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How to Boost Your Nectar Points Using Daily Mail Rewards Club

How to Boost Your Nectar Points Using Daily Mail Rewards Club

At the beginning of 2017, the daily Mail reward club was born. This reward club from the popular newspaper chain, The Daily Mail,  is called MyMail Rewards and is a scheme partnered with Nectar. Nectar is one other the UK’s most popular reward schemes and is usually associated with the double up events and wine deal sales dates at Sainsbury’s stores.

How do you use this MyMail Rewards scheme to get the most from your Nectar points? Well, over the weeks you can use unique codes from the Daily Mail newspaper to boost your Nectar points balance. This can really help your Nectar balance. In just a few months I used this to build up my balance and donate my points to the Big Night In Appeal for Comic Relief.

How Does The Daily Mail Rewards Club Work?

The scheme works like most reward schemes and reward apps. You get perks or rewards for purchasing a given product. In the case of the Daily Mail Rewards Club, you get points from special unique codes printed in the Daily Mail Newspaper.

In order to earn Nectar points via the MyMail Rewards loyalty scheme, you’ll either need to be a regular reader of the Daily Mail already or have access to the newspaper in coffee shops, libraries etc. It is most cost-effective if you already buy the paper as part of your normal life, but as mentioned you may come across free copies and unique codes in communal and public places if you’re feeling extra savvy.

You can claim a total of 80 Nectar Points per day. It’s worth noting that this also includes the Mail on Sunday editions too. If you a regularly finding these codes you’ll also get a bonus of 30 Nectar points for collecting at least 5 out of the 7 codes each week.

Getting started with MyMail Rewards

It’s a really easy process to get starting in collecting these Nectar points on offer from the Daily Mail Rewards scheme. You can read more about registering and getting started in my How to get started with Daily Mail Rewards and MyMail guide.

Once you’re all set up and you’ve linked your Nectar Card to your MyMail account you’re ready to earn points. The sooner you earn Nectar points, the more you’ll have ready for events like 25% off 6 bottles of wine at Sainsbury’s and Nectar Double up events.

What do the unique codes look like for collecting Nectar Points Using the Daily Mail Rewards Club?

The codes are usually quite easy to find. They are commonly located on the reverse of a Daily Mail newspaper in a blow boxed section about 2 to 3 inches wide. The unique code is 12 digits long and is numerical. Ignore any letters in the code, they’re not needed.

Once you’ve found the codes, just make your way to your MyMail Rewards account and enter them.

Nectar points are worth 50% of their numerical value so…

100 Nectar points are worth 50p
250 Nectar points are worth £1.25
500 Nectar points are worth £2.50

Save the points up for “Double Up” events or special promotions via the New Nectar app to make the most of the points.

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