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Quidco – Getting cashback on everyday purchases

Quidco – One off new member deals

First off, Quidco occasionally have new member offers for sign ups. You’ll need to browse the site to see if they have one on currently. At the time of writing this article there was an offer for £15 cashback on a purchase of £10 takeaway. If still running that offer can be found here: Takeaway cashback offer

Click Snap – Cashback on your groceries

The website can also be used to get cashback on a range of everyday groceries. This is done via a section of their website and an app for your phone called “Click Snap”. When shopping in store you can log onto the application and browse offers. Then all you need to do is buy the items and retain your receipt. Then in the car, or once home, scan the item using the app and take a photo of your product. Cashback varies in the time it takes to arrive back in your bank account but on the whole is reliable. Just in case, hold onto your receipts. It’s remarkably easy to use and is the biggest of the cashback companies at the moment.

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Make cheap insurance quotes even better with Quidco

Another use for the Quidco service is to get additional cashback on cheap insurance quotes. First you’ll need to use the comparison sites to find your best 3 quotes, then hop onto the cashback site to browse for those retailers.

Quidco offer cashback on comparison searches too.

So, if John Lewis was your cheapest insurance quote, search for them on Quidco and see if they’re offering cashback.

If they are offering cashback, you’ll need to do a “new” quote with Quidco and then buy via their links to get your cashback. The length of time before you get your cashback approved and returned depends on the retailer used as all have differing payout periods.

As an example I did a comparison via Quidco’s comparison sites and got £1.50 cashback for the search alone. Then I found the More Than, British Gas and John Lewis were the three cheapest home insurance quotes. Looking for those retailers on Quidco’s listings I found More Than offered £30 cashback, British Gas £25 and John Lewis £25. However, looking at the John Lewis website too, I found they were giving away free £100 Nest Smoke Alarms with policies.

So I got a £134 home and contents insurance policy with:

  • £1.50 cashback for using the Quidco comparison options.
  • £25 cashback for using the John Lewis link at Quidco to go to John Lewis for a “new” quote.
  • Free Nest Alarm which retails around £90 usually

Well worth doing, you can get £10 to start with by joining Quidco via this link and then you can explore the possibilities for your circumstances.

Gas and Electric Cashback

Quidco can be used in a similar way for switching utilities such as gas, electric and telecoms. Use Quidco, or other comparison sites like The Energy Helpline to find yourself the best deal first. Then pull up the cashback site in your browser and search for cashback offers on your top prices so far. For example, if your top result is EDF Energy then Quidco are, while I’m typing, offering £80 cashback on a dual fuel switch. Make sure you do your quote and then open a new browser window and click through the Quidco link to get your quote. If you don’t use the Quidco links as you’re last click to get to the retailer, your cashback might not track correctly.

As a side note, if you’re changing energy providers to stay on the best tariff, you really should be looking at checking your appliances and lighting are up to scratch. So many so called money saving experts will advise you to swap tariff regularly to stay on the best deal. This is great! But… it doesn’t address your usage. If your light bulbs are running away with units you really should address that also. There’s no point being on the best tariff if your usage is still high. You’re still wasting money and missing the chance to save big. Do an energy audit and look at my Light Bulb Swap Challenge to save £100’s


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