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Best Ebay Sniper Tools to Help Get Cheaper Auction Wins.

Best Ebay Sniper Tools to Help Get Cheaper Auction Wins.

What’s an Ebay Sniper Tool? Well, if you’ve ever wondered how you keep getting outbid on those eBay items you’ve been eyeing up from your watched list. Or, stayed up to bid on an item overnight only to be outbid at the last second – chances are you’ve been on the receiving end of an auction battle with someone using a snipe tool.

A “snipe tool” or “eBay sniper tool” is simply an app or website that allows an eBay user to let an automated bot place a bid via the users’ account. What this means is that people can look for items ending overnight and place bids without the need to stay up to bid. The term “sniping” also particularly applies to the somewhat ruthless action of being able to choose your maximum bid amount and place it (via the tool) at the given number of seconds before the auction ends.

What this means is the person, or people, you’re bidding against have no realistic chance to up their bids if you’ve set your eBay Sniper tool to apply a bid seconds before the end time for the given auction. It’s not fool proof, but using a lead time for bids of around 8-6 seconds before the end of an auction has had good results for myself. Sniping is also useful to not “show your hand”, i.e. if there’s no bids on an items it looks less attractive than an item with lots of interest – hence bid at the last moment to avoid the herd mentality that may apply to bidding.

Best Ebay Sniper Tools: The best apps and tools for sniping in the UK

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  • https://www.goofbid.com/ (great suite of resources, reviewed well in other blogs and press for not only it’s snipe tool but also other cleaver search features)


  • https://justsnipe.com/ (5 free snipes each month on free account OR unlimited snipes for $5 – approx £3.72)

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The Winner? Well, even though Goofbid is a more complete suite of resources, for simplicity and getting straight into the sniping action on Ebay, Justsnipe wins for us at present. Try out the JustSnipe tool via their site here.

Best Ebay Tools: Other ways to get save using eBay related tools.

While on the subject of Ebay tools, another suite of resources worth trying is via the website Bidkit. The reason for mentioning them here is the folk who made this handy little site have set it out in such a way that it’s perfect for helping to spot local bargains, items ending overnight, misspelt listings and more. Plus at this time of year, it’s also handy to help spot unwanted prizes and gifts being relisted cheaply. If searching for an app version BidKit is also listed as “BidHero” on Google Play and iTunes. Be wary, by the way of using Evri as a delivery partner.

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  1. I’m an ebay professional seller and my daily tools are Gixen and Bidkit. I use grelly.com and Wuanto tools too. Thanks!

  2. I collect old radios and have been using bidbag for more than a decade 🙂 https://bidbag.us There are also apps for Android and IOS and addons for all browsers. The tool has never let me down. I highly recommend this fine piece of software!

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