How To Sell on Gumtree

How do you sell on Gumtree?

I was speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live’s Breakfast Show the other morning about the fluctuations in RRP and how some people and using the supply and demand model to sell via online marketplaces in the UK to make money from home. Some entrepreneurial types buy up bankrupt stock and resell it online via the Amazon FBA scheme and make £1000’s. Meanwhile, others stick to the old staple of eBay. However, particularly of late, there’s a growing trend to look to Gumtree. But how do you make money selling your unwanted items online with Gumtree? Read on to find out how to make money in the UK from home by selling well online with Gumtree.

Is it free to sell on Gumtree?

If you’re a private seller then it is FREE to list and sell your items on Gumtree. Gumtree is particularly popular for those wishing to sell things locally. Therefore if it was to charge large fees it would be undermined by people contacting each other outside of the Gumtree website and Gumtree app to complete their trades.
As one of the UK’s most popular local selling websites, Gumtree is chockablock full of listings for everything. You can list cars, resell unwanted baby clothes, and give away unwanted items for free. Basically, you can buy and sell almost anything FREE. This is amazing considering there are nearly 2 million users. So how do you make the most of Gumtree and either snap up a bargain or make some extra money from home in the UK?

How do I post an ad on Gumtree?

It may sound basic. But learning how to list on Gumtree for free, or how to search for bargains is half of the battle. With that in mind here’s a simple guide on how to post an ad on Gumtree along with some top tips…

How to set up your Gumtree account to earn extra money from home

  1. Go to the gumtree.com website or download the iOS or Android Gumtree App. You’ll need to log in or register.
  2. Always stay safe when setting up your account or meeting buyers and sellers. Therefore use a non-identifying username when registering; no house numbers or full names etc.
  3. A friendly professional photo is more likely to help sales the most. Whilst pet photos are cute as avatars, they’ll put some buyers off straight away if they’re avoiding homes with pets.

Creation of a Gumtree Ad

  1. To create the Gumtree ad. Start typing a description of your item and then click the most appropriate category.
  2. Use the subcategory option too where possible.
  3. Select “private seller, as this is free. Then enter your postcode.
  4. Describe the item along with condition, measurements, and particular selling points.
  5. Include a few clear and bright photos, being honest about any damage or marks to items.
  6. Label as a pet-free home and non-smoking home if true.
  7. Finally, add your price and descriptive title.

Top tips to sell fast on Gumtree and make money from home in the UK

  • Start high with your listing price. You’ll always have lower offers so factor in 25% over what you’re aiming for to start with and barter from there but don’t push it too far – you want buyers to bite.
  • Be friendly and reply as soon as possible.
  • If you’re being asked to accept less, specify you’ll accept if the item can be collected promptly. This stops the potential waiting around for timewasters.
  • Offer to take cash to avoid PayPal fees, or specify a % increase if the buyer insists on paying via PayPal to cover it.
  • Be courteous and message other interested parties when you sell something – don’t leave them hanging as they might discount your future listings in the area.
  • Always meet buyers in safe situations and ideally with friends around.
  • Check out some of Gumtree’s own tips.

How to find the best stuff on Gumtree

There are plenty of ways to get better deals on Gumtree listings and snag amazing items that are nearly new. First of all, half of the people listing items on Gumtree will know the value of what they’re selling and the others won’t know – or care too much. They’ll likely be wanting to clear space quickly or to make money online fast in the UK to fund their own next purchase. We can use this to our advantage.

If someone merely wants something gone they are likely to heavily undervalue something or not describe it clearly. Both of these scenarios help the buyer to snap up the best stuff on Gumtree for next to nothing. For quickly listed items, consider looking at misspelt brands and descriptions. Exploits those typos and find bargains. Use the photos to help with this. For example, a seller may have misspelt a model number or title, but the photo may show its true nature and potential hidden value.

Other occasions when people list quickly are times when they are having delivery of a new replacement item. Sofas, white goods, bed frames, and even conservatories cant be snapped up quickly this way. If you let the seller know you can collect quickly it will make their life easier and encourage them to accept less.

A few more savvy tips for snapping up a bargain on Gumtree when buying and selling online.

  • Look at a seller’s other listings. Are they selling other things similar that you can negotiate the bulk discount on?
  • Wait until you’ve seen an item before paying for it.
  • Ask to see tech items working and make sure all chargers and cables are included.
  • Set up alerts for premium brands and special interest items. You’ll then be first to react when they’re listed.
  • In particular, look to listings where sellers have taken the time to list model numbers; it shows care and attention and usually indicates a well looked after item.
  • I’ve snapped up premium, nearly new John Lewis sofas worth over £1000 for around 90% discounts. In it to win it.

If you’re looking for extra ways to make money online or from home in the UK why not try my Matched Betting Blog: How to get started with tax-free money making or even find out how to use Quidco – Getting cashback on everyday purchases.



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