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InboxPounds – Getting Paid to Search.

InboxPounds Overview

I’ve written many guides on survey sites, referrals schemes and other “get paid to” type services over on my social media feed. But I wanted to start recording some of these guides and reviews here so they can be found more easily for readers. Today I’m talking about InboxPounds.

InboxPounds is a site, or rather collection of applications, that uses your internet searches as a source of revenue. It slowly gives you revenue for doing nothing more than using it in combination with your usual searching of the net. It doesn’t pay out a fortune but is easy to keep in the background and you won’t forget to do it. If you combine it with other money-making sites and cashback deals the money soon adds up.

The website itself is free to join at InboxPounds, so no registration fees or credit cards or any silly outlay needed . The registration process is also remarkably straightforward and non-intrusive. They don’t require many more details than your average survey site. If you use sites like BzzAgent or Tesco Orchard, you’ll be familiar with profiling. This means every now and then you’ll be asked about lifestyle etc. But again, its not too over the top with detail requests.

InboxPounds Paid Searches Are Best?

This seemed in my experience to be the most time effective use of the InboxPounds site’s resources. Surveys were reasonably mundane and sometimes clunky, so having something in the background that didn’t use up my valuable time was quite a good option. Hence why I’m mainly reviewing the search revenue. InboxPounds offered, at the time of writing, 1p for every 2 searches carried out successfully. This was maxed out at 30 searches (so 15p) per day.

For the few days tested I was searching for a mixture of topics. These were articles on blogging, recipes for slow cookers and upcoming films. On one day I tested to payment by doing 40 searches and 20 searches on different days. The 40 searches gave 15p credit the next day, so the max credit was true. The 20 searches gave 10p the next day, so it was accurate on less too.

inboxpoundsSearching for four consecutive days gives 5p bonuses. Therefore, “if” you maintained daily usage to the maximum it would nab you a £50+ over the year. The minimum you can withdraw is £20, so we’d withdraw as soon as you reach these thresholds. Particularly as you’ll become a premium member after the first withdrawal and get extra bonuses.

It’s not going to set the world on fire, but for ease of use and accuracy of tracking, InboxPounds is a reasonably good value for the time you put in. #Easy Money If you’re looking for extra ways to generate income consider looking into the Job Spotter App and the use of Shopmium or Boom25

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  1. Hi, Olly, Great post, I just signed up to inbox pounds and am looking forward to getting started, I have a slight obsession with side hustles and this seemed like the next one to try after Oh My Dosh and 20 cogs. They all seem relatively similar but can lead to you having a nice little pot of cash for Christmas. Just stumbled across your site and now getting knee-deep in your savvy tips. Great post again, thanks.

  2. Victory Bernard says:

    It is a legit website.

    1. Yup, InboxPounds has been around for quite a while now and whilst it isn’t necessarily the fastest paying out website, it does pay out.

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