What Are Daily Mail Rewards? How to Collect MyMail Club Nectar Points.

There are loads of reward schemes in the UK that offer incentives points and vouchers for your custom. The most popular reward schemes belong to the best credit cards in the country and also the main supermarket. The best examples of these would be Sainsbury’s Nectar points Tesco Clubcard plus and, until recently, the ASDA price guarantee. There is however an additional rewards club that stacks alongside the Sainsbury’s Nectar scheme to give extra points weekly. This is the Daily Mail Rewards Club, run via MyMail.

What are Daily Mail Rewards and MyMail Rewards Club Points?

The Daily Mail Club, which is called Mymail Rewards, has partnered with Sainsbury’s popular Nectar scheme. This reasonably recent addition to Daily Mail’s national newspaper has allowed for Nectar cardholders to collect nectar points every time they read or spot the paper.

How do you collect MyMail Rewards Club Points?

This works in a manner that is similar to collecting stickers for a free coffee at McDonald’s. Or indeed, similar to collecting Monopoly stickers to enter prize draws in McDonald’s popular Monopoly competition. You are simply collecting codes in this case over the days and weeks in order to redeem them for an additional and increasing amount of Nectar points.

As mentioned earlier, this will stack on top of your existing Nectar points. It is, in essence, a loyalty scheme that gives support to those in need of building up bonus points.

To collect the bonus my mail rewards points you will simply need to look for codes in the Daily Mail Newspaper. Note that this also includes the Mail on Sunday. You will be able to claim 80 Nectar points every week. As a bonus for collection codes every day during the week you’ll get 30 additional bonus points.

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Obviously, this is an ideal scheme if you already by the Daily Mail. But equally, you may have friends that can donate their copies after eating or simply end up wombling a newspaper on the train during your daily commute. Just remember if you are wombling codes, they may have already been entered and therefore could be rejected.

How to get started with Daily Mail Rewards and the MyMail Login & Registration

It is reasonably simple to get started with MyMail Rewards. There are no costs associated with setting up an account and it can be done quickly and easily by venturing to the My Mail Rewards sign up page and following their instructions.

  1. Set up your FREE mymail login here.
  2. Once you’ve entered all of your personal details you will need to link your existing Nectar card number. If you don’t currently have a Nectar Card you can sign-up at the New Nectar website and then add your card number at a later point. At the time of writing this article, there was also the option of signing up for a new Nectar card via the mymail registration process.
  3. That’s it. Once registered you will have all of the rewards that may come from the Daily Mail MyMail scheme, plus the option to start collecting unique codes from the newspapers.

Entering your MyMail Rewards Unique Codes and Where to find them.

As mentioned earlier in this article there is a unique code printed inside every copy of the Daily Mail newspaper. This code is 12 digits long, but the newspapers themselves contain 15 digits. You will need to ignore the last three digits of the code, usually letters, and just enter the first 12 numerals. The code is usually located at the back of the newspaper somewhere around the edge.

The codes are only valid for a few days so enter them as soon as possible. They can be entered onto the mymail rewards website and usually take a couple of weeks to show up on your account. The Nectar points themselves are worth around 60p per week of collecting, but remember that Sainsbury’s offers double up points every now and then.  So collecting them each week really will add up over the course of the year especially if you combine them with double up points days or 50% off Sainsbury’s sales.


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