim on).
  4. You should get a list of providers, order by cheapest.
  5. Select the cheapest, pick and buy.
  6. Await policy number and enter it to access the app and a whole year’s worth of cinema codes.

Whilst out at the cinema, consider other ways to save as a family in the retail and restaurant outlets that normally surround a cinema venue. You can read more about ways of maximizing your cinema savings and cutting the costs of dining out in my article on saving money on activities with kids. Max out these deals further by trying to stack other cinema deals on top like using an NUS card to access 25% extra off at Odeon and get cheaper Odeon cinema tickets.

meerkat movies code

At my local Vue cinema in Norwich, I can currently access any film, any day for £4.99. Add in a 2-4-1 Meerkat Movies code and it’s an absolute bargain equating to just £2.48 per person! In some cases, it’s even cheaper than streaming some older titles online at home! Just remember whilst there’s no real etiquette with answering the question “how many tickets can you buy with meerkat movies?”, the service itself suggests just one account and code per week. Nothing I can see stops multiple accounts though should you wish a massive cinema outing.

NOTE: If you’re in the market looking at car insurance products anyway, you might want to look into my guide on the cheapest group 1 cars and the cheapest cars to insure for a 17 year old.


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