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Save Money with Dupe Aftershave & Copycat Fragrance That Actually Smells Good

Getting value for money has never been more important. The economy is speedily shrinking and everyone is feeling the pinch. Everyone has a budget spreadsheet on the go and surplus spending is depleting for most.

With such a bleak financial prognosis, some might say that a great-smelling fragrance is a ‘nice to have’. However, think of all the situations where your aroma really matters.

A first date, ongoing dates, a job interview, an industry show, meeting with clients, meeting new people…the possibilities are endless. Despite the current recess in the economy, life goes on and fragrance is still an important factor for everyone’s consideration.

Cheap aftershave and the term ‘high quality smell’ don’t often go hand in hand. You might blind buy a low-cost fragrance only to find that it smells just like foot because it’s been formulated with cheap ingredients. Then again, you could purchase a great-smelling designer scent only to weep for days at all that money paid which you will never get back.

With all of this in mind, we’ve created a list of cheap aftershave choices that smell fantastic, are great value and won’t break any budgets.

The Perfect Scent for Everyday Use:

CopyCat Fragrances – Executive (Aventus Dupe)

The iconic Aventus is worthy of every ‘greatest of’ list that’s about men’s fragrances. It has a perfect balance of sweet and fruity notes along with a musky, masculine edge making it extremely versatile and great for everyday use.

Aventus itself is on the rather pricey side. If you wanted the stunning, high-quality smell of Aventus, a more affordably priced dupe could be a great alternative.

Executive from CopyCat Fragrances is the perfect option if that sounds like you. Executive is the optimal choice for lovers of luxury and that opulent fruit-drenched, smoky smell that Aventus brings. This is the bargain hunter’s dream, the identical, glorious scent of Aventus for a fraction of the Aventus cost.

Executive also has great longevity and ultimate versatility. This means that you will always get amazing value for the money that you’ve paid for it.

Check Copycat’s Aventus Clone Deals

An Eau de Toilette with Energy, Virility and an Irresistible Smell:

Jean Paul Gaultier – Scandal Pour Homme

The smell of high street designer Scandal Pour Homme is on par with the quality of deluxe brands such as Tom Ford and Creed. This is an Eau de Toilette with a simple ingredients list yet luxurious style.

This winning scent consists of a top note of clary sage, a heart note of luscious caramel and base note of enduring, complex vetiver. This minimalistic yet eclectic trio of notes makes for a stunning fragrance journey which will be universally enjoyed by everyone who smells it on you.

Jean Paul Gaultier’s advertising material for Scandal depicts the human embodiment of this masculine, high energy scent. The athletic, muscle-bound boxer who has the confidence and skill to ward off any challenger to his crown as king of the ring. He wins the crowd with every smile and the flash of paparazzi follows him everywhere he goes like the stunning smell he emanates.

Scandal Pour Homme is a high value fragrance purchase that will reward you again and again with its knockout aroma that has the charisma to charm all those that you come in contact with. Invest a small cost in a superstar smell, it will pay off.

This Woody, Aromatic Eau de Toilette Should be on Every Man’s Wish List:

Tommy Hilfiger – Impact

Impact is a bold, vibrant fragrance for those that appreciate depth in their smell and the wonderful potentials of wood and musk accords. Zesty bitter orange gives this a sensational citrus edge and the woodsy medley of various wood ingredients delivers an intriguing and distinctive aroma.

Many say this smells similar to Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss and is equal in long lasting longevity. A couple of spritzes at the start of your day and Impact will still be noticeable by the end.

The amber woody facets make this scent extra special and the drydown exposing the alluring base notes. No matter what occasion that you wear this delectable aftershave for, you’re sure to make the best impact!

A Male Eau de Parfum That Stands Out and Lasts All Day:

CopyCat Fragrances – VK (Viking Dupe)

Three words that describe Viking in a nutshell are rugged, fearless and bold. This virile, adventurous aroma represents the contemporary man’s experience tackling the ups and downs of everyday life with a calm, assured grace.

The Viking fragrance is iconic and a favourite of so many men around the world. A scent of this prestige will no doubt cost a pretty penny, and that it does! In these tough times, no doubt many would prefer to pay for a version of Viking that still gives you that brazen, idolised scent without the extortionately large price tag.

VK is CopyCat Fragrances’ answer to the demand for a more affordable Viking. It boasts the same complexity and fearsome scent but will only cost a fraction of the price.

Just to give you a brief overview on some of the notes included in this brave, distinctive scent are lemon citrus, refreshing mint, vibrant bergamot, fiery clove and a hearty splash of absinthe.

Together, this makes for a scent that is the high end of luxury with a tough bravado. VK will last all day post-spritz and will get you endless compliments!

Viking Clone Deals

Long Lasting, Great Value Men’s Aftershave at a Good Price:

Ted Baker – Xo Extraordinary

Ted Baker’s Xo Extraordinary is a contemporary potion of aromatic charm and fragrant alchemy. Top notes include mandarin orange, cardamom and cypress. Heart notes are a spicy and fruit combination of pimento, ginger and red berries.

Finally, the base notes end the scent with a pink pepper, sandalwood and white musk medley that is quite the deep and interesting collaboration. Xo Extraordinary is an exceptionally sophisticated, timeless fragrance that will be universally loved by all who smell you.

This sultry aftershave from Ted Baker is a luscious, warm and inviting scent, it has fantastic projectivity and will even outlast you for any event that you might need to wear it for.

At such a low cost for a bottle of this gorgeous men’s Eau de Toilette, you really can’t go wrong. And it’s a steal at Asda

Affordable Men’s Scents Don’t Get Better Than This:

CopyCat Fragrances – DS (Sauvage Dupe)

Sauvage is a timeless classic, a signature scent to the masses and a staple of countless men’s fragrance wardrobes. It’s known as being inspired by the wilderness with notes that are straight out of the great outdoors and the overall fragrance perfectly captures the essence of masculinity.

Whilst the bold original scent is rather expensive, there’s a dupe that might be of interest to you. DS is cheaper than Sauvage by a wide margin and features all of the same elements to its aroma that make Sauvage so popular.

Much like Sauvage, DS is the swiss army knife of the men’s fragrances. It has such versatility, suiting any occasion you might wear it for, no matter what season or time of day.

DS also packs quite the projective punch, one or a couple of sprays will go a long way. Add a spritz to your shirt collar and pulse points at the start of the day and you will still smell it with you in the evening.

This classical Eau de Parfum features notes of Calabrian bergamot, relaxing lavender and peppers spice up the mix. Geranium really makes things interesting with its citrus-fruit-floral hybrid smell and luxurious notes like vetiver and cedar deliver layers of depth.

DS is an all-rounder, the ultimate virile scent with great projectivity, smell and staying power, the perfect cheap men’s fragrance. You won’t get a male Eau de Parfum better than this! By far the best Doir Sauvage clone available.

copycat fragrances and dupes

Luxury Brand, Budget Cost, Top Quality Fragrance:

Versace – Blue Jeans

If you want a taster of the glamorous allure of Versace, it’s been made entirely affordable for all household budgets thanks to Blue Jeans. This kooky little bottle of fragrant joy has the Versace name, quality and smell, yet is at a price that might totally surprise you.

You will wow the crowd as notes like citrus, juniper, rose and geranium get this deluxe scent off to a start that’s a mixed bag of note categories. Lavender, jasmine, violet flower and nutmeg make an eclectic medley of heart notes.

Ultimately, woodsy notes like cedar and sandalwood combine with fellow base notes like sweet vanilla and mellow musk to deliver an overall sumptuous smell.

This is a gourmand aroma which at moments will give you hints of cola and provide you with the ultimate vintage vibes. Blue Jeans is a sweet, quirky fragrance that’s perfect for daytime casual, although many guys appreciate it so much they could wear it at all times.

Many men claim that they always maintain their fragrance collection to include a bottle of Blue Jeans, buying a new one as soon as they empty the old one.

When a fragrance is so cheap, smells so entirely stunning and is compiled of high quality ingredients, who can blame them? Well priced and available here.

Spicy, Warming Aftershave with Classic, Elegant Smell:

Burberry – Touch

Fashion brands like Burberry often dabble in making aftershave but how often do they get it right? Burberry got it spot on this time with Touch.

Touch is an Eau de Toilette with the perfect mix of sweet mandarin, intoxicating violet leaf, mellow-like white musk and nutty tonka bean. This scent is seductive, it will pull people in with an aromatic come hither gesture that tickles the fancy of their nose.

Gift sets complete with Touch infused body lotion are also available, so you can treat someone (or yourself) to an exciting present. You could really indulge by moisturising the dried out skin after the hot water from your shower using your fantastic smelling body lotion. Wear your favourite shirt with a spritz of Touch and you’re ready for anything the day might bring.

With an Eau de Toilette this elegant, irresistible and welcoming, you’d be forgiven for assuming it was super expensive. Not at all, Touch is super affordable and will give you incredible value for the small cost.

Iconic, Versatile Men’s Aftershave That Has a Great Aroma:

Ralph Lauren – Polo Sport

Ralph Lauren is known as one of the most deluxe brands available, the epitome of stylish class and refinement. Their goods are the ultimate quality and not necessarily associated with affordability. However, once in a blue moon you might find a bargain in the unexpected place that is the Ralph Lauren fragrance aisle.

Polo Sport is an exemplary instance of great, affordable value from Ralph Lauren. This is a classical scent, beloved by many and now at a very low price for a bottle.

A chilled blast of mint starts off the fragrance journey and a heart note combo of seaweed and algae settles in after the mint has dispersed. Nutmeg, oakmoss and sandalwood provide the base notes that deliver a long lasting conclusion to this wonderful smelling and priced scent.

Investing in a bottle means that you indulge yourself with the highest of quality and an aroma that’s fresh, aquatic and oh so revitalising.

Great Aftershave Option When You Need Something for General Use:

David Beckham – Instinct

This budget-friendly aftershave has been on and off trending since its release twelve years ago. Instinct has an Eau de Toilette strength yet is quite powerful, with many people reporting an ample projection after a couple of spritzes. It’s not going to last all day, but then again it’s only £10s. The fact that it should put you on for around 4 hours is a really good achievement for it’s price point. 

Instinct has a strong citrus influence thanks to mandarin orange and bergamot. Earthy vetiver and fiery pimento deliver intriguing twists to this otherwise overall fresh aroma.

If you particularly like Instinct, you also have the choice of Instinct gift sets which feature a shower gel and body spray. With all those products you could smell great when just out of the shower along with the entire day. It’s available at Amazon and it’s Prime deliverable.


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