How to contact Evri and complain about missing, lost or damaged pacels

Have you ever ordered something online to be delivered by Evri (the new name for Hermes) only to find out later that you didn’t receive it? Or maybe you’ve been waiting weeks for a package to arrive after ordering it? In both cases, you’re probably going to be pretty upset when you finally realise that you haven’t received the item you ordered because it has been lost, damaged or left in a bizarre place by Evri. But before the rage hits you, let’s look into the possible ways you can check out what’s gone wrong, and then (if needed) complain and contact Evri.

It’s worth noting that we get a lot of emails and comments about complaining to companies. In the case of Evri complaints, it is well worth reading the comments at the bottom of this article to see the real-life experiences of others.

Why is Hermes now Evri?

This is important to know because it will give you insight into why there may be issues with your Evri delivery. If you order from some stores or services, you may have an option of choosing between services like the Post Office, DPD, Yodel, and “Hermes” which is now known as Evri. We recently sold some items to make a little extra cash via the popular trading app Vinted and Evri is one of the options for shipping and receiving items and parcels.

In theory, depending on the service, you’ll get all the benefits of being able to track your parcel on their website or app. You’ll also be able to see if your package was delivered within the time frame you specified and often see a photo of where any parcels have been delivered to be Evri.

When the company was known as Hermes, it did not have the best reviews. Comments often stated that they were slow at delivering parcels and would often leave them in strange places, particularly around London. This led to many complaints and people getting angry with Hermes. Evri/Hermes isn’t the only company to get a lot of complaints, Currys PC World gets a lot also, but it’s important to treat your experiences with each company you use as unique in order to allow them the opportunity to learn from mistakes.

However, the vitriol on social media seems to speak volumes right now, particularly as it’s not easy to actually speak to a live person or human being at Evri – it’s usually their chatbot “Holly”..

evri complaint

Hermes seems to have rebranded in order to improve its reputation, but the jury is out on whether this is working with some social media accounts joking that the new name is apt with “Evri parcel going missing”.

That being said, even if it’s still not perfect, there are some signs with some social media reviews that it does seem to be much better than it used to be. This doesn’t mean that you should expect everything to go smoothly and it’s not always easy to speak to a person at Evri due to their set up. In fact, it’s quite likely that you could experience problems with your delivery as the nature of getting a parcel safely from A to B has lots of factors. It could be that the sender of the package did not prepare the parcel well, maybe the item was unsuitable for transport, or maybe there is a chance of human errors with the buyer, courier or seller that have meant a simple miscommunication in the process.

So, if you’ve used the service to send or receive parcels and had an issue, how can you contact Evri or complain to get things sorted?

How to contact Evri (Hermes)

The first thing you need to do is make sure you are registered with Evri so that you can access your account and view your orders. It was March 2022 that they changed their name, so many online pages and guides may point you in the wrong direction if they’ve not been updated. Once you’ve done that, you can log in using your username and password.

If you want to report a missing or damaged parcel, you can either email or call 0800 988 8888 as one of their listed numbers. The number is free to call and you won’t be charged anything. This site allows you to search for any parcel that has been reported missing or damaged.

Photo: Courtesy Free Usage Rights Unsplash – Delivery of parcels

Which brands use Evri for deliveries?

Plenty of the big names in the UK still use Evri for their parcels. This is something to be aware of when considering which merchants to use to buy goods. Some of the big brands that use Evri in the UK include Amazon, John Lewis, ASOS, BooHoo, Vinted, and more. I recently bought some shirts from ASOS in the sale and when I saw that Evri was set to deliver them, I did panic. However, I have to say that in my case they arrived clean, promptly and with a smile on the delivery driver’s face.

It is still particularly important to note, if you’re needing to return items to stores like Amazon, that they either give credit once the Evri parcel has been scanned or refunds within a few working days when the item is received back in good condition. If the item is damaged, it’s easy to see how you might get stuck dealing with both Evri and Amazon to sort it out.

In our experience, Amazon live chat is best as you can get through quickly to a live human being via chat and usually get things resolved in a satisfactory way. If you get a less-than-helpful customer service rep, disconnect from the Amazon chat and try a char connection and a new human being. Amazon usually sorts things well though in fairness – just be aware that too many refunds and issues can get your account closed/limited. Evri does not have a live link to an actual human being, making things more difficult.

What do I do if my Evri parcel is not delivered?

It’s possible that the Evri courier will deliver the package to the wrong address. You’ll know that this happened because the tracking information will show up on your phone. There’s a chance that good old-fashioned detective work might solve the problem first so if there’s photo evidence on the tracking of where the Evri courier left the package, then you may be able to identify neighbours’ bins, doorsteps, and such.

Failing that, there should be a GPS location on the parcel drop itself. If you don’t find this (and you’re the sender) then you can always ask the recipient to check obvious places first before going further with a complaint or trying to contact Evri.

In the event that the parcel never arrives at all, you can try calling them on another of their listed numbers 0800 988 8887 or head on over to their support page

Depending on the options that you click on, you could end up talking to a human support advisor at Evri or an automated system. Either way, you’ll have to provide some details about the order including the tracking code and the delivery date.

Once you’ve given them the relevant info, they’ll tell you what time the parcel was expected to arrive. If it didn’t arrive by then, they’ll let you know why. They’ll often give you the option to cancel the order or leave it to be delivered later.

If you choose to cancel the order, you’ll receive a refund and the tracking code will no longer appear on your tracker app. If you decide to leave it until later, you’ll have to wait until the next day to track it again.

How to contact the CEO of Evri

You can also get in touch via email or phone. Some readers have suggested seeking out the business emails of the leaders and senior team if you’re having major issues. After all, you’re their customer so they should care that things are being dealt with correctly. If you have explored all avenues and had no success (or worse, no reply) then you may wish to drop those in charge an email to see if they can help out. You can find many CEO email addresses at Ceoemail.com and while you may not get a reply, there’s a chance it will pass by them and get action in some way

Can I complain to Evri on social media?

Evri states that they will not engage with customer queries on social media, but a good rant can often get some companies to shift to sorting problems more quickly. If you do choose to contact Evri via their socials, we’ve listed them below.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/evridelivery

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/evridelivery/

Yes, it’s tempting, like many have previously, to vent on their public Facebook and Instagram streams, but try a polite DM with reference numbers at first to test the waters.

Can I get a refund from Evri?

There are two ways to request a refund from Evri. The first is to call them on the numbers listed above or on their site and ask for a refund. The second is to go to their website and fill in a form requesting a refund.

Can I contact Evri via Live Chat?

Users of the Evri service can contact them via live chat on their site. This is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can check out their online live chat hub here https://international.evri.com/newhelpcentre/livechat It covers UK to UK and Internation Hermes and Evri parcels. If you need to chat directly with them, there should be a link for “live chat” that pops up after using their FAQ sections.

Hopefully, these numbers and contact pages will help you solve your delivery issues with Evri quickly, but feel free to add to the comments section below if you have positive or negative experiences with the Evri service. We will attempt to Include below a few generic useful answers to questions commonly asked in our comments about contacting Evri (Hermes), as they appear.

Are Evri still making tracking mistakes to add to delivery delays?

Even with the extra pressure on the Evri delivery system and distribution network due to Royal Mail strikes, Evri seems, as a company, to be falling short on the general quality of their network service. Reports on BBC news have highlighted parcels being sorted outside in the elements due to no space inside their processing warehouses. These handling methods could lead to rainwater and moisture not only affecting the parcel contents (leading to damaged parcels being delivered with Evri), but also to address and distribution labels resulting in tracking mistakes and errors. This will obviously impact on the number of customers trying to contact Evri via livechat, phone or CEO email.

How to package parcels well to lessen the risk of issues with Evri’s service.

To package parcels well for posting in the UK with Hermes (Evri), follow these steps below to ensure that they have the best chance of arriving safely at their destinations:

  1. Choose the right box, envelope or mailing bag for your parcel. Make sure it is strong and sturdy so that it is able to withstand the rigours of the Evri courier system. As there have been news reports recently about Evri struggling to have space inside their buildings and warehouses to process parcels, some packages have been seen to be sorted and left outside at times – this means weatherproof packaging is best in case they get wet.
  2. Protect your items well with Evri. Wrap them in bubble wrap or packing paper and place them in the middle of the packaging, away from the edges and corners. This will help to cushion them against impacts, drops and mishandling by the courier service. It’s always worth taking a photo of how you packaged the item properly to back up complaining via live chat or the phone if the parcel doesn’t arrive.
  3. Secure the parcel well. Use strong parcel tape ideally. Failing that, use duct tape or a similar strong tape to seal the parcel before passing it on to the Evri or Royal Mail courier service. Make sure to reinforce the corners and edges, as these are the most likely to be damaged during transit.
  4. Clearly address the parcel with a permanent pen. Write the destination address legibly and clearly on the front of the box. You can also include a return address in case the parcel is unable to be delivered. We highly suggest you use a Sharpie-style pen to label the parcel and potentially consider writing the address in capitals to ensure the address is clear for Evri staff not to mishandle or misdeliver.
  5. Check postage weights and return methods. If you’re sending parcels and packages via Evri yourself, make sure you’ve weighed and labelled them as directed in the emails and instructions. You can purchase Evri postage online and via their app. If you’re returning an item from a store that uses Evri as their courier, for example ASOS, be sure you’ve read the individual company’s returns policies and conditions. You’re doing this to check if there’s a responsible party if things go wrong and whether you’re needing to contact the merchant or the courier.

In theory, by following these steps, you can help to ensure that your Evri parcels are delivered safely and on time to their intended destinations. However, there is a chance that even by attempting all of these methods above, you may still find you have issues and find it tricky to speak to an actual human or person at Evri (Hermes). There is one last thing to do in this circumstance – our Evri customer service number trick.

How to use a secret trick to speak to an actual human or person at Evri.

We discovered a little trick/hack/workaround that helps to get you through to a line in order speak to a real-life human or person at Evri. There’s a chance that this method may stop working at any time as Evri tend to change their customer service numbers and preferred “methods of contact” all the time, but it’s well worth a final try before exploring whether you can claim from your card provider or PayPal for losses depending on your payment method.

How to speak directly to a person at Evri

  1. Call 0330 808 5456
  2. From the automated options, request to track a parcel.
  3. When prompted to track a parcel, enter the number (or choose from a list) of those that have been ‘successfully’ delivered – You do this as requesting tracking for the open “missing” parcel will just trigger the auto-replies from the chatbot. Using a successfully delivered tracking code will confuse them and get you through to a human being.
  4. Once in touch with the human / person at Evri, give them the tracking number for the ‘missing’ parcel and hopefully they’ll be able to assist or process a claim.

You can also go through the help centre pages and choose from the help centre pages the following:

  1. I’m awaiting delivery > You asked me to contact you – don’t worry if they haven’t. Again you’re just glitching the system to get what you need.
  2. The chatbot, Holly should allow you to submit the relevant information which may be processed in a way that the local delivery hub looks into your case.



  1. Got email today to say that I got something today but I did not get nothing today a been in all day.

    1. Did your delivery have a photo attached to the tracking in order to see where they have left it?

    2. Susan Carlyle says:

      Me too today. Its absolute lies. I was sat behind the front door, not a knock, nothing. And nothing on the cctv. And no real person anywhere to complain to. The most appalling customer service. I will never use them again.

    3. Craig Blackburn says:

      Lis, lies, lies. Told they tried to deliver my parcel but no one came near what a waste of space

      1. Hi everyone, wishing you all the best in the New Year. May all our lost, missing and delayed parcels be found.

        I am also, like everyone who sent a comment, extremely frustrated with EVRI. By the sound of it, EVERY parcel sent via EVRI seems to get lost.

        Sent a parcel ( hand delivered to drop off shop) on Sunday 18/12/22 and I was impressed how easy it was to purchase the postage, print the label in the shop and post it. Paid for next day delivery which would be Tuesday the 20th. Tracking stopped on that day saying they were unable to deliver due to bad weather. BAD WEATHER??? Nothing but a drizzle!!! Rubbish excuse. It’s 27th today, tracking info hasn’t changed and parcel still not delivered. And as for the useless web help ROBOT, I’d punch his lights out if I could. Whomever invented the BOTs should be fed worms for its the world’s worst and most useless invention. Bring the humans back!!!!!!!!

        I am getting ready to contact EVRI on one of the numbers tomorrow and so are millions of other people that used EVRI recently so GOOD LUCK TO US ALL!!!

        Happy New Year!!

  2. Looks like I’m far from alone! How sad is that. From now on I’m going to instruct ALL persons I order from to use only Royal Mail. And I will pay the difference. Gladly x

    1. Sadly, this seems to be the most common opinion we’re hearing so far.

  3. Dimitri Antonopoulos says:

    Dimitri I’ve tried very hard to talk to someone about my parcel supposed to be in local depot for a week and no joy , in future when I order online I’ll make sure it’s not coming by Evri I’d rather pay extra and get it quickly and no hassle.

    1. Begs the question, doesn’t it, is paying for a premium service worth the extra money? Thanks for your comment on your experience with Evri. Was this your only experience with them?

  4. Sent a parcel by Evri, and was pleased with the despatch procedure.

    However there seems to be a delivery problem, though Evri can’t or won’t specify what it is.

    So I tried the chat bot. It takes my details and then says there is a problem. Well I knew that. There is no way to follow up. Next I tried to call. This goes to a chat bot that asks for the tracking number but seems to be hard of hearing; the tracking number has characters in it so you can’t use a numeric keypad. And once again there is no way to reach a human. My next approach will be to go to the parcel shop and speak to the people there. It’s not their fault but they may have some secret communication channel to Evri.

    After some time Evri will presumably return the parcel to me (assuming they are capable of that) and if so that will be the last time I have anything to do with them. What a shame, it started so well.

  5. I followed a link from a similar site to this and emailed the CEO of Evri (nowhere was this mentioned on the Evri site). Ma****n.D****ge@hermes-europe.co.uk
    His PA responded the next day and they are hopefully sorting out my problem.

    1. Colin Reeves says:

      Have you got the full email address of the CEO as I’ve got an issue I’d like to chase

      1. Hi, we won’t directly publish, but if you read the article there’s a CEO checker website we link to that will provide this in full.

        1. Hi savvy dad
          I have an issue with every.. I sent a parcel to germany back in September and it got lost!! After a month of investigation, on my account page the complaint was accepted and after sending back statements emails etc I was told that they would have taken full responsibility as the package was insured etc
          As per today after having been offered as a refund a sum much lower than what I had to refund my customer a month ago .. that I refused the have yet now to get any reply to my many email asking what’s happening!!! Why would I be accepting a refund for £350 when I pay to cover my package for £450 and refund my customer £450 !!?! Also I have change my bank and I am wondering as impossible to get a reply once hopefully the refund goes ahead they will reimburse me on an account that is no longer open!!!

    2. Hi,

      Can you please let me know the full email address of Evri, I have been trying to contact them through the company I ordered my items form , also, there website,
      It’s a joke trying through the Evri site. I need to contact them about 2 items that was supposed to be delivered 15/6 and have not arrived, they delivered one package, now they say the postcode doesn’t match the order, and, the have difficulty finding the address (housing estate) where loads of packages are delivered every day🤣

  6. how do i contact the ceo of evri, worse delivery company i.ve ever had i would appreciate your help

    1. There is a link within our article to the CEO email address checking site.

  7. John Crane says:

    Received parcel from Evri, split in parcel and content missing

  8. Tom Smith says:

    What a hopeless delivery company. I have waited in two afternoons running and get emails saying their courier has tried to deliver each day but this is not true. There is no customer services to contact and their facebook contact just directs you back to their website. I have tried every single option on their website and none take you to a human being. they have no complaint system that you can contact either. One of the options to their Press office says if you are not press then to use their contact option, but there isn’t one ! seem only option left is to contact the company who sent my parcel and ask them to sort it out.
    A change of name from Hermes to Evri is just to fool customers surely due to their appalling history and lack of any customer care. I suggest anyone in a similar position to get over on trust Pilot and write a review like I will be doing next.

  9. Evri sent an email saying they had attempted to deliver on Sunday 20th November and no-one was in. They had taken a photograph of front of house but there was some1 in, it said it would attempt delivery on next working day. Today, Wednesday 23rd November I received another email stating delivery would take place between 11am and 1pm, no1 turned up so another day wasted. I have just received another email saying they attempted to deliver today with exactly the same photograph as Sunday, total lies as I have not been anywhere, obviously some scam taking place. No contact number at all so how are we supposed to sort this

    1. Yup, me too. 3 parcels, one arrived, 2 said they had tried to deliver but no one was in, Lies!

  10. Well, I am at the point of distraction!! I should have received a parcel yesterday, but for 4 days it has been sitting in their gateway hub, under the “we’ve got it” section. I have tried to call 10 times, and each time the automated system drives me insane! I relay my tracking number to which it responds correctly and then states, sorry there is a problem with that number call back when you have it (I am reading it off your own website Evri!!!!). I then tried the live chat!! (HA!HA!) how can it be a live chat with an automated computerised program bewilders me! Good old HOllY tells me, the last update for your parcel is “we’ve got it” (shock, horror, and by hecky thump Holly, I KNEW THAT!). Therefore, I tried to email customer services at Evri Support, to receive an email back saying this email is no longer customer support and they try to divert me back to (yes you’ve guessed it) HOLLY!!! Seriously, all I want is my parcel, for the love of god, I’m going to email the CEO and ask him to hire me and I will sort his pooey delivery service out! (I’ll update if I get a response HAHA!), but seriously, where do I go from here?

  11. Yes I must be honest, Hermes changing to every it’s gone down the pan. I need to get in touch with them, cannot do anything without tracking number. I’ve never had tracking number given. Very very upset. They’ve taken two monies given , two separate days for the same parcel. Getting angrier by the minute. Chap picked up parcel today, but no numbers or any kind of receipt.

  12. I have FIVE parcels still not delivered from evri. One that has been with them for 10 days and another 8. Another parcel was returned to sender and I wasn’t even updated. Can’t get over how poor their service is and I have tried to call and email and can’t get through to anyone, I have to contact each sender separately to fix.

  13. matt murphy says:

    3 parcels and all three were marked as desatched and then went instantly to delayed status. with no customer interaction and an app that seems designmed to sen you into a frustrating dead end conversation with a bot this company truly holds customers in contempt. i am flabbergasted that this company has so many contracts with retailers because they are an absolute horror show. #boycottevri

  14. Me the same as other customers. No contact with Evri to ask about the parcel. Paid £8.5 for next day delivery and 5 days later no delivery!!!

    Trying to contact the company but the phone line doesn’t get my tracking number right, chat is a joke 🙈 and no email to send complaints.

    NEVER again using this company!!! Tell your friends to avoid this stress too!

    1. gina stokes says:

      i posted a parcel with 48hour delivery on nov 7th it still isnt there.its baby clothes worth £40 in it
      martin de lange ceo apprantly after i emailed him gave the case to one Weronika Lewandowicz who asked me for more info on the parcel… now the email is no longer a contact for me?

      the parcel is now apparantly too big to deliver and has to await a specialist courier . Its a small box oif baby clothes what now!!!?

    2. Dan Vickers says:

      I have had the same problem. Spent on next day delivery and 6 days now. Call them up and the bot doesnt understand the tracking number! Awful

  15. Janet Mcgowan says:

    I think companies should be forced to make it clear in advance who will be responsible for the delivery of our goods.
    I have had a problem with my last 3 orders due to Evri being the company used to deliver my orders.
    They have lied every time. I have had to get refunds. No wonder everything is going down the drain. When will the companies who have signed them up just get rid. It’s costing a fortune. In insurance and staff answering complaints. Not good business. Rubbish for customers. Where do these missing parcels go?
    Hope someone is enjoying wearing my missing knickers. What happens to the couriers?I know that eventually I have been given refunds etc but it doesn’t make up for all the hanging around waiting in for something that doesn’t turn up and then spending more time on the phone ad nauseum.
    All this negativity is grinding everyone down.
    Make it a positive choice for customers. Before we press go. We should know who the courier will be.


  16. colin masters says:

    i dropped a parcel 23/11/22 there abouts, now on the 8/12 22 this parcel is still held up in a delivery centre somewhere, ive used the automated telephone lines and the robot seems programmed not to recognise
    anything that you tell it the whole system isnt fit for purpose


  17. Omg just terrible, those numbers do not work so no point trying, online all you get is a stupid bot that is no help whatsoever, why people use evri I’ll never know, I’ve had numerous parcels never arrived evri has them so what in gods name do they do with all these missing parcels someone should sue them.

  18. I’m a hobby ebayer, sending in average 1 or 2 parcels a week for the last 6 years. I always use Hermes then Evri when they rebranded and got to say I’ve only had 2 problems. I sent 5 parcels on the 28th November, four got delivered with no delay. However ones gone AWOL.”delay at depot due to major incident” the buyer is getting twitchy,and Hermes are so difficult to get hold of. Thanks for the phone number, I will try it tomorrow.

  19. Had messages saying 2 nights in a row saying they tried to deliver parcel but no answer but no one showed on my ring doorbell tried ringing but automated service don’t recognise my tracking number

    1. Yup me too, 3 parcels, one delivered, 2 said their was no one in.

      I never used to have problems like this with Myhermes.

      How can a company be SOOOOOO bad and get away with it?

    2. I paid for a collection service from Manchester on the 22/06/2023 to be collected on 23/06/23 however the package was never collected at the given slot. I tried to call them but didn’t get hold of anyone one except the chatbot which was absolutely useless. I called their customer line and also an got hold on automated line which was of no help. Sender informed me her husband received a package from Evri and told him about the package which was suppose to be picked up and he gave the excuse that he will come the following day to collect as the package was not in the system on the day of his delivery…..well he never showered up… No one got back to me and neither was the item collected…. At the end of the day the sender had to find time and go and drop the package off at a parcel shop when I have paid extra for collection. The package was delivered on 3/07/23 at 11:46am and one of the items in the package containing a glass shade for a wall light fitting was broken. I am so appalled at Evri’s service and I am demanding for a refund.

  20. Caroline Gannon says:

    Their “live chat” is utterly useless. There’s nothing the bot says that gives you any information beyond what you get from following the tracking information yourself. There’s no flexibility to ask anything other than an extremely limited number of choices-essentially it doesn’t allow free text. I wanted to ask if I can change my delivery from delivering to my home address and instead collecting it from the depot, because according to the tracking data, its been at the depot for 10 days and is no closer to leaving the building. But I can’t ask the chat bot, and that question isn’t in their FAQs, and there’s no readily available ‘contact us’ email address. It’s a useless website, designed to send you round and round in circles, completely frustrated. The seller is refusing to intervene, claiming the responsibility of failure to deliver lies with Evri, and I have no way of getting in touch with Evri as far as I can see. They were pretty awful as Hermes-I didn’t think it was possible for them to deteriorate further, but congratulations, they managed.

  21. Tina Robinson says:

    Posted 3 items on 5/12/22 . 2 delivered no problem. Last one was a signed for delivery but the item delivered ( with my tracking number ) wasn’t the item I sent. Tried to contact Evri but they just keep saying the item was delivered and signed for. Sold my item via EBay and now the purchaser is asking for a refund because they didn’t get what they paid for. Can’t get any joy from Evri. Now I will be out of pocket for the postage and my item. Any ideas?

    1. Potentially, depending on how you paid and the amount, you might be able to contact your card issuer to claim subpar or non-completed services

  22. Hi savvydad,

    I’ve been trying to contact Evri for weeks. I sent a package on “15:06 – Fri Nov 18” and it hasn’t been delivered, the last tracking message was on “19:12 – Sun Nov 27” stating “We’re sorry we haven’t been able to deliver today.”

    I’ve tried all sorts of ways to find out and all routes end with ‘Holly’ the digital idiot who only sends you back to your Tracking page.

    I have tried their email and received a email back stating “Thank you for contacting Evri. This email address is no longer a Customer Service contact channel so if you have a question about a parcel, please visit…” Holly.

    I tried their telephone number 0800 988 8888 that’s no longer working.

    Any other ideas?

    1. Alas, any luck with the email/CEO options?

    2. Izzie - Belfast says:


      I received a next parcel yesterday, delivered by evri. Bag had been completely ripped open and stuck with duck tape and parcel tape. Surprisingly all my items are there but I have found 2 other parcels shoved into the bag belonging to other people. I am trying to figure out how to complain and also have the parcels collected and delivered to the correct address.
      This delivery service has went down hill.
      Last week I also had a parcel delivered, again completely ripped open but this time not stuck with tape and an item missing. This was refunded to me by next and was told that they would be raising a complaint.
      Can you give me any advice?


  23. Maisie Gee says:

    How does one contact Evri. I received an email of time frame for collection of parcel. After time-frame, I checked on line to see that I had apparently cancelled the collection. Of course I had not done that. Does anyone know how I make contact with a human being to sort this? I cannot find an email or phone number for customer service on their website. The “bot” does not cover this situation.

    1. Does anyone have an email address for Evri in the UK? I keep getting some stupid robot that cuts me off half way through. Thankyou

  24. Susie Browne says:

    I work for a small business and we sell all round the world. We learned pretty quickly NOT to use Hermes/Evri. It costs more, but others are much more reliable.
    Personally I have had constant problems with receiving items sent to me via Evri. I even had to go to their “sortation facility” to grab my own parcel as they said they had tried several times to deliver and the item was going to be returned, when I had someone WFH. Their options to rearrange a delivery on line just did not work. The worst cost us £100 and was an absolute debacle. My latest is a Christmas present bought from Edinburgh Woollen Mills, ordered 18th Dec, stuck somewhere within Evri since 20th December. EWM haven’t helped by having their call centre shut until the 2rd Jan. Evri’s LIVE Chat is just total rubbish. It’s just pre programmed platitudes. Avoid Avoid Avoid.

  25. Paul Court says:

    Having had a parcel sent from the US, around 18 October, via DHL. Arrived here 28 October 12.46 PM. Hermes supposedly took it. After speaking with UK Customs, the person said it had been delivered to the depot, here in Orpington. After trying to use their phone line twice(using correct pronunciation)I gave up after 20 minutes approximately after the automated woman made mistake after mistake. Then I tried the Human Customer Service, via text, only to be informed ‘we have no record of that parcel number’……..HELP ME, PLEASE!!!!!!

  26. They have had my parcel since 16 December when they couldn’t deliver it due to ‘my business being closed’. It was being delivered to my house… and they managed to deliver other parcels that same day. Track parcel/chat/phone all just tells me the same thing.

    I have raised a complaint with them through the ‘you damaged my car’ option as it is the only way to email them – I expect they will refuse to talk to me once they realise it isn’t about my car!

  27. Hi,
    I’ve had two consignments stalled at EVRI now, one from January 4th and one from January 16th.
    Will this issue ever be resolved?
    Has anyone had any luck contacting a human to speak to this year?
    I would happily venture 20-30 miles to retrieve these items but Evri don’t allow that option.
    It suggests items are being stock-piled somewhere and retailers are footing the bill whilst consumers are angered with Evri.
    Surely this company will not last as a profitable entity much longer as the market learns they’re being taken for a ride?

    1. I have been at this for 2 weeks now My Item was damaged in transit so it came up in tracking So still trying to speak with a human!

  28. Derek George says:

    Why is all your info incorrect, none of the phone numbers or other info provided actually exists

  29. janet callaghan says:

    I also wrote to the CEO.
    My email was passed to the executive team.
    This was then passed to the ‘appropriate’ person.
    Reply was standard reply from the robotic bod with a claims form attached.
    Nowhere does it show ‘ was it being returned and now lost’
    Back to square one.
    Not using them again.

  30. Chris Stephens says:

    Can’t talk to anyone, doesn’t recognize my tracking number, or Evri reference number, So I can’t talk to anyone

  31. Hi, I recommend you avoid Evri for any deliveries. I will never purchase anything if delivered by EVRI. Despite having WHAT 3 WORDS location on my EVRI profile showing exact location of the house they post “Problem with Address” with a photo of another house with a different number 50 metres down the street. What is the point of providing WHAT 3 WORDS location on the EVRI profile if the couriers completely ignore it. Complete waste of time.

  32. Another satisfied customer….after reading the comments and trying to get in touch about a missing parcel just going to have to write off £30…could be more aggressive with my comments…..but what’s the point…

  33. what is the point of asking where to leave a parcel when the couriers take no notice. they just leave them on the front doorstep for any one to come along and just pick them up and walk away they do not even ring the bell

    i have been asked to state where to leave parcels but nobody takes any notice

  34. Evri are a joke…. there tracking is poor, you can not get hold of anyone to complain or even ask a question, i sent a parcel, which they sent to the wrong depot… 20 days later nothing, i finally find a chat that isn’t a Bot, and they say they arent Evri, and the parcel was never booked with them, even though i booked it with them and have tracking to prove it… then they said they are only for international mail, i pointed out this is international mail, and they say they still can’t help, and refer you to the chat bot on their site!!! a total joke!

  35. can you just give me the title of the other articles you refer to where i can find ceo details for evri please? In my case the tracking information states that the parcel was ‘damaged’ in their system and now ‘delayed’ but thereafter (and this was 10 days ago) the trail says nothing more-and my parcel is clearly not getting delivered….
    thank you for any help.

  36. I am having the same problem as everyone else. The most frustrating thing is I cannot interact with any human at Evri. I tried their automated chat and I was informed that the BOT sent my problem to someone in the company and they would contact me by email within 24 hours. Well, guess what? No-one bothered to do that so I am back to square one. I am now in the third day of waiting for my international package to arrive.

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