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Boundary – The Smart Alarm of the Future (AD)

The smart alarm and security start-up Boundary has been on my radar for a while. I first noticed it on Kickstarter back in 2019 and have since seen it pop up on buzzfeed style articles like ‘top 10 UK start-ups to watch.’

On billboards it’s “the first smart security alarm in the UK to offer professional monitoring with a police response.” It’s got a tonne of features, nice design and a nifty looking mobile app.

I happen to be looking for a burglar alarm at the moment. Post-lockdown, I’m going to fully embrace the outdoors. I’ve got day trips and weekend breaks planned and I don’t expect to be in the house very much at all. So, now, I need a burglar alarm to look after my home while I’m away.

Whilst researching burglar alarms one thing was clear; it’s not easy to choose between them. In the end, Boundary came up trumps. I’ve broken down the key characteristics of their service:


The Boundary alarm uses sensors to monitor the home. There are motion sensors to watch over the rooms and contact sensors to guard the doors and windows. Sensor-based alarms have been around for years, but it’s only in the past few years that wireless ‘smart’ technology has been added.

Boundary has an outdoor siren too, which glows during the night. I’d rather that burglars didn’t even consider setting foot on my property, so this outdoor siren seems like a good deterrent.

Boundary’s website also has a nifty tool which allows you to answer questions and get a quote. This made the whole process of designing an alarm much easier, especially as I’ve never owned a burglar alarm.

The design of the Boundary alarm system is modern and simple and will look good in most homes.

The system is also really straightforward to install so even the least tech-savvy amongst us should be able to get it set up without any problems.

Monthly Plans

There are four plans to choose from, ranging in cost and features. The plan prices start as low as £4 per month and go up to £25 a month if you want professional monitoring and a police response.

Boundary was the only alarm to offer plans where you genuinely had a choice. I found that other burglar alarm brands push you into taking the top plan, because all the useful features are in the top plan. Some wouldn’t even let you
use the mobile app without the top plan!


Some of the features included with the Boundary plans are push notifications, alarm set reminders, IFTTT, automated keyholder calling and partial set. Not bad!

As I mentioned, there’s also the option of a police response. This is the top level of home security monitoring in the UK. For this you do have to get your system professionally installed but Boundary offers professional installation at an additional charge.

If you are looking for a well priced Smart Home Security system that looks good, is really easy to use and set up and has a large number of features to make your life easier Boundary is the alarm system for you.

A note on other alarm brands…

Many alarm brands have cheap up-front costs but are expensive in the long-run. You might have to pay for annual maintenance that wasn’t made clear when you signed the contract.

Some have hidden fees; one alarm brand has a guard call-out fee of £75 and £45 every 30 minutes that the guard sticks around! The same alarm brand reserves all the best features for the most subscription plan, so you’re sort of pushed into getting it.

I think it’s really important to know how much it’ll cost, so pick a brand that’s transparent. For me, Boundary stands out in this, and it’s definitely my alarm of choice!

Do you use the Boundary smart alarm system? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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