How to Invest Lottery Winnings in the UK: A Cluedo Conundrum

I distinctly remember the first-ever National Lottery draw – yes, I am that old! It was a glittering TV event with the effervescent Dale Winton hosting the affair. I remember every man, woman and their dog had bought a gold old fashioned paper lottery ticket, hoping to win the opportunity to consider how to invest lottery winnings.

I often think to myself what I might have done if I had actually won the millions in the lottery jackpot. Would I have been actively cautious as an investor? Would I have researched what to do using wealth management books? Would I have splurged the lot on frivolous luxuries and copious amounts of premium brand items? Or would I have thought big with ambitious goals for my money, expecting to bank-roll future fortunes and success?

Well, when I think of stereotypical mindsets, I think back to one of my favourite childhood games. No… not MouseTrap! In this case, I’m referring specifically to Cluedo. The characters within can potential help decide which type of investor psyche you might have.

So, will you invest in yourself, others or your future? Read on to see which Cluedo investor you’re most like…

How to invest lottery winnings as an ambitious Miss Scarlet

I always liked to imagine Miss Scarlet as a motivated and intelligent lady, looking for every opportunity to find a side hustle to control her finances and her lifestyle. Maybe she would have used her lottery winnings to fund a pool of money to cash in on the many exploits available in Matched Betting, something you can learn more about in my Matched Betting Blog.

If Miss Scarlet was thinking big, she could attempt to forge her own property empire. The fragile property market in the UK right now means there are plenty of properties that are sitting on the market awaiting the right person to snap them up at a discount – many dropping in price each month. Whether it’s using winnings to sort the finances for an old home in need of an update in order to flip it for profit, or establishing a number of properties in the rental market for a long term income, Miss Scarlet would no doubt relish the chance to use a property investment company to build and manage a portfolio.

How would Professor Plum wisely invest his lottery winnings in the UK

Make a wise choice, like Professor Plum, and invest in your child’s future Junior ISA from Kingston Unity or a Child Tax Exempt Savings Plan. Alternatively, consider investing in the improvement of material possessions you already have. For example, I’m trying to add to the value of my home by slowly updating the tired features with new premium quality items that really increase the aesthetic value of my home. Examples are investing in high quality made to measure curtains and blinds,

How to invest lottery winnings in altruistic endeavours like Reverend Green

Reverend Green must at least seem to uphold the moral values he represents. As such, what better way is there to do this than to invest in others and their wellbeing. In this post-pandemic world that we find ourselves in, there are numerous charities and good causes crying out for help.

I’m sure the great Reverend would have his own thoughts on how to invest winnings from the lottery, but first and foremost I suspect he would give back to his local community. If you’re like the Reverend, look outside your window and see what small businesses, charities and groups are struggling in the current climate. Could you use your winnings from the lottery to buy new resources for them? Or pay some of the running costs and bills associated with these groups and charities?

There has to be something said for being selfless with your money, particularly when you consider how to invest lottery winnings. There will be few opportunities like a lottery win that will give you the chance to really make a difference to others. This year, in particular, I’d be looking to give money to charities like food banks who are really struggling with reduced donations. I’d also like to give gifts this Christmas, where I can, from produce, products and services from local small businesses in Norwich, Norfolk where I live.

Blow it all on a frivolous adventure like Colonel Mustard

What’ O! How about blowing it on a bally good adventure for larks? Colonel Mustard, in my view, wouldn’t care about how much it costs to insure the latest supercar. He’d be rolling out of the showroom in his spanking new freshly bought Bentley, ready to travel the globe in order to create tales to tell on his latest expensive adventure with no cheap holiday in sight! He wouldn’t necessarily listen to someone giving advice. Would you be like that? Or would you openly seek tips for investing if you win the lottery? Money can have a very strange effect on people and often over-spending on large priced items really hits hard when the money runs out. Think about all those rich professional footballers with fancy cars and multi-million-pound pads; without proper financial awareness, things are bound to go wrong as the money dries up and the bills keep rolling in.

Whether it’s an all-inclusive adventure on a tropical island or treating the grandchildren to their own yarn-inducing getaways from luxury suppliers, I don’t think the Colonel Mustard type of lottery winner would accept much guidance at his long-term peril. If you’re considering how to invest lottery winnings, it’s really worth seeking counsel from friends, family and financial advisors to help pave the way to a happy winning future.


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