How To Replace a Ford Fiesta Headlight Bulb

Apart from saving money and finding deals, I also like to try and see if I can save time.  If I do something that seems a little bit tricky at first I like to take notes on how to do it again in the future in a more simple way to make my life easier. Therefore, this post is as much for me as it may be for others. I simply wanted to catalogue some of the  DIY things I do for future use. In this case, I had my Ford Fiesta headlight bulb fail and needed to replace it. Unfortunately with Ford Fiestas from the 2006 era, you have to remove the whole headlight cluster meaning it’s not as simple as most cars. Therefore this is my guide on how to replace a Ford Fiesta headlight bulb.

How to Replace a Ford Fiesta Headlight Bulb: First Steps

You need to make sure you have a set of tools available. Most of the time a torque screwdriver and ratchet will be suitable. Most car headlight bulbs will be H4 or H7. This Ford Fiesta 2016 model uses H4 as its main headlight bulb. Online shops like Euro Car Parts, Amazon and Halfords will offer most bulbs at decent prices. However, I found that using Amazon to order universal spare bulb parts is the cheapest. I managed to get a set of spare fuses bulbs and everything you need for just over £6. You can get them with next-day prime delivery using the links below. If you don’t have prime delivery you can get a free trial on the link below too. It lasts for 30 days.

replacement ford fiesta headlight bulbs


How to Replace a Ford Fiesta Headlight Bulb: Step by Step

Once you got all of your parts needed the very first thing you need to do is pop the bonnet using the latch found in the footwell of the passenger side. Then, to get to the Ford Fiesta headlight bulb cluster you will first need to remove the Ford badge to grill at the front of your car. this is remarkably simple to do but you will need to be careful as the grill itself and the fascia of the car is quite fragile. There should be four small clips holding it in place, they should just slide out and the grill should lift out. Place the grill somewhere safe until later.

How to Replace a Ford Fiesta Headlight Bulb – Removing the headlight section

You need to locate three individual screws holding the headlight cluster in place. These are T30 screws, however, if you have a decent drill set there should be something that will fit them. Be careful if they are rusted in place not to damage the screw heads. Once the screws are removed you will then be able to continue with the below steps on how to replace a ford fiesta headlight bulb.

Gently lift the headlight cluster forward. You will need to lift the front section slightly over the fascia, simultaneously, you need to gently unclick a holding bracket (see the linked video). This is the trickiest part in all honesty and it can take a few minutes to wiggle the headlight cluster free. Once the headlight cluster is free, you simply need to remove the connecting wiring and then the dust cover from the back of the headlight cluster.

How to Replace a Ford Fiesta Headlight Bulb – The H4 bulb fitting

Now be careful here because you can remove all of the wiring and clamps with your bare hand but once you get to handle the bulb make sure you cover your hands to avoid the oils affecting the bulb. Finally, clip the housing back in place and reverse your steps until everything is connected back up. it’s worth connecting the headlight cluster loosely and turning on the ignition to check the light bulb is working first before securing the final bolts and clips back in place.



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