Huski Home Lunch Box & Travel Cups – A sustainable life on the go (AD)

In terms of waste, I’m often cursing myself when I sort the food in my fridge. I’m getting much better, but the odds are I’ll find some unloved leftover veg and at least one yoghurt that once contained the “good bacteria” and most certainly no longer does. Well, now’s a time for New Year’s resolutions and we’ve already started on learning better habits for less waste. In particular, we’ve moved to trial a number of subscription food services like Hello Fresh, Simply Cook and Gusto (60% off with code GAFFIL6030M ). This has helped the portions and waste control with food. But what about how to make the most of those leftovers? Could we continue this with next day lunches for work, picnics and life on the go in a sustainable way? Well, our growing interest in using fewer plastic products has led us to try out a range of rice husk storage products, including the Huski Home Travel Lunch Box and the 500ml Huski Home Rice Husk Travel Cup. Read on to see what we think and nab the chance to win one of your own.

Sustainable Rice Husk Storage for Leftovers from Huski Home

Yet again we sourced the Huski Home lunch box and travel cup from our eco-conscious friends at SaveMoneyCutCarbon. Located in the eco-friendly gifts section of their sustainable living pagesthese products gave us the chance to try out another way of approaching plastic-free storage with our family. We’ve used bamboo products in the past, but never rice husk.

Firstly, the rice husk used in the travel cups and lunch boxes seems strong and durable. Rice husk historically has been a by-product in many industries and is often burnt in order to dispose of. By taking this waste rice husk and using it to form beautiful and functional products, not only have Huski Home made a sustainable resourcing effort but they’ve also negated the need for reliance on plastic-based products.

huski home travel cup

Huski Home Rice Husk Travel Cup 500ml

I’ve always been keen on using reusable cups. Not only because of there being less waste, but also due to the savvy side of me that wants to make use of discounts in coffee shops for using your own cups. That being said there are two vital features for me that matter in a reusable coffee cup. Number one, it must keep the coffee hot and the travel cup from Huski Home seems to do that remarkably well.

Number two, it needs to be useable in real-life situations. This means it needs to have a small enough base to fit into most car cupholders while also being secure and robust enough to not spill or break easily. The textured base to the Huski Home travel cup allows just the right level of slip versus grip. Enough give to allow the cup to move slightly without toppling due to its tall size and enough friction to keep it from sliding off a surface.

The Huski home travel cup is yet another innovation that’s available from SaveMoneyCutCarbon’s sustainable product sections of their website and after looking at a good number of bamboo travel cups, I have to save I’m glad to give this rice husk alternative a go. I couldn’t see any clear guidance on microwave usage, but having knowledge of how many natural materials warp or crack in a microwave, I’d keep the Husk Home products away from re-heating. Thankfully, the double-walled nature of both the Huski Home travel cup and the lunch box we’ll talk about later means that both drinks and food stay warm for a decent length of time.

Huski Home Rice Husk Travel Lunch Box

Similar to the Huski Home travel cup, the lunch box from the brand is made from the same robust rice husk and is incredibly durable. It’s particularly well suited to keeping a dish warm for a number of hours, so if you’ve had your favourite slow cooker recipe cooking away overnight, the Huski Home lunchbox’s double-walled design will keep a decent sized serving warm until lunchtime at work or a warming picnic treat.

Complete with two compartments, strong clips to seal the box and a fold-in travel handle, the lunch box is ideal for most travel needs. The main compartment boasts 850ml worth of space and a further 300ml in the top section. The size, as mentioned is ample and I would say it would comfortably carry a cooled packed lunch for two or a warm chilli, stew, or similar for more.  Fancy winning one?

How to win your own Huski Home lunch box

We’ve teamed up with SaveMoneyCutCarbon to offer one lucky reader the chance to win their own Huski Home lunch box. Why not check out the range of great sustainable ideas for lunch on the go, including the robust and strong Kind Bag, a reusable bag made from recycled plastic bottles and ideal for carrying a larger picnic or work lunch. Don’t forget to follow our social pages and check out the extra ways to gain bonus entries below.

Win a Huski Home Lunch Box

The giveaway will run until just after the New Year and the winners will be chosen at random by the random winner generator on Gleam and notified within 7 working days by email. There is no monetary equivalent.

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  1. Dawn Samples says:

    What a great way to use a by product and make it into a product which usually uses lots of plastic. Hopefully 2022 will bring more ideas like this to cut down the use of plastic x

    1. The innovation in products and designs on SaveMoneyCutCarbon is amazing. So many plastic alternatives!

  2. Peter Watson says:

    Good to see people want to save the planet.

  3. justine meyer says:

    I love these products and of course great for sustainability

  4. Hayley Frost says:

    Always looking for greener alternatives – brilliant product!

  5. I love these products. They look great and I’m sure they would come in really handy.

  6. Brilliant products and makes one think what can be achieved

  7. Tracy Hanley says:

    My son would just love these

  8. Vivien Baird says:

    Love products that help to cut down on horrible plastic

  9. Our anti-plastic granddaughter would love this

  10. Sheila Sloan says:

    I just love that these are environmentally friendly.

  11. Leila Benhamida says:

    Fantastic prize. Perfect for my pack lunches

  12. MICHELLE O'NEILL says:

    what a great product! Happy New Year!

  13. Green is the way for the future

  14. I love the look of the travel cups, one of these would be ideal for when I’m out running errands

  15. Something I need in my life!

  16. Rich Tyler says:

    Great prize, nice product

  17. Love seeing something other than bamboo! Hopefully it’s lighter too

  18. I’ve been using the reusable wraps for my work lunch but these look just the job, love to do my bit for the planet too.

  19. Shame I missed the competition, but the lunch box looks fantastic. I’m going to look into getting one – my thermos doesn’t cut it!

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