How to save £300 on home lighting costs

SAVVY LED LIGHT SWAP…SAVE £300 per Year on lighting costs!

Lighting costs: Hopefully most of you have read our posts over the last few months on switching to the best energy deal possible for gas and electricity. It takes 3-5 weeks to change supplier so you REALLY don’t want to be on a “standard” rate deal or in anything out of date be more than 1.5 years, unless you got a stonking fixed deal. The winter snap if we’re going to have one is likely to be the next 4-8 weeks so being on the wrong tariff can really hit your pocket hard. We always recommend Energy Helpline as a place to start comparing: http://tidd.ly/b1783c95

Onto the lighting costs Savvy Swap instructions:
1. Check your home’s lighting, note down the bulb types and their wattage in particular.
2. Do this for each room and total up wattage per room/home. You may be surprised that some rooms have huge numbers of halogen, which means you’re likely running away with units of electricity needlessly.
3. Compare whether it’s worth replacing bulbs…
For example: Halogen average 50w each, CFL (these are the “energy savers” that have been around a few years that are compact fluorescent tubes) are 11w average with mini ones being around 7w, LEDs range 3-5w on average. As a rule if you have an average home with 40 halogen bulbs switching to LED could save nearly £300!
Use this tool to calculate your savings http://www.energysavingcalculator.co.uk/widget/energysavingcalculator.html
4. Work out the cost of LED upfront… LED is the way to go but bulbs can be pricey and if you have mini-CFL (particularly Philips genies) in working order we’d wait until they go to replace. but for larger Wattage CFLs and in our opinion ALL halogens make the savvy move to LED as soon as possible.
5. It’s a big step outlaying cash for LEDs but they will pay themselves off quickly and well within the year, particularly if you have house members who leave the lights on constantly.

So we know LEDs cost a little but where do we source them? Homebase/B&Q/Clas Olson, plus the supermarkets but prices and quality vary which is why we are recommending a brand AND company…

The Brand: MiniSun: http://goo.gl/NmKzr2 MiniSun offer a wide range of fitting types and also a wide choice of brightness tones from warm to daylight white. Prices are comparable if not cheaper (particularly in bulk) than most other stores
The Company: Via Amazon we recommend MiniSun products that are supplied from The Light Factory because even though LED bulbs should last years this supplier has consistently shown they’ll replace them promptly should they fail (just see their reviews)

Feel free to let us know if you’ve had any other good brands and suppliers in your energy saving endeavours… and as always if you spot glitches on LED light bulbs, snap them up and save on those lighting costs 😉

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